Whimsically Beautiful Animal Hybrids Street Art by Alexis Diaz

Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz’s composes stunning murals using a traditional and engraving technique to recreate whimsical and majestic animal hybrids. While maintaining an urban edge, Diaz’s pieces also posses an elegance and fine art style. Instead of implementing the use of high contrast and vibrant colors often seen in graffiti, Diaz’s use of softer, smokey pastels evoke a dream-like and sophisticated element. Meticulously constructed, his work also reveals a magical and eccentric quality, which is simultaneously macabre. The chimerical animals resemble the beauty, imagination and creatures found in the best children’s and fantasy novels in literature. 

[Pedro] Albizu Campos understood the fraudulence of American exceptionalism. As the first Puerto Rican to attend Harvard COllege and Harvard Law School, he witnessed power and privilege in its nascent stages and willingly forewent its suasions—rejecting judgeships, corporate sinecures, and outright bribes and devoting himself obsessively and singlemindedly to the cause of Puerto Rican independence.
He was rewarded with twenty-five years in prison. His family received constant death threats. His homes were attacked in Ponce, Aguas Buenas, and San Juan. His law license was revoked. His neighbors were investigated. His phone was tapped. His mail was intercepted. FBI vehicles parked outside his house, and dozens of FBI agents followed him seven days a week all over the island. Public Law 53 (the Gag Law[, which among other things made owning the Puerto Rican flag a crime punishable by ten years in prison]) was passed specifically to thwart him—to eliminate his freedom of speech. Finally, strong evidence indicates that after being condemned to life imprisonment, Albizu was irradiated until a stroke paralyzed half of his body and let him unable to speak. His only crime was to remind the American republic of its own founding principles: that every man is created equal and that government requires the consent of the governed.

nelson denis, war against all puerto ricans: revolution and terror in america’s colony

it is a matter of record while in a prison eventually shut down by court order, albizu campos developed burns, headaches, enormous swellings throughout his body, and other symptoms consistent with radiation poisoning; it is also no longer up for debate that the united states has secretly conducted human radiation experiments on vulnerable citizens, including prisoners (see, for example). albizu campos never received medical treatment for his symptoms; instead he received a series of psychiatrists who said that his belief that he was being irradiated was proof that he was insane. attempting to mitigate the effects of exposure, he would wrap his head and body in cold wet towels; for his efforts, prison guards laughed at him and dubbed him “king of the towels.”

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Drag race/drag related questions!

  1. Who are your top 5 queens and why?
  2. Favourite season?
  3. What queens do you think are the funniest?
  4. Queen with the best fashion?
  5. Favourite queen who hasn’t been on drag race?
  6. Favourite Puerto Rican queen?
  7. What queens do you hope to see on season 8?
  8. Dream All Stars 2 cast?
  9. Alaska or Jinkx?
  10. Rolaskatox or The Heathers?
  11. Trixie or Katya?
  12. Raven or Jujubee?
  13. Old untucked or new untucked?
  14. Favourite snatch game?
  15. Most underrated queen/s?
  16. A queen you hate but everyone loves?
  17. A queen you love but everyone hates?
  18. Season 5 or season 6?
  19. Favourite winner?
  20. What queen would you most like to be best friends with?
  21. Queen with the best makeup?
  22. Queen that was most robbed?

goodnight mamma mia is over and im not puerto rican and my grandma loved selena 

The October 30 revolution has been dubbed a “Nationalist revolt” and the “Jayuya uprising.” However, given the repressive machinery of the FBI and Insular Police, the use of secret police dossiers against tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans, the bombing of two towns in broad daylight by the US military, the deployment of 5,000 US National Guardsmen into those towns, the arrest of 3,000 Puerto Ricans within a matter of days, the use of Public Law 53 (the Gag Law) to stifle all forms of patriotic expression on the island, and armed conflict in eight towns, the events of October 30 to November 3, 1950, emerge as a revolutionary expression of underlying and widely held sentiment in Puerto Rico. The term “revolution” is thus an appropriate designation for the October 30 uprising.
—  nelson denis, war against all puerto ricans: revolution and terror in america’s colony

every time i see a post about latinas i really want to reblog it and be like ‘yes i can connect with with this’ but in the end i don’t because i feel like im not allowed to because im mixed

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“This is a favorite of mine and a particularly quirky acquisition by the Museum. It is a provocative work that engages the public, by a highly innovative artist from Puerto Rico, adding to the diverse mix of artists represented in our collection.”

Arnold Lehman for Diverse Work

Pepón Osorio (Puerto Rican, born 1955). Fear and Denial, 1997. Brooklyn Museum. © Pepón Osorio #BKMContemporary

This is the final weekend to see 100 works collected during the tenure of our outgoing Director, Arnold Lehman. Catch Diverse Works now through Sunday.

匿名 質問:

I bet you wouldn't date or fuck a white guy because it'll make you look bad with all the pro black rants you go on.

I’ve been with white, black, Mexican, Morrocan, Puerto Rican, Turkish, etc. Why? Because I want to, and if the dick is bomb, I don’t care what race it’s attached to. Nore do I give half a fuck about what people think of whom I fuck.

And not that it matters that he’s white, but the guy that I’m dating is.

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you're a Puerto Rican queen and i swear i will fight anybody who thinks otherwise!

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The Domincan Republic booth is returning after an 8 year hiatus this year! I’m pretty sure I wasn’t big into going to the festival yet, so this will be almost like a new booth for me!  Pictured above is the  Pescado con Coco: Seared Grouper, Pigeon Peas and Rice with Coconut Sauce.  Coconut sauces aren’t a big hit for me, but I’m always willing to try everything once! The rice looks a lot like what the Puerto Rican side of my family cooks though, and it’s probably hard to beat the home cooked stuff, but I’ll give this one a try!

Also on the menu are Lechon Asado: Roasted Pork with Mangu, Pickled Red Onions and Avocado, and Souffle de Yuca: Yuca Souffle topped with Griddled Cheese.  Both of these options sound tempting, can’t wait to see what they look like closer to the festival!  Greece often has a griddled cheese dish with pistachios and honey, this will be an interesting change in flavors!

For dessert, this booth will be featuring Caramel Flan with Rum-Roasted Pineapple. Grilled pineapple is easily one of my most favorite things in the world, but flan can be hit or miss.  I’m sure we’ll give this one a try though.

Drinks here certainly look tempting here.

  • Frozen Dominican Pina Colada Featuring Don Barcelo Blanco Rum
  • Frozen Sugar Cane Cocktail Featuring Don Barcelo Blanco Rum

I love frozen drinks, especially pina coladas, and I’ll definitely be getting this one.  The sugar cane drink sounds great too, but depending on how strong of an alcohol taste it has, I may or may not order one of these this year. Presidente Beer is also available at the booth.

monocleminotaur 質問:

Do people treat you differently because you are Puerto Rican, even though that still means you are American?

Some people aren’t educated enough about these things. I once told a man I was when he asked if I was Mexican. He said “it’s the same shit”. Stuff like that really makes me angry. But there have been times where I felt someone change the way they act towards me once they found out. So, yeah. But not a lot. Few times.