ribcage girl

Boys like him don’t come wrapped in pretty packages with bows and ribbons-
Boys like him come in sleepless eyes and bruised knuckles.

They see girls like you, with wide eyes and soft lips-
And crave for that vulnerability.
So they wear a smile that’s almost too bright and hold your hand almost too hard,
And they love.

They love you until your heart bleeds and your eyes sting, they love you until you’re too blinded by the daggar they’re twisting into your ribcage.

Girls like you though, they believe that they can kiss their knuckles until they’re healed. So they wait around for boys like him to grow up.

But boys like him don’t grow up, they drain-

and it works every time with girls like you.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #108

siena, yay new sim!! love her sm literally da bae 

/// cc

hair [w] below this post

eyebrow [w]

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blush [w]

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lipstick [w]

sweater [w] it’s the girl’s ribcage sweater

nails [w]

hope you all enjoy the cc from all these creators, and by the way my sim is by citygirlgamer she is an super cool youtuber and i love how she creates her sims // her channel [w] 

They say don’t fall in love with a girl whose tongue is like honey. Calypso, she’ll drag you to her island and never let you go. Fingers clasped, a grip so cold it burns.

They say don’t fall in love with a girl whose mouth is full of stars. When your lips brushes against hers, you taste ash. Ash and dust and celestial rock from the heavens; her kisses taste of death.

They say don’t fall in love with a girl who keeps fires in her hand. Hestia’s kissed her brow and gifted her flames that could set the entire Earth ablaze. She’s met Death and whispered in his ear, and now, even he fears her.

She’s not soft. The only home she’s known has been the hollow of her ribcage. She is a girl of war.

L.H.Z //  Don’t fall in love with a girl who is chaos incarnate