Riccione, Romagna, Italy

Let’s face it, if you don’t really care about amazing, but lonely beaches and seashores with a crystal water   that Italy can offer you, and one of the main goals in your life is messing it up, sleeping in the day and living at night, Riccione and the Romagna coast could be the right place for you.

Pubs, bars, nightclubs, discotheques, for all you needs and your pockets. Any kind of entertainment, frolic, fun is at your complete disposal.

Not to be forgotten that you’ll stay in an area famous for its tasty Italian food (lasagne, tagliatelle, cappelletti, tortellini, and one of my favorite, piadina, a sort of taco, but much, much more flavorful: sorry for you, my Mexican followers, no story! But if you wanna open a debate about it, I’m always here), and one of the most nice and approachable people in Italy.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t live in that area and, for that I’m truly sorry, I’m definitely not sponsored by that region.

Huh, just one last thing: use the proper pronounce of this city [rʃit·ˈtʃo:·ne], or else, if you say [rʃik-’kʃo:·ne], you can be misunderstood. The second one is a very insulting Italian word for homosexual, thanks God lesser used of onetime.

Always truly yours, your Italian Landscapes party guy.

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