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11/21/1963 - That evening, following the Presidential couple’s arrival in Houston from San Antonio and their impromptu appearance at a LULAC event, Marty Underwood, JFK’s advance man in charge of the Texas trip, dined with the President and the First Lady in their suite at the Rice Hotel; they were scheduled to fly to Fort Worth in a couple of hours, late that night. In 2003, Marty recalled that husband and wife were being “so flirtatious and playful with each other” during and after dinner that he felt his presence was intrusive, and soon enough, just as he had decided to “make myself scarce,” Marty was “shown the door so they could be alone.”

He was giving her a glimpse of the kind of marriage that they were going to have from then on, the type of marriage she had been dreaming about for the last ten years: a partnership, a collaboration, an alliance in every sense of the word, one rooted in a deeply mutual love, anchored by reciprocated trust, respect, devotion, and appreciation; he was showing her the type of husband he was becoming, the type of husband he could be, would be, the type of husband she deserved.

He was going to prove himself worthy of the everlasting love she had eternally vowed unto him ten years earlier.

Her love for him had always been - and always would be - unqualified, unwavering, unrestricted, unmitigated, unreserved, and unconditional. She took this pure, fierce, unadulterated love - which had defined and dictated her entire life from the moment she met him, until the moment she herself died - to her own grave, alongside his.

So just remember this: the fact that they were so in love, and so close, and so bonded - both emotionally *and* physically - the day before their life together on this earth was so brutally destroyed. :’(

“It is also true, as their friends have observed, that in the wake of baby Patrick’s death and in their last days together, especially in Texas, John and Jacqueline Kennedy were never more deeply together. Jacqueline had ample reason by then to be exhausted by her husband’s behavior. Yet she seems to have seen a new future for them after their shared pain of Patrick’s death. In this case, the death of their son seems to have finally broken him open to the depth of his wife’s love and to his own capacity to return it. It was much too late, but in the last moments of their marriage and his life, John F. Kennedy seems to have been falling in love with his wife.–James W. Douglass


John F. Kennedy’s Separation of Church and State Speech.
Rice Hotel, Houston, Texas - September 12, 1960

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wasnt nintendo founded back then as a card company though? i forget

yeah, they originally started out making playing cards (and still do in japan)

they tried a bunch of other businesses (taxi cabs, love hotels, instant rice, toys, a TV station), but all their ventures ended in failure until they dipped their toes in the fledgling arcade game market in the 70s

I made it to Kenya!! Over 2 days of travel but I made it! I’m eating some rice at the hotel right now and then about to catch up on some sleep before I head to the orphanage for the day. And the wifi works, which is a miracle