Sonia Sotomayor (b. 1954) has been an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States since 2009. She was the first Latina to become its justice, and only the third woman.

She is of Puerto Rican heritage, and during her time as a student at Princeton University thought for more Latino representation in teaching. After graduating from Yale Law School, she was admitted to the New York Bar. She was a Federal District and Court of Appeals Judge before being nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama.

Living in Chicago in the summer is a weird experience cause there is no such thing as chill when it comes to special events. Like last weekend we celebrated Puerto Ricans, yesterday a bunch of people marched down the street dressed like zombies, and now today’s the Pride Parade

I mean I’m too broke to go to half the stuff that goes on here but it still throws me off how fast we switch gears hereo

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              It was typical April Mendez for her to figure out a way to embarrass herself by tripping over thin air. There were at least a thousand electrical wires scattered throughout the backstage area and someway, somehow, she avoids all of them to trip over her own two feet. Lucky for her, Smackdown Live resident Sami Zayn was there to help her up. “I’m used to it. I manage to do this a lot more than you think.” the Puerto Rican said as she was helped back up to her feet. Her knees and palms were a little red from the impact against the ground but besides that, nothing too serious. No blood or injuries. “You didn’t see that… did you? Because I swear, there was a wire there that I tripped over.” she said as she brushed herself off some.

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Name: matthew/shay

Nickname: crispy,dork

Height: 5′11

Ethnicity: puerto rican

Favorite fruit: peaches, grapefruit, grapes, and strawberries

Favorite season: WINTER

Favorite Books: frankestein and kiss the girls

Favorite Flower: i dont have one

Favorite Animal: uh dogs

Favorite beverage: cofeeeee

Favorite fictional character: damn this is a loaded question uh lavi from d gray man

Number of blankets: 2

Blog created: march 2k16

Number of followers: 509

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Ship pls? I'm 5'2 and a slytherin! I have short curly hair and I'm v tan because I'm Puerto Rican. I also have some freckles! I'm usually pretty quiet and kinda awkward but when I'm with friends I'm usually the joker and the person that makes people laugh. I tend to have a loud sense of humor and I'm pretty sarcastic. Also I'm pretty optimistic and I'm really good at giving advise but I'm terrible at following my own advise. I also speak French! I love painting and I'm very artistic

I ship you with George he’d think you speaking french was sexy af! Also he’d love joking around with you and making you laugh.. he wouldn’t care that you were a slytherin if anything that’ll make it better… he’d also be fascinated by your artwork and really appreciate your optimism and happiness

Brandon Larracuente GIF Icons

Under the cut you will find #11 plain 100x100 gif icons of Brandon Larracuente as Jeff Atkins in 13 Reasons Why as requested by a @chinaofrps! Any repeats are accidental. These were created by various people, Sveja only resized and cropped them from here, and here. Please do NOT claim as your own, as they were created by other creators! Reblogs & likes are appreciated if using.

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Long ship please? I'm 18 and Puerto Rican, with long curly dark that has sunbleached parts, full lips, olive skin and brown eyes. I'm 5'2 and curvy and small waisted. I'm stubborn and I never take crap from anyone, but that gets me in trouble sometimes, and I have a very short temper and I can get catty. I like animals, adventures, and live for thrills, like roller coasters and exploring abandoned places. I'm both book smart and street smart according to my peers

I definitely ship you with Curly. The “short temper”, “catty”-ness, “live for thrills”, “exploring abandoned places”, “street smart” parts all indicate this. Also, Curly likes short girls and your other features are definitely in his taste.

— Going to amusements parks all the time!!
— Trying to get Curly to go on the scary rides!!
— Breaking into old houses together
— He swears there’s a ghost every time
— He picks you up and helps you through the strange ways you have to get in (broken windows, etc.)
— Doing so much dumb shit together
— Curly never does anything bad bc he knows you’ll get pissed at him!!!!!
— He loves you bc you’re “feisty”
— Kissing in public just to see if people will notice
— Curly’s always pushing his limits!!!

alejo headcanon;

alejo is a happy participant in his family’s criminal activities, and is known for picking fights and being ruthless. however, instead of a more ferocious animal, alejo prefers to shift into smaller species of birds.

his most natural form is the puer/to rican tody. when spooked, anxious, or frightened, his instinct is to shift into the puer/to rican tody and fly to safety. 

he also prefers adelaide’s warbler and the puer/to rican bullfinch. 

when alejo shifts into a form meant for attacking or defending himself, he’s more likely to choose a species of eagle or notably and most often, the lammergeier.

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Name: Sabi

Nickname: Mari, Sabs, Alpha Bitch

Height: 4′10

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican and Italian

Favorite fruit: Strawberries or watermelon!

Favorite season: Probably spring or fall

Favorite Books: Dont have one tbh

Favorite Flower: Do succulents count?? 


Favorite beverage: Coffee or energy drinks

Favorite fictional character: Hmm i have a lot but Dante (DMC), Aranea and the chocobros (FFXV) and Kiryu and Majima (Yakuza) just to name a few.

Number of blankets: Only 1

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This reggaeton song by 1 minute man Puerto Ricans said “take it slow so we can make it last longer.” Why don’t they just have sex twice then? Or he beat off an hour earlier, so he won’t bust a nut so quickly?

I find it funny that people ask me if my hair is real even after knowing me for years. Like,, no I get up every morning and get a goddamn perm so I can have my curls??
I just don’t understand how people can ask it so often bc I’m clearly not white and I talk about being puerto rican and black a shit ton bc i love being a poc?? Also I go to school and out everyday with my hair the same, if my hair wasn’t natural I wouldn’t be able to out everyday with my hair in perfect ringlets??

Friendly Link up

Ladies, Who here is horny and lives in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey and would love to link up for some Puerto Rican Latin dick.