variation on a rhyme.


but your name
is an explosion 

sending letters
as shards, as 

of fiction,
of diction 

off the walls
of my skull 

and onto the page:

continual death, not
of body but of heart, 

each time the word
sends vibrations
echoing through 

my mind and tears this 
still yearning soul apart.


Here are some drawings I did a little while back as a tribute to cartoons I watched as a kid and still watch to this day

Tнey locĸ yoυ ιɴ α cαr

Dallas Winston:

“Dally this aint funny” You yelled, frustration getting the better of you as you pulled at the door handle.
“Who’s laughin’ doll?” You wanted to punch the smirk from his face as he leaned against the cold exterior of Buck’s.
“Dallas lemme out!” You screamed, Dally had locked you in the car in nothin’ but your pyjamas, which would be okay, if it wasn’t one of his old shirts and barely swept past your hip.
“I don’t know, think this’ll teach ya to stop flirtin’ with socs’?" 
Effotlessly, he flicked a match against the wall, the light illuminating your woe. 
"It aint like ya’ had anything to worry about” You mumbled, tired of pulling relentlessly to no avail. 
“Yeah you’re right, it don’t get much better than this, I think ima’ go get another beer, hold tight” He winked, shaking his empty beer can as evidence before walking away, bringing the remnants of your patience with him.
“Dallas!” You screamed in dismay as you watched him disappear through the door. 

Sodapop Curtis:

“Soda, It’s like 750 degrees in here, let me out” You snarled, grabbing his collar as he reached for his knife.“Turn on the AC” He replied off-handedly, pocketing the weapon before turning to face you. He lay a kiss on your forehead and you couldn’t help but worry it was gonna be the last one.“It is on” You rolled your eyes, wondering if you could possibly push him out of the car and run. He must have followed your gaze as he shook his head.“Naw, don’t even think about it,  I’d catch you before you make it outta’ the car park” He warned, climbing out of the car and closing the door. Despite his warning you grabbed the handle, the triumphant click told you you were too late.  "Soda, You can’t keep me locked in Steve’s car!“ You tried kicking at the door but as pain riccocheted up your leg you knew it was futile. Humidity held your neck and you could taste the staleness of the air."You can’t come to the rumble and I don’t trust ya, not after last time, If you hear the fuzz, pretend to be asleep, I love ya”

Throwback thursdays….here is young Fidel  R.I.P with Perfidia….Fidel used to vogue as a member of the  Deee-lite live shows in 1988 . We used to perform in both hiphop clubs and House clubs  and there were a few occasions standing on the wings of the stage preparing to go on wondering if the butchie hiphop crowd could handle 2 vogueing queens prancing about in tights….but we never had a problem …not even once. Fidel died  much too young sadly from a chance stray bullet riccochet while walking down  the street . I’ve thought of him often and imagine  he’s vogueing 2 clouds above nine .  in one word  …Ovah


Mm, Shinys. Always the perfect choice.

More Underrated Cards for Commander

In my last list I excluded cards that were released in Commander product as newer players were introduced to these cards early on. However, I didn’t feel like that last list truly captured as many cards as I wanted to showcase because of that restriction. Additionally, some of the best cards from Commander products are often overlooked because they seem kind of dorky or underpowered in comparison to some of the flashier cards designed exclusively for Commander or Legacy (we all know True-Name Nemesis wasn’t for Commander). I have also included some more cards that I had thought about later after posting the last article. As such I have decided to do these kinds of card spotlights periodically as I think of more cards that should be played at much higher rates than they are. There are a lot of cards out there and many of them should get more love.

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