I deboli si piegano
I forti si spezzano
Scegli tu cosa sarai
Pazzi spacciati per artisti
Artisti spacciati per dei
Cosa vuoi essere e cosa sei?
Poveri che vivono come ricchi
Ricchi che vivono come poveri
Ricchezza alla sincerità
Povertà a chi vive nella menzogna.

Gerald Daja

reddie ice-skating

[so i never wrote on tumblr but i was thinking of reddie ice-skating and my heart told me To Do This ! please english is not my native language so be nice :(]

• bev was the one inviting them a friday night to the ice-rink
• everyone was okay since they loved the good atmosphere at christmas
• ben was so awkward at first because he had never done that before but bev helped him
• mike was having the time of his life and was skating really fast while nagging the others
• eddie didn’t want to go on the ice and refused to put his shoes. he had never skate and his mother always told him that it was VERY dangerous
• bill was trying to reassure him but stan knew they couldn’t
• “c'mon eddie i-i-i'ts f-fun”
• “go on you two i will just sit here and watch”
• after 5minutes stan and bill decided to go skating but less happy than before
• eddie thought he was now safe and sat on the bench with his big jacket on his shoulders when ricchie arrived
• “eds what the f*ck are you doing come!”
“the others are skating join them ricchie and don’t call.me.that”
• ricchie furrows his eyebrows before taking eddie’s hand in his.
• “don’t be scared i will teach you !”
• “im not scared” answers eddie with a little blush, lowkey enjoying the feeling of his friend’s hand
• “yes thats what i told your mother when—
• “sHUT UP”
• eddie and ricchie now on the ice, making the losers smile at the sight
• eddie holding ricchie’s hand for dear life while being petrified
• “cmon eddie it’s like walking but on ice !”
• “what”
• now skating vERY slowly, eddie holding ricchie strongly
• “if my hand is broken you will pay the bill”
• skating a little faster even if eddie’s eyes widen
• eddie falling after 2 inch
• ricchie freaking out and putting him on his feet after laughing
•"sorry youre juste too cute”
• eddie blushing and falling again, but this time because of mike
• “MIKE WATCH YOUR *&:@,-;”?#)@£₩÷£+ FOOT" - ricchie