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Victuuri or kurotsuki? Take your pic :)

In response to the ship ask! I of course, have to give my OP some love. 


–Who said “I love you” first?

Man. I think it would be Kuroo. He would have wanted it to be in the perfect moment and all planned out, super cheesy and crap. But then something happens and it just drops out of his mouth. Like Kei is maybe doing something stupid or mundane. It’s after nationals, Karasuno just suffered their eliminating loss in the Sweet Sixteen brackets. So Nekoma’s coach invited everyone over for a friendly skirmish and a banquet afterwards. Kei and Kuroo have been texting and chatting on and off over the season. Kei does something, like bouncing a volleyball to himself or jumping because he’s annoyed at his peak spiking height going down, thinking that if he had just jumped a little bit higher. And Kuroo is there. He sees that determination in Kei and the desire to grow and get stronger and it just–the “Fuck, I think I love you,” pops out of nowhere and takes them both by surprise. 

–Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

YOOOOO. Established relationship period? Like two years of dating. Kei is in Tokyo for school because there are better courses available in the universities there than around Miyagi. They aren’t living together while Kei is taking classes because that’s one of the compromises he made to himself. Kuroo understands, but that doesn’t make it any easier on him. So, as he’s working his (mostly) dead-end job at a coffee shop, he’s comforted by the photo of him and Kei at the amusement park in his pocket that he looks at on every break.

–Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Both of them. At first Kuroo saw it on Pintrest or some other silly internet site. So he left a note in the fog one morning that Kei was getting ready for work. It was cute like “Don’t eat on your way home. I’m the main course today.” Kei rolled his eyes so hard he nearly tripped out of the shower. Kei turned it to his advantage though. Although, his notes are more making fun of it. He leaves things like “Pick up more rice on your way home.” and “Don’t forget to bring the laundry in.” or “Your suit is ready to be picked up from the cleaners.” Kuroo finds it endearing.

–Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Kuroo! Mostly when Kei was still in high school though. Once Kuroo learned that the school does small deliveries to students, he went 0-100 in no time. He would send little things like, chocolates, flowers, balloons and stuffed dinosaurs. Kei got so embarrassed that he told Kuroo to stop sending him shit at school. To which, Kuroo said, where should I send them then? Kei (reluctantly?) gave him his home address. Then Kuroo’s plan was revealed as a week later, Kei got a letter in the mail. That’s how the shoe box hidden under Kei’s bed stuffed with letters and cards from Kuroo got started.

–Who initiated the first kiss?

Kei! Kuroo kept tiptoing around him because he didn’t want to pressure Kei into anything. He also read an article the other day that was like “young teens find themselves under influence of older authority figures, psychological trauma ensured” and freaked out about it. So once, when there were at karaoke, after a duet that was OBVIOUSLY the perfect moment–Kei was sure that Kuroo would kiss him. When he didn’t, Kei basically said “fuck it” and kissed Kuroo instead. 

–Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

It’s Kuroo. Which really, with bedhead like that, he should be more focused on getting in the shower to be ready for the day than peppering Kei’s shoulders and neck with kisses. 

–Who starts tickle fights?

Neither. They aren’t ticklish and the last time Kuroo tried to tickle fight Bokuto when they were drunk, it ended with them going to the hospital to have Kuroo’s nose reset. 

–Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Kuroo does. The answer is always, “No. This is my relaxation time. If I wanted you in here, I would tell you.”

–Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

It’s Kei! This is mostly payback (?) for all those stupid gifts in high school. When Kuroo gets into that design firm that he’s been reaching for, Kei takes his two hour break between classes to go and visit. Sometimes he brings them a homemade lunch and other times he just grabs something from the bento store down the street. 

–Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

Kuroo was because he forgot to tell Kei that it was actually a date and not just two friends hanging out. Although, the fact that it was all stereotypical date things (dinner, movie, a walk in the park with Kuroo pointing out stars), really Kei should have been tipped off.

–Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Kei does! Things with long legs don’t bother him so he just scoops them into a cup and takes them outside. Sometimes he pretends he can’t find the spider after he’s already taken it out and acts like it’s landed somewhere in Kuroo’s nest of a hair-do. (Kuroo doesn’t ever appreciate the joke).

–Who loudly proclaims their love when they are drunk?

