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Shawn's Omaha Q&A Breakdown
  • Shawn said he has about 500 unreleased songs in his voice memo. Some of them only have 30 seconds
  • "Who's your favorite member from One Direction?
  • -Niall, I love Niall"
  • Shawn said he saw the tweets from yesterday, and almost responded to two of them before he realized the fans were messing with him
  • Shawn said in the future he would be down to do more collabs with fans! (like the LG contest)
  • "I know you love Harry Potter, so witch character you relate more?
  • -I would like to be as cool as Harry, but I'm more like Ron"
  • Apparently a fan asked Shawn if he could be her sugar daddy
  • Fan : "What's the weirdest or funniest way you have ever been injured?"
  • Shawn : "I broke my wrist on an elliptical"
  • F: "On Teen Wolf they have anchors - people who keep them calm, sane and happy. Do you have your own?"
  • S: "Totally, lots and lots of them"
  • "what's your top 2 meats?" "i hope vegetarians and vegans don't hate me after saying this - just regular old burger meat, ribs are great"
  • “i was just overwhelmed with my career & i wanted to put it into the shoes of the character & not my shoes” Shawn about the inspo of ALTM
  • "90% of artist out there right now are a 100% in control of their career" Shawn talking about his label, Social Media and the music industry
  • "I have no idea what I'll be doing in 10 years, hopefully I'm back here playing a stadium"
  • "Probably go live in Jay-Z and Beyonce's house and like get a lion" - Shawn on what he'd do if he was the last person on earth

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Chef Mick meets finicky customer Len

1. Mick Rory ain’t a chef. He runs a diner. A nice, cozy place with a menu ranging from the all-day breakfast special to Mama Rory’s Special Ribs.

2. Len never does seem to find a diner or pub or takeaway joint or even a fancy restaurant that serves something that he really likes. All the food tastes bland.

3. He’s always hungry. Not starving or anything, just - hungry. Just a bit,

4. Mick’s ribs are delicious. Len orders extras. Twice. And goes home that night, for once actually sated.

5. He pretty much becomes a regular. He manages not to stop by every night and he tries not to form any specific patterns - that’s dangerous in his line of work - but he stops by for those ribs regularly. And the burgers. And the Mama Rory’s homemade sausages with secret family ingredients.

6. Of course, the fact that the owner and cook looks as tasty as his food also has something to say.

7. Len sucks at flirting - all puns and awkwardness. Mick just rolls his eyes at him.

8. But Mick has definitely noted his regular customer. They chat, sometimes. One day, Mick even invites Len to come with him back into the walk-in freezer, claiming he could use some help and would Lenny mind?

9. As Mick unlocks the triple locked freezer door Len has a brief flashback to that time as a teenager, when his Dad handed him over to some Family men as a hostage for Lewis’ good behaviour on a job, and apparently not having any better idea what to do with him, they stuck him in the walk-in freezer of the fancy restaurant that was their headquarter.

10. It was dark (why leave lights on for the Snart brat?) and cold, and Len was hungry. He fumbled around in the dark for a bit until finding what he guessed was a ham, then used his pocketknife to slice off a bit. Then he settled down to wait.

11. He’s pretty sure they forgot about him - unless they just left the Snart brat in the freezer all night on purpose. He can’t quite remember - just like he can’t quite remember what happened when somebody finally opened that door.

12. Mick gets the door open, flips a light switch and gestures for Len to step in first.

13. Then he lets the door fall shut behind him. Len hardly notice. This freezer is lit - and there’s most of a human body (sans head and skin and one of the legs and bits of the torso) dangling from a meat hook.

14. When Mick returns about half an hour later (that should be enough for the cold (he turned the temperature further down after locking the freezer back up) to have weakened the obviously-a-cop Lenny who is clearly on to him) with a large, sharp knife.

15. He didn’t expect to find Lenny seemingly unaffected by the cold, blood smeared around his mouth and one arm buried in the chest cavity of the corpse, trying to tug some more ribs free.

16. He really didn’t expect the impressive rack of antlers scraping against the ceiling of his small walk-in freezer.

17. The knife clatters as it falls out of a Mick’s hand when a pair of glowing eyes turn to watch him.

18. Except - except the wendigo named Len looks - sheepish?

19. “Sorry. Though - you did say I could pick just the cut I wanted and you’d cook it for me, but I got a bit impatient.”

20. “Yeah, about that - listen, Lenny, why don’t you come out and I’ll cook you a nice burger? I think we need to have a chat.”

21. Turns out Mick’s a serial killer who gets rid of his evidence Fried Green Tomatoes-style.

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What does Lexa eat on a cheat day?

Clarke’s P*ssy!!!! Jk this hoe eats everything. Like…the most calorically dense, useless food. Pizzas, burgers, ribs, pie, pastries, ice cream, fuckn deep fried Oreos… whatever works. It makes Clarke wet tbh

Ever feel like you’ve forgotten to do something? 

I had that feeling all day today and yesterday. Checked my calendars, nope. Everything is on target. Then it hit me. Guinness! I forgot my weekly Guinness. This one’s from a can, but I am grilling up a couple of short rib burgers and not moving beyond the friendly confines. Five summits to the top of Mt. Sheldon this morning and I’m home for the day. 

