plant-plant-plant - The rhythm of planting rice seems so natural. Thousands of repetitions, repeated each  day and each field and each season for untold centuries.  It is poetic, but my back hurts just watching: all the bending and the mud dragging at your feet. The sense of doing it till it’s done without pausing because it will just take longer if you rest.

I am enjoying a break from the heat of Hanoi for the heat of the countryside. Rice field views from my room and fields and villages to walk to. I declined the farmer for a day option.  ©Robert van Koesveld Photography #Rice   #landscape   #travelthursday   #RvK   #Vietnam


Vegan Spring Rolls

A nice summer meal because they’re light and raw (summer is the time to eat raw foods as your body isn’t conserving as much energy as during cool months).  Feel free to substitute tofu for a meat, however I really enjoy its lightness paired with the raw vegetables. Also, eat these right when you make them… rice paper doesn’t last well, it can become super chewy or dry and unpleasant.  


  • ½ block extra firm tofu (dried and well marinated)
  • 8 baby carrots
  • ½ english cucumber
  • 1 avocado
  • 6 brown rice paper wraps
  • tamari or vinegar


  • Cook tofu in slices on the stove for 10 minutes until lightly brown on both sides
  • Chop vegetables into thin slices (if you can julienne them, go for it)
  • Get a bowl of hot water ready for the wraps
  • Set everything up into a station, trust me it’ll make the process easier
  • Dip the rice wrap into hot water until its soft, then put on a plate, pile in the toppings and roll it up!
  • Have some kind of a dipping sauce like tamari or even balsamic vinegar goes well on these