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Food is just food and doesn’t have a natural mealtime. This is especially important to remember when you’re dealing with mental illness that makes it hard to eat.

When I’m in a down swing with my depression, I forget to eat/don’t feel like eating. When I do get around to eating, often the only thing I want is something like pancakes, or milk, or apple sauce. And of course it’s 6pm and I feel lame for eating ‘breakfast’ foods. Or it’s 8am and I want fried chicken, and feel like a terrible person for eating dinner at 8 in the morning.

But food is just food. We assign certain foods to certain times of day culturally, but it’s not a biological thing. Your body can digest pizza at 9 in the morning and yogurt at 11pm. Are you eating food? Yes? Then great! It doesn’t matter what ‘kind’ of food you’re eating, as long as you’re nourishing that body of yours. It’s ok to have cheap ramen for breakfast if that’s all you can stand to eat. That’s ok–you ate food today!! That’s a major accomplishment when you’re dealing with an illness that tries to stop you from doing everyday person things. (Especially if you’re recovering from an eating disorder.)

Don’t feel bad if you eat rice for breakfast or muffins for dinner. Food is just food.

phoebecombes  asked:

Hey girl, I'm travelling soon, and was wondering if you knew of any oil free package snacks, or any great travel snacks? Xx

Hey lovely!
Ooh how exciting!! I’ll make a list of a few ideas and things that I usually take for snacks when I’m on-the-go:

- dried fruit/dates
- bliss balls (store bought or homemade)
- coconut date rolls
- rawnola/granola
- homemade muesli bars
- home baked goods like banana bread/muffins
- rice cakes/crackers/veggie sticks with a tub of hummus
- veggie sushi/rice paper rolls
- raw bars (eg. Emma & Tom’s, Nood, Go Natural, Go Macro)
- Leda bars (vegan banana bread, fruit filled bars)
- chia pudding or Chia Pods
- Kingland Greek-style soy yoghurt/Nudie or Cocobella Coconut yoghurt tubs
- trail mix
- mixed nuts and seeds
- homemade banana/oat cookies
- popcorn
- roasted chickpeas
- baked sweet potato slices
- juices/smoothies
- baked oil-free pita bread or mountain bread to make ‘chips’ with hummus or add some herbs/spices
- sandwiches/wraps

That’s all I can think of at the moment but if anyone has any more ideas, leave a comment!
Hope you have the best trip girl! xxx

This is my one week transformation of just counting Macros and only drinking water. I ate pineapple muffins , chicken, spinach rice , protein shake , chocolate muffin etc. all homemade food . I am only 12 lbs away from my goal weight !! Honestly the hardest part is sticking to eating my food and not falling into my cravings…I am doing this not to look pretty but to be healthy! I am beautiful either way

Garlic and Chives Muffins

Makes about 8

1 cup (160 g) white rice flour
½ cup (56 g) blanched almond flour
2 teaspoons aluminum-free baking powder (10 g)
2 tablespoons dried chives
1 teaspoon garlic powder (4 g)
½ teaspoon fine sea salt (3 g)
1¼ cups “lite” canned coconut milk, shake well before measuring
¼ cup aquafaba (the liquid from a can of chickpeas, simply drain a can and save the liquid)
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (15 mL)

Convention Check List!

*I’m sure everyone is more than ready for the Convention; but just in case, here is a Handy-Dandy Checklist!
–This is more a reminder for those staying overnight, but there are some things to remember in general!


Convention Essentials:

  • [*] ID/License
  • [*] Cash/Change
  • [*] Credit/Debit Card
  • [*] Wallet
  • [*] Cell Phone
  • [*] Registration Ticket(If Pre-registered)
  • [*] Camera


  • [*]Toothbrush
  • [*]Toothpaste
  • [*]Floss
  • [*]Mints/Gum
  • [*]Mouthwash
  • [*]Deodorant
  • [*]Soap
  • [*]Face-wash
  • [*]Baby-wipes
  • [*]Contacts
  • [*]Contact Solution
  • [*]Eye drops
  • [*]Lotion
  • [*]Razors
  • [*]Eyebrow Razor
  • [*]Shaving Cream
  • [*]Tweezers
  • [*]Cotton-balls/Cotton Swabs
  • [*]Hairbrush
  • [*]Comb
  • [*]Hairspray
  • [*]Flat/Curling Iron
  • [*]Hair ties
  • [*]Hairpins
  • [*]Headscarf
  • [*]Wig Cap
  • [*]Shower-cap
  • [*]{Medication}
  • [*]Nail-clipper
  • [*]{Feminine Products ie. Ibuprofen Pads Etc.}


