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Chef Mick meets finicky customer Len

1. Mick Rory ain’t a chef. He runs a diner. A nice, cozy place with a menu ranging from the all-day breakfast special to Mama Rory’s Special Ribs.

2. Len never does seem to find a diner or pub or takeaway joint or even a fancy restaurant that serves something that he really likes. All the food tastes bland.

3. He’s always hungry. Not starving or anything, just - hungry. Just a bit,

4. Mick’s ribs are delicious. Len orders extras. Twice. And goes home that night, for once actually sated.

5. He pretty much becomes a regular. He manages not to stop by every night and he tries not to form any specific patterns - that’s dangerous in his line of work - but he stops by for those ribs regularly. And the burgers. And the Mama Rory’s homemade sausages with secret family ingredients.

6. Of course, the fact that the owner and cook looks as tasty as his food also has something to say.

7. Len sucks at flirting - all puns and awkwardness. Mick just rolls his eyes at him.

8. But Mick has definitely noted his regular customer. They chat, sometimes. One day, Mick even invites Len to come with him back into the walk-in freezer, claiming he could use some help and would Lenny mind?

9. As Mick unlocks the triple locked freezer door Len has a brief flashback to that time as a teenager, when his Dad handed him over to some Family men as a hostage for Lewis’ good behaviour on a job, and apparently not having any better idea what to do with him, they stuck him in the walk-in freezer of the fancy restaurant that was their headquarter.

10. It was dark (why leave lights on for the Snart brat?) and cold, and Len was hungry. He fumbled around in the dark for a bit until finding what he guessed was a ham, then used his pocketknife to slice off a bit. Then he settled down to wait.

11. He’s pretty sure they forgot about him - unless they just left the Snart brat in the freezer all night on purpose. He can’t quite remember - just like he can’t quite remember what happened when somebody finally opened that door.

12. Mick gets the door open, flips a light switch and gestures for Len to step in first.

13. Then he lets the door fall shut behind him. Len hardly notice. This freezer is lit - and there’s most of a human body (sans head and skin and one of the legs and bits of the torso) dangling from a meat hook.

14. When Mick returns about half an hour later (that should be enough for the cold (he turned the temperature further down after locking the freezer back up) to have weakened the obviously-a-cop Lenny who is clearly on to him) with a large, sharp knife.

15. He didn’t expect to find Lenny seemingly unaffected by the cold, blood smeared around his mouth and one arm buried in the chest cavity of the corpse, trying to tug some more ribs free.

16. He really didn’t expect the impressive rack of antlers scraping against the ceiling of his small walk-in freezer.

17. The knife clatters as it falls out of a Mick’s hand when a pair of glowing eyes turn to watch him.

18. Except - except the wendigo named Len looks - sheepish?

19. “Sorry. Though - you did say I could pick just the cut I wanted and you’d cook it for me, but I got a bit impatient.”

20. “Yeah, about that - listen, Lenny, why don’t you come out and I’ll cook you a nice burger? I think we need to have a chat.”

21. Turns out Mick’s a serial killer who gets rid of his evidence Fried Green Tomatoes-style.


God over Bacon? or Bacon over God? What’s more important to you?

Isaiah 65:2-5 - I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts; a people that provoketh me to anger continually to my face; that sacrificeth in gardens, and burneth incense upon altars of brick; which remain among the graves, and lodge in the monuments, which eat swine’s flesh, and broth of abominable things is in their vessels; which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day.

Carl’s Jr / Hardees Baby Back Rib Burger

Taste: 8, Balance: 5, Presentation: 5, Richness: 7

The Baby Back Rib burger, simply put, was better than expected. Although it isn’t much to look at, it is very meaty and really does contain rib meat. It does taste like something you could get at a BBQ pit in a strip mall. The sauce and the sweet bun really compliment each other and the onion straws add a hearty crunch to the burger. 