You might be surprised but, it’s Kei! Kuroo turns really flirty and sultry when he drinks. I imagine him to be one smoooooooth criminal! But Kei, lets himself go and really has even less of a filter than usual. So he squints his eyes at Kuroo, who is draped like a jungle cat in the club’s couch. His vision is blurry from the alcohol and he hadn’t put his contacts in to go out either. “Do you actually love me?” he’ll ask. Kuroo will laugh, sounding more like a purr. “Of course I do.” Basically it turns into a moment of self-depreciation for Kei because he finds it hard to believe that someone as talented and good-looking and nice and wonderful and smart like Kuroo would be interested in him. To which Kuroo responds, the diligent, hard-working, incredibly smart, hot as fuck Kei that he can’t believe actually likes him back? So Kei will say “Yeah I love you. I fucking love the shit out of you and it scares me half to death.” Kuroo’s grin lazy, but his eyes soft. “Me too.” After that they generally start making out which causes whatever friends they had gone clubbing with to groan and ask why they invite them anymore because this always fucking happens. 

Ahhhh I love my boys. I miss my children. Bring back KRTK2017. I’ll work on that after I finish my senior project. 

Thanks for the ask! I enjoyed doing it! (even though I should have taken this work period to finish up a scene in my project. OH WELL)

parted, and never parted || kiribaku week 2017

kiribaku || 4,100 words || sfw || @kiribakuweek2k17

Before going into battle, it’s only proper to make an offering to the god of war. But Kirishima’s run out of things to give. 

space / fantasy au / nightmares

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August Magic day 11

11: Prosperity spell (got to have at least one lol)

Prosperity Jar:

You will need a jar

Some beans

Some rice

One of each type of coin from your country.

Clean your jar and let it dry. You do not want your beans and rice to go bad from getting wet. Place you coins in the jar one at a time. “May there always be what I (we) need”

Place in your rice, “May my home be filled with plenty. Both of food and joy.”

Place in the beans, “May this home always fill full, and satisfied.”

Rice and beans mean prosperity and plenty. And by keeping this jar of plenty in your pantry. It attracts the same.


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Requested by anon. I apologize that it’s so short, but I wanted it to be simple and not overly complicated. I hope you enjoy this! :)
Character: Shownu + Monsta X
Genre: Drabble, fluff, school fic
Plot: When Shownu transfers to a new school and he’s far from what the rumors say.
Word Count: 1.2k
Credit to the gif owner!

Hyunwoo walked down the hallway, taking in the endless rows of lockers, the low ceilings and lights that bathed the linoleum tile in a pale yellow on the floor. He hummed a mindless tune as he walked, not making eye contact with any of the people he passed.

Despite not making contact with anyone, as soon as he passed by a group of students, he would immediately hear their whispers, following him as he turned the corner.

“Did you hear about that kid?”

“Yeah, the new transfer student, right? Talk about scary!”

“I heard he was a delinquent at his past school, so the principal had no choice but to accept him here, or else he would’ve gotten beat up!”

“No way! How could a kid even be allowed back in school, let alone after threatening the principal?”

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Pellitine tomato rice

Pellitine tomato rice is a simple yet filling meal that is easy to make on the road or at home. The rice is flavoured with rich tomato and spices, which makes it anything but bland. This dish is hearty, delicious, and full of all the goodness that will keep you working hard and adventuring.

You will need:
1 cup rice
3 tomatoes, chopped
1 tin tomato paste
1 brown onion, chopped finely
2 cloves garlic, chopped finely
1 tbsp ginger paste, or one small ginger root, chopped finely
Sprig of coriander, chopped
1 tsp chili powder
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp cumin seeds or powder
½ tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp olive oil

In a large bowl, soak your rice in water for 45 minutes, then drain and set aside.

Combine the tomato paste, garlic, ginger, coriander, and onion. In a small bowl, combine all the dry spices and mix thoroughly, then add to the tomato paste mix.

Heat the oil in a large skillet. Add the tomatoes and cook until soft. Stir in the pre-soaked rice, then add the tomato paste mix and stir well until rice is coated evenly. Add 1 cup water and stir into the rice. Cover skillet with lid and simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes, or until rice is soft.

Remove from heat and stir thoroughly to make sure the rice is coated completely in tomato mix. Serve immediately on its own, or garnish with fresh vegetables.


Homemade Mexican Food 

 I love to make serious Mexican food from scratch. I live and work in Southern California, so there are Mexican restaurants all around. Most of them are awesome. The ones I don’t love as much are maybe not my favorite because their ingredients aren’t the best, like cheap corn products, or questionable meats. So sometimes I like to spend a couple hours making homemade Mexican everything from scratch. Home made Mexican food, using the best quality ingredients, is delicious and easy to do. It’s a little time consuming, but worth the flavor explosion. The Mexican grocery stores around here are cheaper than any other grocery stores, so that’s good too.

