ric o' barry

I attended the talk “Save the Dolphins” today. I have been waiting for this talk for so long and I was so excited. I freakin’ saw Ric O’ Barry today! Can you believe it? Ric O’ Barry came to the Philippines! He came to our university! I couldn’t hide my wide smile when he entered the auditorium. Standing ovation!

For those of you who don’t know him, Mr. O’ Barry is an Anti-Dolphin Slaughter/Captivity activist known for the television series “Flipper” and the documentary “The Cove”. I mean, I was two meters away from the person behind the film that received the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2010. Just google it to know more. This was so special to me because this documentary made me aware of what was happening to dolphins (that I love) in Taiji, Japan. I watched the film some time ago and I watched it again today, formally this time. I wanted to ask a question during the open forum but you know me, too shy. I was happy enough to get to see him in real life and listen to him answer other people’s questions. I wanted a picture with him after everything, but there were too many people and I needed to go to a friend’s house so I left afterwards. Anyway, I shall not forget this day. I will not be able to forget this day <3