Recommendation - 1/2lb Baby Back Thickburger

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One Song: (nice Rent reference m8) um I’m Alive ~ Becca probably (yes I know it’s the closing song to Kuroshitsuji shut up)

Two Movies: Singin’ in the Rain and Matilda

Three Series: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Parks and Recreation 

Four People: My grandma, @scrollingonariver, @the-moon-and-stars-my-love, and the entire state of florida

Five Foods: Chocolate, Burgers, Pasta, Ribs, Mashed Potatoes 

Six People: If you’re reading this feel free to do this! I am not a fan of tagging people but if you do it say I tagged you so I can see <3

Where’d You Go - Derek Luh

Pairing: Derek Luh x Reader

Warnings: None 

Request: Hi I love your imagines btw! Could you do a Derek luh imagine based off the song ‘where’d you go’ by Fort minor if it’s not to much to ask. Thanks!

Song Here: Where’d You Go

Where’d you go?
I miss you so,
Seems like it’s been forever,
That you’ve been gone.

My boyfriend, Derek, has been on and off of tours for months now. While, even though he visits and we spend his time off together, he spends more time on tour than with his family and I. His parents miss him, his sister misses him, the boys who don’t see him as much miss him. But, and not to be selfish, I feel like I miss him the most and always will. The months that he goes on tour feel like eternities, a feeling that I’ll never get used to as long as I’m with him. 

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At least in my state we have great watermelons and huge juicy strawberries. Also yeah good peaches and nectarines. But yeah ribs and burgers are also excellent from small joints. You gonna get faaaat

So I’ve been told a lot! There’s at least two small BBQ places within 5 or 10 minutes of my place - I still need to check them out at some point!

So she says the night before she makes pulled pork for herself x3

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Pats off flames* Glompto for the send me a ship pretttty please~

Anything for the bae! >w< Look, how precious these babies are! It’s pretty high up in rankings of XV ships for me and I want to see more of them.

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Promptio or Glompto

Send Me A Ship And I’ll Tell You Who…

  • Drinks all of the coffee

Prompto tries to drink more than one cup, but when he’s wired on large doses of caffeine, he’s a little more unhinged and quirky as ever. But he really does love the taste, he’s always up for the seasonal pumpkin spice/peppermint/creme brulee/gingerbread flavors at the coffee shops. Gladiolus doesn’t want Prompto to be bouncing off the walls so he steals the cup out of the younger man’s hands, drinks that before drinking the entire pot, griping the entire time that it tastes disgusting, being that he and Ignis are the only ones who take their coffee black.

  • Brings up adopting a pet

Prompto. Don’t ever let that boy go into an animal shelter by himself for “I just wanna have a look” because he would seriously bring home one or two or three new friends. Now whether that was his intention or not doesn’t matter, he’s compelled and swayed easily by animals that he has to adopt, even the ones that wouldn’t be considered pets in the first place. Gladiolus confronts him on this conversation and tells him that we already have a pet: Iris and she doesn’t like to be neglected. Iris makes a face, declaring that she’s moving out so she doesn’t have to run into those two making out all the time.

  • Kills the bugs

Gladiolus. Bugs reduces Prompto to a sobbing mess and Gladio asks what he’s been feeding them that’s making them so damn hard to kill. When Gladio squishes it though, Prompto goes, “My hero!” and throws his arms over him like something out of cheesy romantic novel.

  • Cooks the meals

Usually Gladiolus does this. He proudly brags his pancakes are out of this world. And he’s not bad at barbecuing vegetables and meats. Best ribs and burgers when you get this man behind his Coleman grill. The secret to great barbecue is all in the brand of your grill. Prompto’s not much of a cook, but he gets a huge pot of instant noodles set up that he and Gladio eat straight from the pot and they fight over who gets to drink the soup. They excel at having pizzerias and restaurants that do take-out on speed dial.

  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should

Gladiolus. He gets into the whole spirit of the holidays at least a couple months before because that’s how he gets the best deals off gifts and equipment. Naturally, it’s Amicitia tradition and since Prompto is considered one of them, the blond is always roped into them. Many times Prompto found himself tangled in Christmas lights that both Amicitia siblings have to stop what they’re doing to help and Gladio has a trick but Iris argues that it’s wrong so the holiday fights are frequent.

