Ok, real talk! (Sorry again con-related)
so, Hey, Tracon goers! If you see this post and come to say hello to me at the con (table 50), you get one of these badpun-stickers! Not trying to blackmail anyone, but I’d just _really love say hi QuQ~♥️

[150903] @BOYF_YM Are you having fun watching ‘Save The Family’? I did some filming and dropped by in the practice room to exercise after a long time~~^^ These days, it’s slowly getting cooler at night and don’t forget to be careful of catching a cold while the season is changing~ Our Bestfriends!

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: boyf_ym
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Drunk Harley vs Joker
  • Harley:Did you call him Daddy?
  • Joker:What are you blabbering about this time?
  • Harley:When you crawled out of your bath of acid, the day you were born... Did you call him Daddy? Batman. Did you look at him as he fled away? Did you call him Daddy in hope that he would return?
  • Joker:Nope but the scene sure looked familiar.