ribs & burgers

watermelonfawdz  asked:

44, 52, 53, and 56 please!

44. age you get mistaken for

16 or 17 lol

52. something i’m talented at

id say im good at singing and dancing!

53. 5 things that make me happy

food, music, friends, sleep, and socks

56. favourite food(s)

smokey sharp cheddar cheese, steak, tri tip, burgers, bbq ribs, corn, bacon, and like most fruits haha

thanks for asking!!


It took me 4 months to lose 40 pounds (and counting!). All from changing the way I ate. I started at 194lbs and currently at 154lbs. I follow a high-fat, low-carb diet. I cut out grains and sugars, eat all organic, and include a lot of fats like butter and healthy oils in my diet. I no longer get hangry or have intense food cravings. Everything tastes more sweet and I can now taste the artificial ingredients in things.

All I knew about nutrition previously was counting calories. I never thought about the quality of food I ate. I realize now dieting can NOT be understood as a simple mathematical solution: If I eat “x” many calories, but burn “y” calories, then hopefully I’ll look hot as shit by summer! Dieting and starving does not need to be the same thing. While I now eat more veggies than most barnyard animals, I still regularly eat things like Caesar salads, chicken wings, ribs, burgers. I just find the healthy versions and sauces that my body can tolerate. I also have new versions of old favourites: cheesecake with an almond crust, crustless quiche, pizza with either a cauliflower or eggplant crust. I eat more of my favourite foods now than I did before. Just higher quality ingredients and I think about nutrition over calories.

All it took was a complete rethinking of food and how I ate. I didn’t realize once I cut out grains/sugars my body would change so much. My blood sugar would stabilize. I craved food less often, ate less often, and my meal portions for some reason shrank, yet I had more energy and focus. It was counter-intuitive to everything I knew about eating well.

Good morning, Farwell and all its citizens! In celebration of today’s game, I will be selling on the sidelines my specialty of ribs, steaks and burgers. It’s just a little taste test for my upcoming restaurant. Visit my stall and enjoy some good food like you’ve never had before! Also, I’ll be shirtless under my apron for those who are fans of my toned bod.

Eating with Junhoe
  • whenever junhoe ate with the boys, he was a sloppy mess
  • but when he was with you, he tried his best not to scarf down his food
  • you would laugh, seeing how hard it was for him
    • he was starving and just wanted to finish all his food in like 2.5 seconds
    • but for you, he would try his best to have some table manners
  • you weren’t a super cleanly eater, but you weren’t as crazy or wild with your food like he and the boys were
  • you just watch him as he eats
  • watching his jawline
  • it was kind of entertaining to you
  • he’d watch you too
    • he loved how delicate you were when you ate
  • but he secretly loved when you were a sloppy eater
    • like if you ever ate a burger or ribs, he’d be in heaven
  • he liked seeing that other side of you
    • where you weren’t afraid to get some sauce on your chin or heck even wipe your mouth on your sleeve
  • junhoe finished his food, and wiped his mouth with a napkin
  • *burp!*
  • he looked up at you in shock, he couldn’t believe you just burped
  • your cheeks turning red for a moment
    • but the both of you soon laughing hysterically at the manly noise that had left your lips
Going Into New Territory

Zach wasn’t sure who to hit first. He had three packed meals ready for them. His cranium had a lot of thoughts racing around, but one thing he was aching to do was at the forefront of his mind: tell them. Tyler of course already knew what might happen. Tyler wasn’t as educated though. So, the idea that Tyler had already told them, or the couple already knew wasn’t even in his head. Zach knew they were all close by, and slung open one of the three curtains. He forced a smile and held up his bags. “Hungry? I have a lot.” Mostly it was ribs and a couple burgers. As Zach remembered, he was starving days after his being bitten.