Reality at it's best

Tonight was seriously one of those nights where I had the best, emotional, deep talks with everybody. Especially the talk with Rawn and Kevin; it was unbelievable.Β 

Most of the little ones are enlisted in the military, or will be in the military, and these two boys made everything so real. Before the talk I was like “oh okay, they’ll be gone for a long time, but will come back!” But with Rawn and Kevin, they talked about what I’ve been ignoring the whole time. The truth, and realistic views about what they’re putting themselves into. I was speechless the whole time, but you know what.. I’m the proudest big sister ever.Β 

When they all leave, I won’t be crying tears of sadness; but I will be crying because I am so freaking proud of my little brothers. They always talk about how proud they are for each other for going into different branches and whatnot, but me and others will always be back home waiting for them being proud as fuck for them. I love all of them to death, and I love these talks with them. I love them.Β 

Rawn: I’ll be coming home for one thing, and you know what, I’m just gonna say it, but you guys are my family. I will be coming home for my family.

They’re beautiful faces! Great job kiddos! :3 & Thanks to the rest of the family for am awesome day. @vvictoriamari @_impuno @kevboynoy @thisguyallan @caitlynnepicache @ericasata @rawnmcfezzie @jdolendo @thischickhao @avlee @ohhcaitlynn #Jessica #Raymart #ricachefam #bestfriends

My bestfriend/faggot/bestbigbroever @jdelapoop is leaving for Japan tomorrow morning. Take care big bro, I’ll miss you. We’ll miss you. From us, #ricachefam @caitlynnepicache @ericasata @jdolendo @kevboynoy @_erictastic @avlee @ohhcaitlynn #puno #Rawn #Allan #Jessica #Raymart. Plus @aruha2961 & #Chris!


BLAZIN’ CHALLENGE | April 5, 2014

Just watch Allan, Kevin, and Jonmark.

The things they’re always down for.Β 


Raymart’s Home | December 22, 2013

Today Kevin called me and three way’d with Raymart without me even knowing.

Kevin made me think they were at Allan’s house and I suddenly got up and was excited to go get ready and see them!

But they lied! Then they messed around again saying Kevin was in Georgia. Haha. These lil fuckers.

I should’ve known though. I’m excited to see them next week and fsu along with Joanna, Jazon, the lil ones, and ze momma. Super stoked.

3rd annual Christmas party with the Ricache family!! I loved spending it with everyone and skyping those who’s away. Even though not everyone was home, it was still fun and memorable. I love you guys to death, and until next year!!! πŸ˜πŸ’• #ricachefam #familytime #littleones #littlebros (at Kc’s Pad!)


Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am most definitely thankful for everyone in these photos. πŸ˜πŸ’• #thanksgiving #ricachefam #kcfx14 #kcxerictastic #familytime

Aside from @_erictastic surprising us the other day, so did these two little ones! Thanks for giving all of us a heart attack! We missed ya’ll. 3 surprises in one night πŸ˜πŸ’• #littleones #littlebros #ricachefam