  • [*]Underwear
  • [*]Socks
  • [*]Undershirts
  • [*]T-Shirts
  • [*]Long-johns
  • [*]Sweaters
  • [*]Shorts
  • [*]Pants
  • [*]Pajamas
  • [*]Bathrobe
  • [*]Slippers
  • [*]Jacket
  • [*]Coat
  • [*]Bathing Suits
  • [*]Pool-shoes
  • [*]Sneakers
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Scarf
  • [*]Hat
  • [*]Dress (For Rave and other Events)

Food! {Ideas} =Hotel Rooms have Refrigerators, but No Microwave in most cases! 

  • [*]Water
  • [*]Breakfast:{Cereal, Muffins, PopTarts, Granola Bars, Donuts, Toast, Canned Fruit, AppleSauce Etc.}
  • [*]Lunch:{Sandwhiches, Ramen Cups, Pizza, Crackers/Cheeze, Tuna, Etc.)
  • [*]Dinner:{Steak, Chicken, Pasta, Pizza, Patties, Bread, Vegetables Etc.)
  • [*]Snacks:{Rice Krispies, Muffins, Packaged Cakes/Cupcakes, Chips Etc.)



  • [*]Primer
  • [*]Foundation/BB Cream
  • [*]Concealer
  • [*]Finishing Power
  • [*]Bronzer
  • [*]Blush
  • [*]Brushes(Foundation Brush-Powder Brush-Perfecting Brush)
  • [*]Mascara
  • [*]Lip Balm
  • [*]Lip Stick
  • [*]Lip Liner
  • [*]Lip Gloss
  • [*]Eyeliner
  • [*]Eye Shadow
  • [*]Eyelashes
  • [*]Eyebrow Liner
  • [*]Nail Polish


  • [*]Wig Cap
  • [*]Wig
  • [*]Shirt
  • [*]Pants
  • [*]Belt
  • [*]Outwear
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Hat
  • [*]Pendants/Necklaces
  • [*]Rings
  • [*]Broaches
  • [*]Tie/Bow/Scarfs/Neck-wear
  • [*]Belt Chain
  • [*]Boots
  • [*]Wings
  • [*]Weapons
  • [*]Other Props
  • [*]Ear-Rings
  • [*]Fake Teeth
  • [*]Horns/Fake Ears/Other Head-wear
  • [*]Glasses/Contacts

Formal Ball:


  • [*]Strapless Bra
  • [*]Dress Slip
  • [*]Tights/Stockings
  • [*]Purse
  • [*]Necklace
  • [*]Earrings
  • [*]Bracelets
  • [*]Rings
  • [*]Hair Accessories
  • [*]Gloves
  • [*]Heels
  • [*]Flat Shoes
  • [*]Shoe Pads
  • [*]Band Aides (For toes)


  • [*]Undershirt
  • [*]Dress Shirt
  • [*]Tie/Bow
  • [*]Suit (Pants and Jacket)
  • [*]Dress Socks
  • [*]Dress Shoes


  • [*]Outfit
  • [*]Shoes
  • [*]Purse/Bag

Photo Shoots

  • [*]Camera
  • [*]Props
  • [*]Notebook(For contacts)/Character References


** For MINOR injuries/Sickness (Please don’t try to preform First Aide on other people if you aren’t trained for it! You could make it worse and kill someone…)

  • [*]Band Aids
  • [*]Neosporin
  • [*]Ibuprofen 
  • [*]Sanitizing Wipes
  • [*]Gauze Pads
  • [*]{Inhalator}

~!–I hope this is Helpful–!


rice muffin burgers with pink guy and red dick

So when my step siblings were introduced to my family they had terrible eating habits so my mom had this whole secret vegetable campaign where she’d offer you stuff and you’d just fucking know something in there was actually a vegetable. So now I’m imagining harry doing the same to Louis. Fried rice made with blended cauliflower instead of rice. Muffins with untastable carrots and spinach. And he’ll never tell Louis that there’s veggies in the food because whenever he does Louis will stubbornly swear he can taste the vegetables. Imagine the smug look on Harry’s face when he comes down one morning and Louis licking his fingers like, “Good muffins, H.”