The top picture was the other dish I made to possibly submit to the cheesy Chopped competition, taquitos, stuffed with chicken and poblanos, with ancho chili cheese dipping sauce, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and fresh guacamole. It was delicious. My Hubby and I loved every bite. I didn’t use this photo because after I made it, I saw on their inspiration page they suggest taquitos, so I changed my dish to Fried Chicken & Waffles. Thanks to anybody who voted for me. They don’t announce the winner of round 2 until June 27th. Fingers are crossed and all good luck charms in my small jeans pocket. 

The second picture is a chicken and bean tostada I made the next day because I still had a lot of ingredients. This dish has home made restaurant style salsa, avocado crema, and beans and rice. This was also amazingly delicious. Here are some of the basic components I like to make for a Mexican feast. 

For easy Guacamole: mash avocado, mince shallot, squeeze of fresh lime or lemon, chopped cilantro, chopped tomato, s & p. 

For Avocado Crema: Mix plain yogurt or Mexican crema with a few spoonfuls of the Guacamole.

For easy Salsa: Fresh tomatoes (or a can of tomatoes) in a blender, salt & pepper, 1 garlic clove, chopped cilantro, 1 seeded jalapeño or red chili flakes, lemon or lime juice. Blend until blended but still chunky. Add minced onion that you have rinsed in cold water, at the end. The rinsing is so the onion doesn’t take over.

Tomatillo Salsa: Roast hulled tomatillos in the oven, at 400, with a small onion, a jalapeño pepper, and 2 garlic cloves, for about 20 minutes. Blend the cooked ingredients with lemon or lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper. 

For Easy Taquitos: Roll your favorite cooked ingredients (chicken, potatoes, charred peppers, cheese) in a softened corn tortilla, secure with toothpicks, fry in hot oil for 3 or 4 minutes.

Easy Cheesy Ancho Sauce: 1 tbsp Butter, minced shallot, salt, pepper, 1 tbsp flour, cook until flour cooks, 1-2 min. Add 1 ½ cups chicken stock or Milk, whisk until it thickens. Turn off heat, add 1 cup shredded cheese and 1 tsp Ancho chili powder. yum.

Easy Tostadas: Fry organic Non GMO corn tortillas in hot oil until crisp. Top with refried beans, cooked chicken seasoned with chili powder, cumin and coriander, lettuce,  tomatoes, guac or avocado cream, & salsa.

For easy Mexican Rice: Oil or butter in a pan, add chopped onions, chopped garlic, chopped jalapeño, and rice. Sauté all ingredients together until fragrant. Add chopped tomatoes, s & p, and enough liquid to cook your rice, I think it’s usually 2 c water to 1 c rice.

For easy Refried Beans: The easiest way is buy a can of low fat organic refried beans. You could doctor it up with Ancho chili powder, maybe a little garlic powder, maybe a little cumin, or just heat it up and let the rest of the stuff you made flavor the beans. The slightly harder, but still easy way, is to buy dry beans, wash them, cook in a big pot with several cups of water or chicken stock, cook for a couple or more hours, add salt and seasonings, mash. Add to a baking dish with some cooked rice, top with cheese, bake until the cheese melts. 

Garnishes for me always include shredded lettuce, chopped cilantro, chopped tomatoes, and a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime. Seriously Yum.

Baby Jae


59 I could punch you right now

34 “you work for me, you’re my slave.”

24 i’s eight o'clock in the morning you are not having vodka

Youngjae best friend fluff/smut

   "No, Youngjae" You sighed roughly into the receiver, “I am not going to karaoke with you and THE BOYS”

  "Please y/n, JB and Jinyoung are fighting and it’s so awkward, you’ll help loosen them up!“ he whined back at you. You could imagine him wiggling his shoulders as he asked and it made you smile softly, but then you remembered last time you went drinking with the boys and Youngjae insisted he had to go to the studio at 3:41AM because he had the ‘most brilliant idea ever’ and you had to chase his drunk ass around. When you finally got to the studio he had forgotten it and started crying and refused to get up off the floor for 15 minutes


  "Baby Jae don’t you remember last time?” you cooed out sweetly, using the nickname he hated but you and the other member though was hilarious.

   "You can call me that all night if you come, I don’t care. You just have to come!“

   It was almost 8:30 and you were wondering if it was too late to bail on this whole ordeal. It had taken about another 5 minutes of prodding before you agreed. Sitting on your couch not really watching the TV, unsure of the details of the crime show playing. You felt your phone buzz in your bag on your side, retrieving it you found a snapchat from Youngjae. It was a selfie of him, Yugyeom and Bam in the back of Jackson’s new car, they looked so cute you fought the urge to take a screenshot of your friends. You resigned yourself for the evening as you gathered a baggy sweater off the back of the sofa, these are my friends i’m going to have fun you told yourself softly.