  • Initiates the couple selfies

Prompto. Most of the time, Gladio is more than happy to oblige and poses like a pornstar or exotic dancer with flexing his arms behind his head or suggesting that he could strip off everything, even when Prompto says he just wants an innocent, casual picture… He accuses the Shield of always looking for an excuse to go naked, but the blond thinks he found his muse in photography, Gladio’s a cooperative model. They take couple selfies on Prompto’s phone or camera when they’re out. Selfies when Gladio is asleep, selfies when they’re stuffing their faces, selfies after sex, so many selfies…

  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries

Gladiolus is guilty of this more than Prompto is with his slip-ups. It gets awkward when Prompto dresses up (or “dressed down”) for the occasion and Gladiolus asks why was that, Prompto glares at him.

  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping

Prompto. Gladio takes advantage of his cheat days seriously and has a ridiculous list of junk food that he doesn’t even finish by the time they go shopping again. So Prompto stares at the panty stocked full of junk food and doesn’t know what to do with them.

  • Nicknames the other

They both do this! ;D Prompto calls Gladiolus “big guy”, “Gladio”, “Gladdy” (coughDaddycoughcough), and “Behemoth”. Gladiolus calls Prompto “blondie”, “Prom”, and “babe”/“baby”. They’re very prone to dirty talk during sex. Some things I wouldn’t repeat aloud here, but it turns them on. Then after sex, they’re just the biggest dorks ever and ever so mushy and fluffy, and yes, lots of sex jokes.

Figuring that he should actually tend to the grill instead of simply watching whatever was on the rack, as soon as another batch ribs, burgers and chicken was done and ready to be eaten, Kayden set all the items of food onto the tin pan where the rest of the food was sectioned off in their individual spots before placing yet another supply of uncooked, yet seasoned and marinated food onto the grill, shutting the lid down as he began to vibe to the music that was playing through the surrounding speakers. “What all y'all niggas up to?”

•Girl Next Door•

                                             Chapter One:

                                 ‘You know I wouldn’t ever dip out’’


 It was August; the closing of summer was just around the corner as the Georgia heat still stood strong. A gentle breeze began to flow in; a subtle nod that fall would be here shortly. The backyard was full of family and friends as the smell of charcoal filled the air, music and laughter accompanying it. Rick gently twirled around the contents in his cup, nervousness setting in as he rubbed his hand against his jaw line, the stubble of his beard felt course against his fingertips. It had been about three years since he had last seen her and about ten since she had left for school, her absence caused an indescribable void in his life, something he could never truly fill. Whether he wanted to admit it or not he was excited, he had been counting down this day since March…the day she finally was coming home.

Rick stood by the grill chatting with Uncle Ray and Cousin Charles, the men he had looked to as family over the years, along with the rest of her family had accepted him openly and without question many years ago. That acceptance and love from them was something that stayed with him all throughout his adult years.

Rick excused himself from the conversation, heading over to the refreshment table to refill his drink. After filling the cup he wandered anonymously towards the large spread of cookout foods; ribs, hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, potato salad and more. His eyes scanned over the dishes before he settled on a overstuffed deviled egg, popping the entire thing into his mouth, he licked the remnants off of his fingertips as he discretely bopped his head to the music coming from the speakers positioned behind the tables.

“Rick?” a melodious voice filled his ears from behind, the familiarity of it caused him to twist his head around in a quick motion, his eyes meeting hers. A smile spreading across his face as he slowly chewed and swallowed the remaining pieces of egg. He turned his body towards her, placing his hands on his hips as his eyes traveled the length of her, he took in her ebony skin that was on full display in an orange halter top maxi dress that hugged her curves sinfully, a side split showed off her toned legs as she wore her locs crimped in a high ponytail that cascaded down her shoulders, framing her face gorgeously as gold hoop earrings, bangles, rings and flat sandals adorned her skin and feet, completing the look. She was truly a sight to behold and after all of these years, Rick couldn’t help but relish in it.

“God Michonne…You look fantastic” he breathed out in his southern drawl as he continued to study her

The sound of his deep raspy vibrato caused a chill to run down her spine “You don’t look to bad yourself Reece…just a little thicker in the waist…” she poked at his side, a giggle escaped her as she watched him flinch away bashfully “but it looks good on you” she assured through a bright smile.

”How have you been?“ He asked softly as he stepped closer to her, filling the small distance between them

“I’ve been good…things have been good. I’m just so happy to finally be back home and done with school… It’s been a long time… too long” she chuckled out, “How about you…How have you been?”

