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Burn the Witch - Collecting thoughts on Homulilly [SPOILERS]

i love witches tho witches are super symbolic and there’s nothing i love more than picking apart symbolism. and i’m feeling like stabbing myself in the heart today so let’s pick apart Homulilly, the witch of a magical girl so gay they refer to yuri in her goddamn name


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The Far Side of the Sanzu River: Higanbana and Homura

Lycoris radiata var. radiata

So, as we’ve sort of seen, there are a good number of references and symbols associated with Homu-lilly and Homura’s negative traits. This analysis contains spoilers, so if you haven’t seen The Rebellion Story yet, get out.

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Friends! Tumbloes! Everyone else! My new short Rats & Rice is finally available to view online. I’m very proud of this one, please be enjoying it.

(ps the COMPLETELY ORIGINAL SCORE was provided with tumblr user @cupofwitt )