   There was a soft rap at the door, you flicked off the lights and grabbed your keys before opening the door. There was Youngjae, smiling brightly, his strawberry hair fluffy and laying in a crown of soft waves around his head, the golden street light shining on him from above making him look really just like sunshine. He had silver wire rimmed glasses sitting delicately on his nose and a form fitting black shirt tucked into skinny black pants and a leather jacket.

      "You ready, chingu?” he smiled, you scanned him up and down once more before looking down at your oversized top and legging combo, looking back up him through your lashes.

 "Did you let Bambi style you?“ you asked, a grin spreading on your face. His smile dropped and he looked down at his clothes, he looked at you with a soft pout, as he nodded. "No! don’t be sad! you look great, very chic and sexy, it just seems like a bit much…Jae, is that eyeliner? Ohhh” you sing songed to him. He scrunched up his face and stretched a wide grin, “Very handsome!” you chuckled, letting him take your hand and lead you off to the car.

 Bambam and Yugyeom started hooting at you, you let out a laugh pulling your hand from Youngjae’s to your mouth, and returned with an “EASY”

 You went to climb in the back with the younger two when Youngjae grabbed you hand, you turned and he was opening the front door, some loud EDM blaring out of the side as he did, “Here Noona, you can sit in the front with Jackson” he pulled and ushered you into the seat before climbing in the back with the boys.

  You’d been nestled into the corner of the booth for close to two hours now, and you were watching JB and Jinyoung across the table, they were a few drinks in now, but they were being their normal charming, loving selves. But they’d been holding hands when they walked in so you doubted it was just the alcohol, you made a mental note to ask Youngjae what exactly the were fighting about. Turning to look at your best friend, he was hoping back and forth on his tiptoes, shaking a tambourine and singing backing vocals for Jackson’s exciting rendition of G Dragon in Fantastic Baby. Bambam slid into the bench seat next to you.

   "It’s the great Bambino, what can I do for you?“ you asked, leaning on the table to focus your attention on him and not you platonic best friend’s butt which you’d caught yourself looking at a few times now. Bambam darted his eyes from you and then to Youngjae a few times, you pulled your face back and turned to follow his eye line fixed on the vocalist. Turning back to him.            "Youngjae?” you asked.

 "Yes!“ He exclaimed loudly, one hand coming up to grab your arm excitedly, "Doesn’t he look so manly and sexy in those clothes?” Bambam pressed on, when all you responded with was a questioning groan he continued, “He wanted to look nice tonight..”  He let his voice fade in volume when you still looked confused.

   You glanced back at Youngjae who had now taken over the lead for the song, he did look like he just stepped of the stage, you turned back to Bam and said “He looks great, you’re a good stylist.”  You tried to smile encouragingly, sure Bambam was just pointing it out for compliments.

  Bambam was about to say something until Youngjae and Jackson slid in the booth on the other side, “Let’s do SHOTS” Jackson shouted loudly despite it not being that noisy now that the song was over. There was a roar of agreement, and he started taking a headcount, “Where are Jb and Jinyoung?” Jackson said. You glances to where they had been just moments before. They must have left when I was talking to Bam you thought.

  "I think they left early so they could have the dorm all to themselves…“ Yugyeom spoke quietly.  Mark nodded silently at Yugyeom’s side.

  "Okay! 6 shots coming up!” Jackson stood up quickly, you grabbed his sleeve.

   "Only 5 shots, Jacks, someone has to drive you all home.“ You said, he winked and shot you a heart before rushing away to the bar.

   It was 1:31 AM, you knew this because of how much Jackson had yelled about Defsoul and Ars’s "ICONIC BALLAD” and he was demanding Youngjae sing it.  The boys cheering him on, Youngjae slid off the seat to the floor and sat with his legs crossed motioning for Jackson to give him the mic. You preemptively started rubbing your head, Youngjae, drunk or sober had the voice of an angel. But drunk Youngjae had no concept of volume, and when he had a microphone it always lead to a splitting headache, unless you were drunk like the rest of the boys.  Which you unfortunately were not.

    "Jae!“ you called out softly, just loud enough for him to hear you, he turned his head to you quickly, smiling brightly, his eyes curving into half moons. "Let’s go home, you’re all drunk.”