“Good…thangs have been good. No complaints but today ain’t about me…it’s all about you Miss. Harvard graduate! I’m so happy to hear you’ve been doing well… I am so proud of you Michonne. This was your dream for so long and you made it happen” he smiled out as he showered her with admiration

“Oh stop it Reece” she blushed out as she nudged him playfully in the chest. “It’s not happening just yet…It won’t until I’m employed and can save up enough to open up my firm” she said in a more serious tone as she dropped her gaze

“Hey…Hey… it will happen and that’s all that matters” he countered encouragingly as her gaze met his

A pleasant silence fell among them, an occurrence that happened time and time again since they were younger. This silence was so much more then the absence of words, it was a reflection of how deep their connection was; it was the act of sharing a space and significance in solitude, without the constant dread or worry of saying the wrong thing. They simply vibed, something that had been evident since meeting on that park bench 18 years ago.

“CHONNE-MICHONNE!!! Mommy’s looking for you” a voice yelled from the house, abruptly interrupting that silence. Michonne winced as her eyes traveled towards the back door that her little brother Noah hung out of as he impatiently gestured for her to come in to see what their mother wanted. Michonne frowned slightly at the teenager’s rudeness before acknowledging the statement, “Okay” she said through clenched teeth, he quickly retreated knowing that look all too well. She turned her attention back towards Rick a gentle smile forming as their eyes met again.

“I’m going to go see what she wants…I’m sure she’s in her feelings because you’re the first person I came to see” she chuckled out, “I’ll be back over in a few okay? Don’t leave…promise?” she asked as she held her pinky out

Rick smiled at the cute gesture, his mind traveling back to the many times that same cuteness had him agreeing to her sometime lavish ideas, it usually ended up being something to get them or him in trouble.

“Yeahhh I promise” he drew out with a smile as he took her pinky into his

“Okay…it’s really good seeing you Rick” she gushed out before dropping her hand to her waist, flashing him with another gentle smile as she headed towards the house. Rick’s eyes followed her until she disappeared into the home; butterflies filled him as a content smile crept across his lips. He turned back towards the food table, piling a few deviled eggs on to a plate and heading to find Uncle Ray and Cousin Charles so they could finish their conversation from earlier.

A few hours had passed as the sun began to set; guest began to disperse into the home as the grills and music began to die down. Rick sat perched on the Robinson’s front stoop, his back resting against the top step as he rubbed his hands together anxiously. He glanced down at his watch, 6:30 he said to himself as he scanned the yard for her. As much as he wanted to stay and catch up it was getting late and he had to get Carl home at a decent hour, the two hour drive to and from Lori’s parents house was a massive inconvenience but it was one worth it, if he could spend as much time as possible with his son. So with that he looked across the yard once more before he began to stand up

“Taking off so soon? I thought you made me a promise that you would stay?” Michonne cheeked out as she playfully pouted from behind the screen door

“Hey now…I gave you my pinky promise. You know I’m a man of my word but after the first hour or so I did think you dipped out on me” he bantered back cheekily as he looked across his shoulder to her

Michonne chuckled as she opened the door and walked out of it, the screen door clanking loudly as it closed. She made her way to the stoop, piling the bottom of her dress into her hands as she sat down on the top step, her bright brown eyes took him in as a bashful smile crossed her lips before a relaxed sigh escaped her. Rick watched her before he took a seat next to her, his eyes meeting hers

“I really wasn’t trying to leave. I gotta pick Carl up from The Rouses tonight and the two hour drive coming and going is hell” he drew out  

“Oh I’m sorry. If I knew I wouldn’t have kidnapped you for so long” she smiled playfully. He nudged her playfully as he shook his head, a gentle smile on his face.

