ric stump

Mustard Coffee?? O-O

Hmm. But I don’t want to imagine Fritz insulting Prussia’s flute-playing. ;^; Knowing how Prussia lives to be praised, I think it would hurt his feelings to hear Fritz didn’t enjoy his ‘awesome flute concert’. ;)

I tell you what we should absolutely NOT imagine tho:

Prussia and Fritz, face-to-face at the party. And Fritz says, “I heard you were playing the flute again the other day, Prussia…I’m glad.”

And Prussia just nods, and stays quiet, because he doesn’t want to cry in front of everyone, but…

Fritz leans in close, and says, “So are you ready to come home with me yet?”

And Prussia shakes his head no; sniffling, he says, “Not yet.”

(I swear to God. If Fritz is there to take Prussia back to Heaven with him, we’re all doomed. u-u Ah! But maybe they’ll just play their flutes together, and everyone will clap and cheer, and Prussia will feel so proud of himself again! ^-^)