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Oh but pig ribs taste sooooo good. And there's something so ultimately satisfying as ripping meat from a bone w/ your teeth


you can tell that

to their faces

look into their eyes that are crying out for help

you can slit their throats

and feel their warm blood on your hands

hear their screams

see them still being conscious when on the way to get cut up into pieces

you can be the one to abuse them, hit them, kick them

really when you think of eating these beautiful beings’ bodies, flesh and bone

you’re eating someone who was abused, tortured, raped, oppressed, exploited and murdered

@blonde-lion replied to your post: i could see him and a vegan working it out
He literally wore a shirt that said Hardcore Carnivore………………. of course he’ll work out with someone who nearly gets a heartattack when you kill a spider-

Plus his love of burgers, ribs, and sushi would probably put a damper on things…

Where’d You Go - Derek Luh

Pairing: Derek Luh x Reader

Warnings: None 

Request: Hi I love your imagines btw! Could you do a Derek luh imagine based off the song ‘where’d you go’ by Fort minor if it’s not to much to ask. Thanks!

Song Here: Where’d You Go

Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.

My boyfriend, Derek, has been on and off of tours for months now. While, even though he visits and we spend his time off together, he spends more time on tour than with his family and I. His parents miss him, his sister misses him, the boys who don’t see him as much miss him. But, and not to be selfish, I feel like I miss him the most and always will. The months that he goes on tour feel like eternities, a feeling that I’ll never get used to as long as I’m with him. 

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Pats off flames* Glompto for the send me a ship pretttty please~

Anything for the bae! >w< Look, how precious these babies are! It’s pretty high up in rankings of XV ships for me and I want to see more of them.

Originally posted by strifegirl17

Promptio or Glompto

Send Me A Ship And I’ll Tell You Who…

  • Drinks all of the coffee

Prompto tries to drink more than one cup, but when he’s wired on large doses of caffeine, he’s a little more unhinged and quirky as ever. But he really does love the taste, he’s always up for the seasonal pumpkin spice/peppermint/creme brulee/gingerbread flavors at the coffee shops. Gladiolus doesn’t want Prompto to be bouncing off the walls so he steals the cup out of the younger man’s hands, drinks that before drinking the entire pot, griping the entire time that it tastes disgusting, being that he and Ignis are the only ones who take their coffee black.

  • Brings up adopting a pet

Prompto. Don’t ever let that boy go into an animal shelter by himself for “I just wanna have a look” because he would seriously bring home one or two or three new friends. Now whether that was his intention or not doesn’t matter, he’s compelled and swayed easily by animals that he has to adopt, even the ones that wouldn’t be considered pets in the first place. Gladiolus confronts him on this conversation and tells him that we already have a pet: Iris and she doesn’t like to be neglected. Iris makes a face, declaring that she’s moving out so she doesn’t have to run into those two making out all the time.

  • Kills the bugs

Gladiolus. Bugs reduces Prompto to a sobbing mess and Gladio asks what he’s been feeding them that’s making them so damn hard to kill. When Gladio squishes it though, Prompto goes, “My hero!” and throws his arms over him like something out of cheesy romantic novel.

  • Cooks the meals

Usually Gladiolus does this. He proudly brags his pancakes are out of this world. And he’s not bad at barbecuing vegetables and meats. Best ribs and burgers when you get this man behind his Coleman grill. The secret to great barbecue is all in the brand of your grill. Prompto’s not much of a cook, but he gets a huge pot of instant noodles set up that he and Gladio eat straight from the pot and they fight over who gets to drink the soup. They excel at having pizzerias and restaurants that do take-out on speed dial.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

Gladiolus. He gets into the whole spirit of the holidays at least a couple months before because that’s how he gets the best deals off gifts and equipment. Naturally, it’s Amicitia tradition and since Prompto is considered one of them, the blond is always roped into them. Many times Prompto found himself tangled in Christmas lights that both Amicitia siblings have to stop what they’re doing to help and Gladio has a trick but Iris argues that it’s wrong so the holiday fights are frequent.

  • Initiates the couple selfies

Prompto. Most of the time, Gladio is more than happy to oblige and poses like a pornstar or exotic dancer with flexing his arms behind his head or suggesting that he could strip off everything, even when Prompto says he just wants an innocent, casual picture… He accuses the Shield of always looking for an excuse to go naked, but the blond thinks he found his muse in photography, Gladio’s a cooperative model. They take couple selfies on Prompto’s phone or camera when they’re out. Selfies when Gladio is asleep, selfies when they’re stuffing their faces, selfies after sex, so many selfies…

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

Gladiolus is guilty of this more than Prompto is with his slip-ups. It gets awkward when Prompto dresses up (or “dressed down”) for the occasion and Gladiolus asks why was that, Prompto glares at him.

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Prompto. Gladio takes advantage of his cheat days seriously and has a ridiculous list of junk food that he doesn’t even finish by the time they go shopping again. So Prompto stares at the panty stocked full of junk food and doesn’t know what to do with them.

  • Nicknames the other

They both do this! ;D Prompto calls Gladiolus “big guy”, “Gladio”, “Gladdy” (coughDaddycoughcough), and “Behemoth”. Gladiolus calls Prompto “blondie”, “Prom”, and “babe”/“baby”. They’re very prone to dirty talk during sex. Some things I wouldn’t repeat aloud here, but it turns them on. Then after sex, they’re just the biggest dorks ever and ever so mushy and fluffy, and yes, lots of sex jokes.

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Paper, Angelhood, Adieu, Treasure

Paper - What is your favorite novel?
Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (the last great HP book imo).

Angelhood - What is one of your favorite memories?
Celebrating my 21st birthday with friends over a plate of ribs and burgers.

Adieu - Who do you dread saying goodbye to the most?
All of my friends and loved ones.

Treasure - What is your brightest characteristic?
My imagination, I guess.