 Mark’s arms were suddenly around your shoulders as he pulled you back against his shoulder in the seat. “Just listen to his song, y/n.”  You looked back at youngjae who was smiling less now, his smile not quite reaching his eyes.

   "Okay, Baby Jae, no microphone.“ You said, a teasing smile turning up your lips, "but then we leave!”

  Instead of acknowledging what you said he turned towards his phone on his lap, putting the backing track on and placing it on the floor. You leaned back into Mark’s arm, who was always a very cuddly drunk and listened to Youngjae’s clear voice cutting through the room as you all fell into silence. When JB’s part arrived the group took over to sing it together as a makeshift chorus, by the end of the sad song you were all giving telenovela level dramatic performances. Jackson being the most dramatic, he had one Mariah Carey hand and he was kneeling, and the very end everyone was laughing to hard to continue. Mark was in a ball on the floor laughing at Jackson’s early 2000’s r'n'b video style dancing.

 "Ars- sunbaenim, how was that?“ Jackson asked once he was done giggling and bowing..

  "I could punch you right now.” Youngjae said between fits of laughter, slapping his knee repeatedly.

  "Let’s not resort to violence now gentleman, why don’t we all head home?“ You asked nudging Youngjae’s shoulder softly, he crawled over and lay his head on your lap gently, looking up at you with his best impression of an ASPCA commercial, "Seriously, Jae they’re gonna close soon!”

  "Let’s go get some ramen!“ You heard one of the boys behind you shout, there was more raucous applause, the 5 voices competing to see who could be the loudest it seemed.

  "NO!” Youngjae shouted, easily louder “I want meat!” there was a few minutes of argument before it was decided to separate.

  "Jackson, leave our keys with y/n we can catch a cab home from the restaurant! It’s across the street we can walk" You heard Bambam say as he nudged Jackson. Jacks nodded and tossed you the keys.

   You groan but anything was an improvement from the dirty karaoke hall at this point.

    It was 2:15 AM by the time Youngjae had scarfed down 2 servings of beef and half a bottle of soju. You sat opposite him on the stool, he was smiling with his cheeks stuffed with rice.

  "Ready to go home now champ?“ You asked, she shook his head no. "Youngjae! we have to go home!”

  He stared at his empty bowl, his hand fiddling with a spoon.

  "I wanna sleep over at your house!“ He blurted out loudly, your eyes went wide at the sudden statement, and a deep red blush crept across his face.

  "What? Why? No, you need to go home, Jae. ” He didn’t respond, only looked down at his lap, he took off his glasses and put them in his pocket as he rose and went out to the car.

   He was silently pouting in the car, his focus completely on his phone in his hand. You felt bad about telling him no. You weren’t entirely sure why you had said no, he’d slept over before ut usually he just fell asleep there during movie night, he’d never asked before.  He was looking down at his phone, his shoulder physically shifted towards you so you couldn’t really look at him. Letting out a sigh you flicked on the turn signal to make a u-turn and head towards your apartment, who cares if you were almost to the dorms, it was Jackson’s gas anyway.

   You put the car in park a smacked Youngjae’s leg, “Come on, pabo” You said getting out of the car and going around to help your inebriated friend. He slung his arm around you.

“Noona, this is a parking tower….the dorm doesn’t have that, are we?” He mumbled and you nodded vigorously.

“Yes, Youngjae, we are at my apartment, I figure you can sleep here, but tomorrow you’re my personal slave okay?” You tried to sound surly but he swung his other arm around your waist pulling you against his chest.  You laughed and pulled back and lead the way upstairs to your tiny apartment.  He leaned against the wall across from you as you tried to find your keys at the bottom of your purse. Once you finally got the door unlocked you turned to find that Youngjae had slid down the wall and was singing softly to himself. Sighing for what must have been the 30,00th time that night you set to work getting your best friend settled into bed and vowed to yourself to be the drunk one next time.  

  Ten minutes later, you let Youngjae fall into the bed. He was laying flat on his stomach in the middle of the bed. You pulled off you shoes and left him there while you washed your face and changed. You came back and there he was, in the exact same spot. You knelt on the bed and rolled him over and he giggled at your hands on his stomach.

