rice paddy

Thus would Yang be rescued from the hell of public service. A quiet life, secluded from public view in some little corner of society, wouldn’t be bad at all. He could live in a little cottage among the rice paddies, where he would tilt back a glass of brandy on cold nights as he listened to the wind blowing outside. On rainy days, he would sip wine as he waxed nostalgic, thinking of the epic journey of water through the atmosphere.
—  Yang is so relatable, I swear.
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1. Silver (unrevealed)
We lay our scene many, many years ago, in a kingdom filled with flowers by the sea. There were lush green fields and expansive rice paddies, with forests in between that held hidden secrets. The people who resided in the realm were kind and kept mostly to themselves. The king and queen were compassionate and just, beloved by many. Their eldest progeny was a princess, who was wise for her age and would certainly become an excellent leader.
(Victuuri ????)

2. Break a Butterfly
Viktor experimentally ran his hand down the strings of his harp to make sure that they were in tune. Carefully, he turned the pins to make some minor adjustments to ensure that they sounded perfect. Through the metal bars of his gilded cage, he saw guests begin to trickle in and plastered a weary smile on his face. If only he was a better actor, then it would be easier to keep up this pretense. His master’s rough voice nagged in the back of his head. ‘Show off. They’re paying me for you to entertain them, make it worth their money.’
(Victuuri fairy slave au)

3. Ocean Eyes
When Prince Yuri was born, he seemed to light up the whole world with his radiance. He would smile and laugh, his sea-green eyes sparkling in joy, and the happiness seemed to be contagious in how it spread to the people around him. The child had beautiful golden hair that surrounded his head like a halo, conjuring up images of sunlight and the warm summer months.
(Otayuri royalty au)

4. Être Fleur Bleue
Yuuri knew that what he was about to do was stupid. He knew how the alcohol would affect him. But he didn’t care. Nothing really mattered anymore anyway. He would wake up tomorrow with the same shitty life, only he’d be more miserable than before and have a killer hangover. Katsuki Yuuri was a failure, and he would rather drink the night away until he was left in an intoxicated haze than confront his problems. And if he could get away for a while, then he would. Even if it came at a high cost.
(Victuuri merman au)

5. From a Dream
There’s a man that tortures me in the corner of my mind. He nags me, begging for attention, saying, “love me, love me, love me.” But when I try to bring his face into my mind’s eye, it’s blurred and distant. I can’t get a clear grasp on his facial structure, it shifts and blends together. Sometimes, I think I know what he looks like, but I can never be sure if that’s the structure of his face or of someone that I saw on the streets that day. Surely, he must just be a figment of my imagination. But he seems so tangible, so real. It’s hard to believe that I would have been able to make up such a life-like fantasy.
(Heero x Duo fic)

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Lovely sunset reflecting on rice paddy, Indonesia


The Kombat Kids + their names.

Manatuto - Timor Leste

Manatuto is lies east of Timor Leste’s national capital of Dili, and is one of only two districts that touches both the north and south coast of Timor. The countryside of Manatuto is incredibly fertile land, with buffaloes wallowing in rice paddies by the roadside. The district is also known for being the birthplace of the nations first president, Xanana Gusmao.


An incredible video tour around Vietnam. Terraced slopes, mountains of igneous rocks, eroded karst terrain, beaches, rice paddies, and all sorts of other stuff.