rican pride


My mother insisted on doing these pictures for my 20th birthday. I was hesitant, and it was a freezing cold day. But I decided to do it. I have problems with accepting my body and my heritage. But when I posed for these photos, I couldn’t have felt more proud of myself. I struggle to this day, even as I write this, but I at least know that I have potential.

If I can start learning to accept myself, then it’s possible for anyone. So treat yourself as the beautiful gem you are.

My Coming Out Story
Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie Lilliana. I am currently 22 years old. I grew up in Puerto Rico. I came out when I was 17 and it took a long time to love m...

lol i tried! here is my first video! I wanted to make this by the new year. 



Big Pun - 100% ft. Tony Sunshine (by BigPunisherVEVO

I am participating in #MIRAME for a few reasons.

1. It is a great way to promote self awareness for not only Mexicans, but all other Latino communities.

2. It is a way to promote the celebration of Hispanic culture during Cinco de Mayo, not just partying, drinking, and wearing offensive and racist outfits.

3. To show that contrary to popular and stereotypical beliefs, there is no certain “look” that all Latinos have. We are all different and have characteristics of our own.

4. And finally, because of the generation we live in, social media has never been more consuming. And I choose to use it in a positive light, and spread the word of my peoples beautiful history.

Monica ‘FUCKING’ Puig. Puerto Rican pride! This woman has united a country, paralyzing everyone in front of a tv, doesn’t matter if they were at work or at the mall. She’s the first Puerto Rican woman to win a medal and tomorrow we are going for gold. This means she will be the first woman to win medal for Puerto Rico and will be the first Puerto Rican to win a gold medal no matter gender. Thank you Monica Puig. Remember that name.