ricardo martinez


Gimme your brain.


I died watching this.


Oh yeah! I can finally do this:

My favorite characters in Hajime no Ippo ended up being:

1. Makunouchi Ippo

2. Kamogawa Genji

3. Takamura Mamoru

4. Date Eiji

5. Sendo Takeshi

6. Volg Zangief

7. Kimura Tatsuya

8. Sawamura Ryuuhei

9. Mashiba Ryo

10. Miyata Ichiro

My favorite fights thus far are:

1. Ippo vs Sendo (2nd fight)

2. Takamura vs Hawk

3. Mashiba vs Sawamura

4. Takamura vs Bison

5. Ippo vs Sawamura

6. Volg Zangief vs Mike Elliot

7. Date vs Ricardo Martinez

8. Kimura vs Mashiba

9. Miyata vs Randy Boy Jr.

10. Ippo vs Kojima


One summer day in 2013, I was having breakfast with my friend Ricardo at a café when I suddenly had a vision of him as Picasso, as famously portrayed by Robert Doisneau. Almost like children at play, we agreed to reenact the landmark photograph, initiating the “search for the masters.”

The septuagenarian Ricardo thus became my muse, a charismatic sitter who added to these recreations a singular element from his own life: his golden shoes. The shoes that became a recurring leitmotif in these reenactments of the golden moments of 176 years of photography, from a first self-portrait dated 1839 to the latest photographic trends. They are the symbol of the mysterious alchemy of a photographic process that metamorphoses light and emotions into prints, so to preserve our memories. — Catherine Balet

Learn more about Catherine’s inventive photography project, as well as her muse, Ricardo Martinez Paz, here.