ricardo rodriguez

  • Alberto Del Rio:WWE is racist and made Mexican jokes about me
  • Ricardo Rodriguez:WWE is racist and made Mexican jokes about me
  • Sin Cara:WWE is racist
  • Mark Henry:Michael PS Hayes called me the n-word
  • Booker T:Vince McMahon said the n-word ON TV
  • Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods:We are literally black preachers
  • The Rock:*wins the WWE title*


why do fangirls love wwe

just look at it they not even sexy

they not even funny 

they are bad u should never obssesed over them 


they not even cute 

it’s just a dumb weird fake sport 

Arrive.Ho Ho Ho.Leave

You’re a mean one, Mr. Del Rio. You really are a…mean guy. Santa Claus put Alberto Del Rio on the permanent naughty list and socked his former announcer Ricardo Rodriguez with a bag of Christmas goodies after Del Rio accidentally hit him with a car last Christmas.

Lesson learned, don’t cross Kris Kringle. Happy holidays from “Parts Unknown”!