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Soooooo, how about some romantic hc on Kid, Nami and Ribin?

Gotcha ;)

romantic h/c

Eustass Kid

  • can someone please explain the meaning of “romance” to him?
  • seriously though, when it comes to being romantic Kid has no idea of what he’s supposed to do and opposed by the thought of doing something so idiotically
  • he’s more likely to show his affection by “intimate physical contact” means slapping your ass
  • he’s more of a flirt and by no means the romantic kind
  • Things you won’t hear: “You look beautiful today.” “What a lovely lady you are.”
  • Things you’re more likely to hear: “Damn. Your ass is as hot as always.“
  • No cute nicknames like “my love” or “my prince/princess”, instead you’ll hear stuff like „my hot babe“
  • if you ever were to start something romantic he’d probably be irritated by it or think that you’re just seeking ‘physical intimacy’ (IYKWIM)
  • he loves showing you off to others but on the other hand hates it when someone stares at you ‘inappropriately’
  • he’s quite the possessive type and gets jealous rather fast
  • wherever you go with him he’ll probably always end up beating up someone who looked at you in a way he thinks of as ‘unsuitable’


  • she seriously LOVES teasing you or embarrassing you
  • she also likes it when you tease back
  • she isn’t really interested in extremely romantic stuff, and being in a relationship with her isn’t „lovey dovey“ either
  • she likes to be in control, so whatever you suggest to do needs to be approved of by her first
  • she enjoys spending intimate moments together, and they don’t necessarily have to lead into ‘sexay timehz’
  • taking a bath together is something she really enjoys. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be sexual, but physical intimacy is something she highly values in general
  • random hugging and cuddling are things you can expect from here
  • she also isn’t afraid of showing affection in public and in fact enjoys seeing the embarrassed/irritated faces of those who walk by/watch you two
  • other than that she also wouldn’t get bored with talking to you for a long period of time. On occasions, you might even end up talking/gossiping the entire night
  • prepare for long shopping sprees were you probably won’t buy anything (or much) in the end
  • she loves receiving gifts every once in a while but ironically doesn’t want you to waste too much of your money for ‘trivial things’
  • mainly because she doesn’t want to give you the feeling that she’s just using you


  • much like Nami she’s also a fan of teasing/embarrassing you
  • she can be quite flirty at times too, but she’s not really as worse as Kid or Nami
  • she likes it when you try to impress her, it’s cute
  • and she loves it when you make her laugh
  • she will probably use her DF power on you in rather inappropriate moments and for very silly/goofy things, like suddenly tickling the hell out of you in a public place
  • I bet she also has a lot of cute/teasing nicknames for you in store
  • her ideal date would be going somewhere where it’s just the two of you in a quiet location, preferably somewhere where she might even gain some more knowledge as well; all while spending time with you
  • if you have the opportunity she would definitely love to go on a small adventure with you
  • she also likes receiving gifts, but she actually prefers those where she sees that you’ve been putting some thought in it or one you made yourself
  • when she gets new clothes she will always arrange a small fasion show just for you and ask if you like them
  • she also enjoys quite simple forms of intimacy, like for example lightly brushing your hair or vice versa

I hope you like it^^ (It’s one of my first times writing some general romantic headcanon so I hope I didn’t disappoint you >.<)