It’s her eyes. Her lips. Her nose. Her ears. Her hair. Her voice. The way she wakes up in the morning. How she looks at me when I tell her I love her. The way she looks at me when we sit in silence and admire each other. It’s the way she sits. The way she sleeps. The way she laughs at my dumb jokes. The way she looks at me when I buy her coffee. The way she stares into space lost in thought. It’s how I can tell her anything, and trust her. It’s what I have in common with her. It’s how she makes me feel. It’s how I feel at peace with myself around her. It’s her. I found, “her.”

Hey tumblr

I am gonna spam some arts of my twin OCs cause I was looking over their folder and I’m like sdhfkjsdhf I need to show them off.

I got so many wonderful pics of them from all the awesome artistss ; 3; ♥


I hate it when you design a character and then after a while you’re like.. wait this looks like a character I’ve seen before – from a super famous artist on dA or from some anime.. but you can’t tell. Then, you are wondering whether or not you should keep it cause someone might pop up and say “omg u copied that person’s oc” dslhfkdjsh