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oh my gosh I'm still on year 1 in stardew valley and im trying my best to romance sebastian!! what do you think of that emo dork? *o*

jgkdjfg cUTE …. i’m romancing him with my farmer rufus too! *v*

i think he’s super impressive, the guy’s a mechanic, programmer, musician, and pool champion like i have tried teaching myself how to program and it is nOT. EASY also the fact that he may or may not be frog hunting on any given day is a winning quality too

& chillin w him on the docks during a thunderstorm is so ….. so mellow

Ironically, he wasn’t a romantic.

Sure he appreciated romance.  

But for a poet born on St. Valentine’s Day, Derek was not a romantic.


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H O W ???



These were actually supposed to be charm designs, but I don’t know how to make charms so…..Enjoy? (If anyone knows please tell me…)

Blank version included for birthdays, confessions, end of the universe, anniversaries, etc.!

(Sorry I’m late! I finished this at 6 AM today after almost a whole night of working…….)

Yuzuru’s love for rice

In an interview after NHK Trophy 2014, Yuzuru was asked what he eats before competition:

“Rice is the life of Japanese people. I would cry if I eat bread or other things before competition.”

Haha, at least we have a mutual love for rice. You should have a rice CM boy! And fulfill my fantasy of seeing you in the kitchen burning it down :D