“If you’re awake then hurry up and get ready for bed, Jae.” You tried to speak gently not wanting to wake him up to much. He sat up, leaning on his hands for support, the soft blue light from the window the only light in the room. He smiled softly, and leaned his head to one side.  The two of you sat in silence like that for a couple minutes, him just appraising your face, not looking away at all. You avoided his gaze for most of that time, unsure what exactly he was doing, before finally speaking again. “Here take of your jacket-” You leaned forward to help it off his shoulder, he sat up fully, letting you pull the heavy leather off and tossed it towards the desk chair that was already covered in discarded sweaters. You turned back towards him and he suddenly wrapped you up in his arms again, laying back and putting you into his chest. He nuzzled into the top of your head, he let out a soft sigh and you could almost swear you felt him smile against your head.

  "Um,.. hey Jae are you awake?“ you whispered. He groaned in response, his head nodding against yours. You wiggled further against him, wrapping one arm around his waist, his warmth quickly bringing sleep to you.  "What were Big Jae and Jinyoung arguing about? They seemed fine to me?” You continued.

  "Don’t call him Big Jae, and….They didn’t,“ he mumbled against your scalp. You pulled you head away, jolting him to alertness.

   "Did you lie then?” You asked, suddenly pissed he dragged you around over a lie. He started to speak a few times, before pinching his mouth tight and nodding. “Why?!” You asked a little louder, a light slap landing against his chest where your head was moments before, you grimaced at him as you waited for a response. Now he was the one avoiding you eye contact, he let out a deep breath- like he was trying to resign himself to the words.

   "I just….I couldn’t cancel on the guys and-“ he started. Pausing as if he was unsure how to finish his thought, he finally make eye contact, "I missed you.” He said softly, just above a whisper. His eyes were black in the low light but they were  still glossy and bright, the way the cool moon light fell against his messy hair and his expression made your heart flutter, you’d never seen that face before you realize, you aren’t entirely sure what it is, but you think 'I’d give him anything if he’d look at me like that forever.’

   Neither of you speak for a minute, neither looks away. “You shouldn’t lie.” you weakly whisper, still unable to look away from Youngjae. You suddenly felt very aware of his arms around you, his hands spread wide across your waist, your legs were all tangled up but it wasn’t uncomfortable. His presence was always so calming, even now when the air suddenly seemed thick.

   He looked down, “I’m sorry, I just ….needed to see you tonight.” Suddenly you felt incredibly thankful for the low light because you could feel the blood rush to your face. He pulled you back against him and you leaned into his touch, thankful to no longer be in an apparent staring contest.

   "I even dressed like one of the hyungs to try and look more mature but did you notice? hmppp barely" he was mumbling above your head barely audible.

   "Yah, Choi Youngjae, were you trying to impress me?“ you teased, wiggling your torso back and forth, a chuckle rolling off your lips as you finished the thought.

   He pulled back as far as he could, moving his hand from your waist to your cheek, and then he was looking at you like that again.

    "I just wanted you to see me as a man, y/n. You’re my best friend but…I,” he went silent again, “I,” He tried again, “I just….”

  He leaned forward and places a kiss on your forehead, lingering for a moment, before you shifted further into him and smiled.  He pulled back and lay his forehead against yours, “I can’t seem to find the words.”

  "It’s because you’re drunk Youngjae, go to sleep.“ He was rubbing his thumb across your face, he shook his head.

 "I’m not drunk y/n, I’ve never been this close to you…it’s” He paused, licking his lips, eyes leaving yours as he glanced down at our mouth. “Say my name again.” He whispered, his voice deeper, his hand sliding down to your shoulder and his grip just slightly tighter.

 "Why?“ You asked, a little voice inside said you know why y/n but you wanted to be sure.

 "Please” was all he said, pulling you a bit closer, pressing his body against yours. Now certain of what he was asking you felt much less guilty about staring at him earlier. You stretched forward, moving your hands up his chest and tugging him by his shirt forward. As you rubbed your cheek against his, letting your mouth hover by his ear, you could feel his breathing still.

 "Youngjae" you whispered your breath hot against his ear, a low groan escaping his chest as he slid his hand back to your waist, his fingertips pressing hard into your side as he pressed his hips against yours. A high gasp slipped out of your mouth as you felt his erection press into you, as you pulled your head back his quickly followed, his lips quickly covering yours and his tongue darting out softly exploring your mouth.  There was something  different about the way he kissed you. It wasn’t hard or forceful as if this was a sloppy escapade. Rather, He was passionate and tender, slowly kissing you as if he was trying to memorize the feel of your lips against his. You kissed him back arching your body so that your hips met his waist and your breasts were pressed into his chest, he slid his hand down from your waist to your hips, pulling you as closely as possible before he hooked his hand under your knee hiking it up on his side before moving back to grip your ass roughly. You let out a moan as you let your whole body relax into him, rolling your hips against his, soft whimpering into his kiss. Your small sounds encouraging him, he hooked his hand around your hip. Rolling onto his back, pulling you on top of him, your hands moving to find purchase on either side of his head. You settled against him, softly rolling your hips against his desperate for the friction, Youngjae let out a groan as he pulled back for your kiss, moving to press his lips on your neck, on hand circling your waist the other still pressing into your hip.

