Notes and observations from Shinhwa's V-Live, Episode 3

>Hyesung wants to buy what he knows they’ll use. Minwoo and Dongwan want to buy everything they like, whether they’ll use it for dinner or not.

>Dongwan is waaay too cute. His thinking face. His laugh. His boyish hair. His oversize hoodie. He is SO cuddlable. That should be made a word, just for my Oppayam.

>Minwoo really likes snacks. Especially chips. And ice cream. And gummies.

>Dongwan really likes firecrackers. And chocolate. He also likes gummies.

>Hyesung really is like a mom—worrying about how much money they are spending and figuring out how to make children Minwoo and Dongwan happy without letting them buy everything they want.

>Mommy Hyesung———>Hyesung who betrays the Rapper Line.

>Minwoo really can’t fool Andy. The Maknae knows all.

>It looks like Dongwan’s neck massages are both refreshing and painful.

>Junjin sleeps very soundly. Or at least he pretends to.

>Andy’s blank face. ADORABLE.

>I predict that Hyesung will be a sensible yet weak-to-aegyo dad. He’ll be powerless. Dongwan and Minwoo will be the dads that practice their aegyo with their aegyo-ing children. Eric won’t even realize that he’s doing aegyo. Jinnie will be too embarrassed to do much aegyo, but he will practice it in private. Andy….will be the slightly strict dad who can be scary when he’s hungry, and he will rarely do aegyo, but when he does, it will be AEGYO.

>Hyesung and Eric bicker over whether they have enough ingredients.

>The members really like cats. Especially Hyesung and Eric—who both gave them snacks. Do these men have to be so cute? GAH. Where can I find a man like them?

>Minwoo grills under the orders of Evil Maknae, who will not take ‘no’ for an answer.

>Andy and Eric should open their own restaurant. (They’d still make the members pay, of course).



Shinhwa’s 18th E5 moments:

#1 Babird finds Mabird so adorable after Mabird loses three games
#2 Junjin’s swag, hands on the air even when asleep???
#3 Eric’s goodnight kiss to Jin
#4 Eric’s goodnight kiss to Andy with disappeared pants
#5 More kiss to Jin
#6 Karaoke at 0830, Eric sings!!!! (yep your dorks didn’t sleep at all)


Simple gestures yet shows the genuine care & love that Shinhwa members have for each other & how beautiful their real friendship is .. genuinely caring friends are such a blessing in this life. Get yourself friends like Shinhwa ♥