rice paper wraps

anonymous asked:

Do you think those rice paper wraps are fine to eat on wslf? Or should they be saved for the weekends?

Rice paper is fine anytime!!! 🙋🏻🎉

purecheonsa  asked:

fave vegan products to buy?

Other than fruits, veg, seeds, grains… the packaged foods I buy sometimes are Ezekiel tortillas, teriyaki sauce, rice paper wraps, coconut curry sauce (by a brand called “umi’s kitchen”), daiya “cheese”, coconut aminos, “chef destinations” Italian herb pasta sauce, “field roast” smoked apple sage faux sausage, & “amazing grass” organic wheat grass.

Write a piece about someone who is trying to erase themselves

The veins bulged in my translucent hand, pulsing feebly. Slowly, the skin faded to resemble rice paper wrapped around blue tendrils of salad. I hoped - I knew - that the rest of me was disappearing too.

The earpiece beeped and sprayed coloured light through my transparent body.

“Deletion 92% complete,” droned the electronic voice. Surely it would be the last voice this body would hear.

I gazed at the screen, watching all records of my existence being erased from the database. No one would remember me.

And that was the point.

It was an elaborate form of suicide. It had to be. I couldn’t kill myself without damaging my mind, so I was removing all trace of me.

This body would become invisible, would find a place to settle down and decay over the coming millennia, and my consciousness would transfer.

I would transcend this mortal body and become something bigger.

“Deletion 99% complete.”

All that remained now of my skin was a thin web. I raised my delicate finger to the earpiece and pressed the button that would end this life.

And start another.