He bucked up against you as he nibbled your neck, “Youngjae” you moaned out one hand reaching out to grab the back of his head,  he shifted up and forward, one hand spread against your back as he kept you as close as possible.

  "Do you like that, yn?“ He asked softly, his voice rich and hoarse unlike you’d ever heard it before. Yes fuck don’t stop please Youngjae  you mind was going a mile a minute but all you managed to get out was a whiny moan as you rolled against him. "I just wanna make sure I’m doing what you like’. he mumbled against your neck, with each word you could feel yourself getting wetter and you suddenly needed much more than what you were getting.

 "Please, Youngjae” you moaned, hoping the use of his name you egg him on. You were right, as if on cue, he sank his teeth into your neck and harshly grinded into your still clothed sex. It suddenly felt very urgent that the clothes had to go, apparently Youngjae agreed because he moved his hands to you waist and flipped you over unto your back, tugging down your pajama pants quickly. Leaning up and reconnecting your mouths, your harshly took his bottom lip between your teeth, your hands at his belt and he moaned into your mouth, you released his lip and pulled away focusing on his face as you removed his belt and undid his jeans, he held your gaze until he felt you wrap your hand around his length and then his closed his eyes at the pleasure, lightly bucking against you hand a soft groan of “fuck” before he had his lip between his teeth. Your cheeks flushed with pride at the pleasure on his face, you smiled to yourself leaning forward to take his lips as you continued to stroke him, rolling your finger across the tip. He kissed you a bit more urgently, before removing your hand and pushing you back onto the bed.

   You lay back, tugging him along by his shirt as you did, he pulled back to tug the shirt off, before stepping off the bed to remove his pants as quickly as he could. Stumbling in the process, you let out a light giggle, and he looked up a you with a loving smile, “Don’t laugh y/n”

“Sorry, Baby Jae.” you cooed, wiggling your hips as you watched his gaze fall from your face and  down to your breasts rising and falling gently, down to your waist where your t shit was hitched up exposing you hips that were wrapped in thin cotton,  "Or maybe,“ you paused and waited for him to look back up at you. "Maybe I should call you Big Jae now?” you smile at him, pulling your shirt off and tossing it off the edge of the bed, exposing our breasts to the cool air. He swallowed hard, before he started crawling back onto the bed. “Mmm….no” you continued to tease as he finally was within your reach, he grabbed your face in one hand, the other stroking your thighs, you let them fall open, you pulled him towards your face, “I think Youngjae works fine.” He pulled your face towards him, but then he started kissing down your neck, he hooked one finger into your panties, gently running it across the edge as he started to suck on your neck hard. You curled your hip upward as your let out a whine, desperate for more. You wanted more, reaching out to grasp him his hand on your hips faltered and his grip on your face became more tense as he let out a low hiss. He continued to kiss your neck as he rolled into your grasp.

   He reached out and took your wrist, pulling your hand away and holding it against the bed. He backed away, moving to pull your panties off with his free hand. Swiftly tossing them aside before urgently reattaching your lips. Immediately his hand was back on your thigh, pushing them apart, settling between them. He gently stroked your between your folds, you sucked in a breath, effectively breathing in the groan he let out at feeling how wet you already were.

 "Please,“ you moaned into the kiss, "more.”

Slowly he pushed in one digit, you gasped softly and rolled your hips against him, He immediately stroked his thumb up from you entrance and up to circle your throbbing clit as he sank a second digit inside of you. Pulling back slightly to groan at the stretch, soft pleas of “please” and “Youngjae” as his drifted sloppy quick kissed across your cheek and down your neck, fingers still moving quickly in you. Moving his hand down from your wrist to roughly massage your breast. Rolling his thumb over your nipple before moving down to take it into his mouth biting and sucking gently as he let you fuck yourself up onto his fingers. With your now free had you quickly clung to his head. He picked up his speed rolling his thumb and you felt your air leave your lungs as you felt your muscles start to coil.

 Pulling back to pressing your forehead against his, trying to catch your breaths between moans, “Fuck, Youngjae” you dragged his name out as you felt yourself getting close to the edge, your toes beginning to curl up.

