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Costa Rican Archaeological Bowl

by Deb Harding

In the process of photographing all the archaeological pottery in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s collection, this bowl caught my eye. It was purchased as part of a huge collection from an estate owner in the Central Valley of Costa Rica around 1903 while Carnegie Museum curator Carl V. Hartman was doing the first scientific archaeological excavations in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about the particular site or time period. This is the best example from a whole series of bowls that look like the pigs from Angry Birds™.  

Deb Harding is a collection manager in Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s Section of Anthropology. She frequently blogs and shares pieces of the museum’s hidden anthropology collection, which is home to over 100,000 ethnological and historical specimens and 1.5 million archaeological artifacts.


Hi everyone, @vstolbunovhere again. Today I am sharing some of my astro timelapse work here on @universetoday!

This second one is from Ojochal, Costa Rica. I shot this among the palm trees, facing directly up. The three different rates of motion (stars, clouds, trees) are my favorite part of this timelapse. To avoid the typical quick-moving astro timelapse, I shot this at faster shutter but higher ISO.


Waterfall in the Costa Rican rainforest