rice paddy art


This town in Mushishi season 2 episode 16 is full of canals and arranged like a formal garden. And many of the interstitial shots show it off beautifully, invoking the classic painting styles closely linked to garden design. Unlike most gardens, this village incorporates rice paddies seamlessly into its artful wetland aesthetic.


Rice Paddy Art in Japan

Rice paddy art 【田んぼアート,tambo āto】is a form of art that originated in Japan. The art is defined by people planting rice of various types and colors to create giant pictures on the paddy field. It started in 1993 when people of Inakadate looked for ways to boost their village. The villagers then decided to honor the village’s 2000-year history of growing rice by creating the rice paddy arts. A mock castle was also erected at the village office so people can view the giant pictures from above. Over the years, the designs had become more complex and well-known.