“How old is he now?“she questioned as she studied the length of him

“Five…he’ll be six in October"he gushed

"A Handful?"She questioned knowingly

"You know it. He gets into everything….that boy is too damn smart for his own good. He questions everything under the sun…at his age I was not that inquisitive…I was still learning my damn abc’s” he chuckled out, “he’s a rascal but he’s a good kid” he beamed as pride filled his tone

“Like his daddy” she teased before continuing, “hopefully I can meet him soon” she responded softly

“I’d like that…I’m sure Carl would too” he nodded fighting back a smile

Michonne nodded with a smile as she took him in, seeing him filled with so much love and pride as he talked about his son moved her deeply. She never thought in a million years that the short tempered, cursing, brawling, bow legged, curly haired boy with the southern twang she knew growing up would be someone’s father one day. That he would grow into the mature, handsome, sweet, good man that sat in front her today. A bittersweet feeling came across her, yes on one hand she was so damn happy to see her best friend again but on the other so many years had passed, so many events were missed that they both needed one another for, a small part of her was afraid that they could not get those years back, that too much time had passed. Michonne took a deep breath as she leaned forward, resting her elbows on her thighs. Her thoughts causing a little insecurity to set in, “You know I wouldn’t ever dip out on you…right?”

“I know….and you know I would never break a promise to you” he assured with a smile

“I know…plus you wouldn’t want to get one of these” she playfully shook a balled up fist at him.

They both erupted into laughter as he took her fist into his hand and brought it down across his lap. She stretched out her fingers, resting them from their balled form; Rick gently patted her palm before interlocking her fingers into his own, as he looked towards her with a content smile. Michonne’s eyes traveled from their interlocked fingers to meet his gaze, seeing the same love in his eyes that she saw so many years ago was a feeling of bliss. She soon felt bashful under his gaze; she turned away from him as warmth filled her cheeks.

“So you staying here or you found a place?” he questioned as he tightened the hand hold

“This is home….so I’ll probably stay here for a little while…it’ll be just like old times” she chuckled 

 "Yeah…except we won’t have to sneak out now” he gushed

“Tell my dad that” she joked

Rick chuckled softly as he down casted his eyes. Michonne winced as she tightened their hand hold to get his attention; he brought his eyes back up to her and was met with a gentle smile as she rubbed her thumb along the curve of his hand. He cleared his throat, in an attempt to fight back the sudden emotion he felt, “I’m proud of you Michonne. I always admired you and knew you would get outta here and do something…be someone. You have been my inspiration for so long” he gushed out

“Awww Reece….you know you have always been my biggest supporter. Thank you for that and everything” she countered as she bit her lip happily.

Rick nodded happily as he looked towards the street and then down towards his watch, 6:50pm. He sighed knowing he had to leave her soon. He ran his free hand along his face before looking back towards her.

“I better get a move on before it gets too late…catch up soon?”

“Of course…you know where to find me” she beamed as they both began to stand up and walk down the steps hand in hand. Once they reached the pavement, Rick pulled her into a tight embrace as he soothingly rubbed her back and she snugly wrapped both arms around his waist

“Call me to let me know you made it in alright” she replied in a stern yet lighthearted tone

“I was planning to do that anyway” he responded playfully as they stayed in their embrace for a little longer before he stepped back, gazing at her one more time before he trudged over to the white picket fence that surrounded the house. He popped the lock and closed it behind him as he walked next door to his own home, fishing the keys to his pickup truck out of the back pocket of his black jeans. He unlocked the door and hopped into it before cranking up the truck and closing the door behind him. He rolled down the window and looked towards Michonne, she waved at him happily as he waved back, their eyes meeting one another’s once more before he backed out of the driveway and headed south towards I-85, he looked at his side view mirror, catching sight of her. He didn’t take his eyes off of her until she was no longer in sight, a bright smile crossed his face as he thought about her, hopefulness filled him at the thought of being able to make up for all of the years lost.