  He suddenly withdrew his hand  and you whined at the loss, you looked at him with a pout as you saw him wrap his hand around his length slowly pumping himself as he pulled your hips lower on the bed with his other hand. Leaning to reattach your lips as he pressed into you slowly so you could feel every inch, moaning into your mouth as started to move picking up pace.

Your breathing became more erratic as he rocked into you, feeling your muscles clench around him as he pressed his fingers into your hips, as if trying to slow himself.

 He placed his hand along your jaw, he pulled your face to look at him, placing small chaste kisses on your lips, “Okay?” He asked softly, you learned your face into his hand, as you rocked upwards against him.  Desperately searching for the friction to rebuild your orgasm.

 "Yes, baby, please, fuck me faster" you were whispering against the crook of his neck before he pulled back, hiking your hips up and snapping his hips in a much more urgent pace, moving one hand to lay across your pelvis letting his move his thumb across your clit. The combined stimulation making a loud moan fall from your lips loudly, one of your hands coming up to cover your mouth to stop the vulgar noises.

 "I wanna hear it" he groaned out, slamming into you faster his lip tightly between his teeth, a gleam of sweat across his forehead. His sudden commanding tone was intoxicating and you practically felt yourself swoon. Letting out a whimper of Youngjae out as you moved your hand down to grasp your breasts pushing them together and playing with them.

 "Good girl" He grunted out, “You’re, So fucking… good for me..” he was groaning out between harsh breaths and deep thrusts, each one sending you closer to the edge.

“Youngjae, Fuck” a slew of curse words fell from your lips as you felt your walls start pulsing and your eyes start rolling back, until he kissed you roughly one hand smashing your face against his and you felt yourself come undone, mouth going slack against Youngjae as he moved to place gently kissed down your neck as he maintained his rhythm riding out your high. He followed shortly after, his thrusts becoming harder and erratic until you felt his cock twitch inside of you, a soft groan leaving his lips. As his hips slowed he started peppering soft kisses all across your face.  Pulling back to look at you, he smiled softly a hazy glow on his features. You bumped your nose against his, feeling warm under his gaze.

 His lips were red and swollen, his hair wild and his cheeks flushed. You were sure you looked the same, maybe worse, but he was giving you that look again and you felt like your heart was going to burst. “Stop looking at me.” you giggled out. Smacking his arm as he pulled out of you and rolled to his side facing you. You turned to look at him, you hips a bit sore as you rotated and shifted them. He was still looking at you with googly eyes.

 "I don’t wanna stop looking at you,“ He said softly, "I never do.”  

  You felt your heartbeat in your ears and you had to fight very hard to stop from grinning like an idiot. It was too hard you found, you instead you shrugged away from his view placing a quick kiss on his cheek then sneaking off to the bathroom to clean up.  On your way back Youngjae appeared to be asleep the covers and pillows had been fixed and he was tucked in neatly on his side. Grabbing his shirt and pulling it over your head before crawling into bed. As soon as you lay down you felt hand quickly pull you back and flush against Youngjae’s stomach, resting your head on his arm. He placed a kiss on the top of your head.

  In What felt like seconds you could feel his gentle breathing quickly luring you to sleep.

 "I love you, y/n" he said softly, “Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

 "I love you too, pabo.“

    Your phone had gone off at exactly 7:58 AM, it was your boss. Once you snuck out answered her question and gone to crawl back in bed you had found Youngjae was sprawled across the bed diagonally, his head and arm falling off the side.  Your sore muscles ached and you were suddenly starving. You crouched next to him and began tugging on his ear, "Wake up, Jaeeeee”

   "ughhhhhh oh my god….“ the boy began groaning, "be quiet baby please my head”

    "Here drink this it’ll make you feel better,“ You said placing the bottle of water from the night stand in his grasp. Youngjae sat up, rubbing his eyes and drinking most of the water before he finally saw the clock on the wall.

   "It’s only 8 am!” He protested, looking at you as if you had called Coco ugly (again)

   "I know that, but i couldn’t sleep and I’m hungry.“

   "Why do i need to be awake for you to eat, noona?” He whined, flopping back into the bed.

   "You’re my personal servant today remember! Go cook me breakfast! Pancakes please! oh and Eggs!“ You began teasing poking his side.

    "Can I put vodka in my OJ? i need a drink.” He gave in standing up and stretching.

   "It’s 8 am, Youngjae, you can’t have Vodka.“ You giggled wrapping your arms around him. He hugged you back, his arms heavy around your shoulders.  You pulled away and headed towards the kitchen, "Let’s go, You work for me, you’re my slave so, chop chop get cooking kid.”

-Admin Rae