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Do you have a favorite meal/dish

It does kinda depend on mood but going by what I order the most often it’d be thai, chicken with red curry and rice! Sushi is dope too though.. And Burgers.. And ribs.. And a nice steak.. And ramen.. And Caesar salad.. And pancakes.. And Kebab.. And grilled chicken.. TOO MUCH GOOD FOOD

What they'd order in a restaurant
  • Eren: Something that's common in a household would be his food of choice. Hearty soups, familiar main dishes, and other stuff would be the things he likes since he'd be a big fan of home-cooked meals. He would also be a fan of big servings that can keep him full for a long time.
  • Armin: I think he would have a rather sensitive palate so he'd get something a little expensive and pricier than the rest of the menu. Also, he would hate having something greasy/heavy served to him. He would want something clean tasting, so he'd go with a salad or something with "cool" ingredients (cucumber, cilantro, etc).
  • Reiner: It seems pretty obvious that he eats a lot, but he would like to keep it healthy. If he doesn't order grilled chicken with the skin off, he'd settle for a nicely cooked fish fillet. He would also be a good boy and have a light salad with it.
  • Bertholdt: He doesn't really know exactly what he likes, so he'd settle for whatever sounds good in the description or picture. Most of the time, it would be something that he's never tried before, and he may even end up not liking it.
  • Jean: He'd be the type who wouldn't steer away from food that he's familiar with or food that his mom used to make for him. It's pretty obvious that he'd like omelette rice, since he grew up with it. He would also be up for congee or other warm, easy-to-eat food.
  • Marco: His choice would be based on the weather and the occasion. If it were a rainy or snowy day, he would go for something a little spicy and very warm, like curry, spicy stew, etc. On hot days, he would treat himself to a nice bowl of cold noodles, or some cold meat with bread if the day was a little special.
  • Connie: It seems like he wouldn't really want to settle down and be idle for a long time, so he would want a grab and go kind of meal. I can see him settling for Chinese take out, or fast food whenever he gets the chance. He'd prefer to eat at home, or while walking if he feels like it.
  • Levi: He would settle on food that doesn't take too long to make because he's impatient, and won't take too long to eat as well. I think pasta would fall under this criteria of his since it boils quickly as much as it cools down quickly. The only problem he'd have with it is when the sauce splatters all around and gets him filthy.
  • Erwin: Food that has a lot of health benefits would be something he'll always get. Ginseng chicken soup, natto, or vegetable sides would be served to him when he asks the waiter to get his "usual". He believes that if he were to fill his stomach to the brim, he might as well get the good benefits of it.
  • Mikasa: I don't think she would be able to finish one whole order of something by herself, so she would opt for an order of appetizers that she can share with her friends. She would go for the fried ones, like calamari, fries, or cheese balls. Doing so would make her feel comfortable even if she doesn't wipe out the whole plate.
  • Annie: She wouldn't care for it too much since food is food, and it's just mixed in a different way. She'll only settle on her order once she hears what everyone else is getting, then pick out the tastiest sounding one.
  • Sasha: She wouldn't be the type who would eat out a lot, so going to a restaurant would be a treat for her. It's going to be a rare chance wherein she'd get to eat anything she wants. She'd get those really huge main meals that usually has the label "good for 2-3 people", like a steak, ribs, burger, etc.
  • Christa: Just to take a break from the usual chicken, pork, beef, and all, she'd go for something seafood or vegetable. Her favorite might be grilled fish with vegetables, or steamed fish that comes with vegetables as well.
  • Ymir: She'd looks like a pizza person so it's something that she'll always look for. She would try different kinds of flavors, but she'd end up with getting the same one every time. Along with that, she'd order a tall glass of soft drinks to push it all down.
  • Hanji: She would order the strangest items on the menu because she's really into trying something out of her comfort zone. Most of the time, she'd be frequent an Asian restaurant. Every visit would give her a chance to try a different dish, so she'll learn about what she likes and doesn't like.
  • Petra: She would have a little difficulty picking out what she'd like, so she would go with the dishes that fall under the "chef's recommendation". Once she gets to that, she'll then narrow it down based on what kind of meat or vegetable she feels like eating. Most of the time, it would be the dish that made the restaurant famous.

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Blanket Fort poll: what's everyone's favorite food? And how did Bucky and Steve take the change in bananas?

Thor:  Verily, there is no richer Midgardian delicacy than Pop Tarts!

Tony Stark:  Shawarma, specifically at that place we ate the first time we saved the world.  It’s awesome.  Also, I love the Thai food over at this little place Pepper and I discovered. 

Bucky:  Buddy, those ain’t no bananas I’ve ever seen. 

Steve:  It looks like fucking bananas, it’s the same fucking color and no, son, they’re still not fucking bananas.

Bucky:  Baby, the mouth on you.  Your mama would wash it out with soap.

Steve:  I miss real bananas, okay? But as for other food - good ol’ New York pizza.  And hotdogs. 

Bucky:  Dinuguan. ** koff ** And yeah, pizza and hotdogs for me, too. 

Natasha:  Coffee ice cream. 

Phil:  Vietnamese Pho. 

Clint:  There’s this Chinese place Nat and I found.  Best lo mein and spicy pork ribs ever. 

Sam:  Burgers.  There’s this little diner place at DC that’s like super top secret for me but it serves the best damn burgers I ever tasted. 

Bruce:  Samosas for me.

Darcy:  Spooky’s chocolate chunk cookies.

Jane:  Dark chocolate ice cream on Thor.  Um.  Wait.  I didn’t mean to say that last part out loud. 

Thor:  ** beams **


Author: Dee

Request: There wasn’t one, just a little idea I had. Dean x Reader.

Warnings, None :) It’s a bit short though.

Streetlights shone above you, lighting a golden path against the dark asphalt. You let your bare feet run across the rough ground, still slightly war from the setting sun. You held your shoes beneath your arm, the hem of you dress just barely kissing the pavement. Dean walked beside you, tie undone and hanging around his neck like a scarf, jacket unbuttoned and loose.

You smiled over at him. He looked much nicer like this you thought, carefree, easy going, happy. You moved your free hand closer to his, tangling your fingers together. The trees towered high on each side of you, casting fading shadows down your arms and torsos. You stared at one particularly tall pine, a grin spreading across your lips as you spotted the little dot of light hovering beside it.

“Dean, look,” You nudged him gently, pointing towards the little light.

“Hmm?” He turned to face where you were pointing. “What is it?”

“A firefly,” You mused, the wide smile never leaving your features as you thought back to all the ties you’d chased the little bugs as a kid, cupping them in your hands as you sat on top of your father’s shoulders.

“Huh. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen one before,” You stared at his words, dumbfounded.

“How?! Every kid-” You stopped, knowing why he would’ve never seen them as a child. You shook your head. “Never mind,” He nodded, seeming far away for moment as he stared at the little glowing dot. “Hey, does this mean I’ve taken your firefly virginity?” You blinked up at him, trying to keep a straight face.

“My firefly virginity?” He snorted. “You know, I guess so,” You laughed, tugging on his arm.

“C'mon then, we’ll make it special.”

The two of you walked to the edge of the road, watching as the one bug became two, then three, then four, the little insects lighting up the darkening sky like a second set of stars.

“They’re pretty,” He squeezed your hand, staring up at them.

“Yeah, they are. Here,” You untangled your hand from his, raising both of yours in to the air to cup one of the bugs between them. “They’re pretty cute too,” You held it out to show him, laughing as it tickled your arm.

“Did you do this a lot when you were little,” He asked, copy your movement from before to cup another of the bugs between his own hands. You nodded.

“All the time. Once it got dark outside we’d go on the back lawn. He used to hold me up so I could reach better. We’d catch tons of them, putting them in jars with little holes poked in the lids,” You smiled at the memory, watching the insect flicker as it flew from your hand. “They would fill up the sky like crazy, dozens of them flying around our heads,” Dean’s arms wrapped around you as he pulled you against his chest.

“I like hearing your stories,” He pressed his lips against yours, kissing you quickly. “I wish I could’ve met him,” You knew he meant your father and you nodded, letting your forehead rest against his.

“He would’ve loved you Dean,” You grasped his hand again, holding it at your side. “He used to have these awesome barbecues at our house. Always invited half the block. Ribs, burger, steaks, you name it he could cook it,” Dean smiled.

“Keep going,” He pulled back from you, swinging your hands gently as you continued down the road.

“He could never get the pie right,” Dean chuckled.

“The pie?”

“The pie. He really could’ve used you too. You make a killer pie,” You looked over to him, smiling.

“You know it,” He grinned back, pecking your lips. “Tell me more.”

“Okay,” You thought for a moment. “When it got really hot in the summer there was this little pond he’d always take me to. We’d swim for hours and catch frogs along the rocks…” Fire flies trailed after you as you continued your story, walking hand-in-hand with Dean.