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My entry for Dralentine’s Day 2017:

It seems that Harry has managed to coerce his favorite Slytherin into sharing a muggle photo booth. Draco didn’t really mind (he never went against taking photographs) until he noticed that amongst them was a certain, third wheel…

“ Seriously, Potter? Must you bring that overgrown ribbon with us everywhere we go?”

“Let him be, Draco; he’s just a baby. And plus- he’s always saying how much he likes you.”

[Medium: ink and Prismacolor markers]

Dragon Age Inquisition Headcanons:
Nightwears - Companions & Advisors

(some parts can be considered nsfw-ish, I guess?)

: she sleeps with an old pair of cotton trousers and a linen shirt one or two sizes bigger than hers. Her nightwears have to be practical, allowing her to bolt out from her bedroll in case of need or sudden attack. However, one of her best - kept secrets is a silken nightgown, very short and with a very low neckline that she saw once in Orlais. The shop was full of delicate garments and she was tempted to buy one, but she thought they were unsuitable and too frivolous for a warrior. The next day, she found the silken nightgown in her closet with a witty note from Leliana.
Romanced: she uses that garment to seduce the Inquisitor once their intimate relationship started. She lets him look at her, barking that she’s getting cold and she’s surely ridiculous, but she wants his opinion. His enthusiastic reaction makes her wear that nightgown more often.

The Iron Bull: he sleeps naked both traveling or in Skyhold, point. He has no concern to have to jump out of the bed. He can face enemies fully undressed without flinching. To fight, he just needs his weapon, that always lays next to his bedroll. He makes sure to have an extra couple of blankets if he’s in a very cold place, and even if he shares a tent he’s not embarrassed to sleep without clothes, as long as the other person is fine with that.
Romanced: the Inquisitor always jokes about giving him a sleepwear, sooner or later, but Bull chuckles, knowing that they appreciate his lack of modesty. When the Inquisitor jokingly asks what type of sleepwear could tempt him, Bull blinks and describes something made with more leather and chains than actual cloth.

Blackwall: he sleeps shirtless, but with an old pair of soft trousers on, plus a couple of socks he uses just for bed. He would hardly admit that, but he’s very fond of those socks he bought a long time ago, Despite being washed regularly, they have been mend many times by him. Every once in a while, he swears to buy a new pair, but he can’t find anything as soft as they are - or with the same tone of mustard yellow. He doesn’t like sleeping naked since someone could walk where he’s resting.
Romanced: the Inquisitor finds actually amusing and a bit cute Blackwall’s affection towards an old pair of socks. She reassures him it’s a good thing he sleeps in that way since those fluffy things are perfect to warm up her cold feet.

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Valentine’s edition - Hope y’all received chocolates and roses from a special someone. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Y/N’s P.O.V

You were walking down the hallway to your locker after you dismissed your science class. You took a few books out as you prepared to head for the next class. You hurried and closed the locker’s door.

“Hey, Y/N.” Newt said happily, appeared from nowhere.

Newt was your closest friend, perhaps best friend, you would come up to him with your problems and you knew it he would help you and be there by your side. But there was a feeling you had been hiding for so long…waiting for a right time to tell the truth.

“Newt! You startled me.” You breathed in heavily.

“You know I always do.” Newt chuckled.

“Well, I gotta go now, I’m sorry! I’ll talk to you later!” You blushed and then rushed off.

“Wait but Y/N! I need to tell you something-” he looked at you with nervous eyes but you were too far ahead to hear it.

“-I’m in love with you.”

Newt’s P.O.V

Newt sat with Minho and Thomas for lunch and as always he would sneakily stare at you when you weren’t looking at his direction. 

“So did you tell Y/N yet?” Minho playfully nudged Newt, wiggling his eyebrows.

“No. I was about to until she ran away.” Newt sighed.

“Well then, I guess you’re not her type.” Minho let out a laugh.

“Minho!” Thomas punched him. “Ow!”

“It’s alright.” Newt stared at his plate.

“What can we do to help? I know Valentine’s is coming, we can do something with that.” Minho suggested.

“Remember, she’s leaving next year! You gotta do something about it. It’s now or never.” Thomas added.

“Wait…I have an idea! Oh no, it’s tomorrow, I better hurry! Thanks shanks.” Newt quickly stood up from his table and hurried off to somewhere.

“You’re welcome! Slinthead.” Minho smilled.

Y/N’s P.O.V

It was Valentine’s Day! All around your school’s campus was decorated with red heart balloons and pink ribbons hanging around everywhere. You name it they had it. You were passing by your locker and you noticed there were a bunch of hearts being stuck on the front door. You took a closer look and opened to door. Rose petals were everywhere, a big sign saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!”, heart balloons from the inside floating out and a pink card with a number 1. It amazed you for how much effort the person put for this. Right away, you noticed Newt had been missing the entire day. You started questioning yourself if he actually did this for you. You decided to pick up the card to see what it said. 

Dear Y/N, happy valentine’s day. You are the love of my life as soon as I met you. That time, I was too shy to confess but then you showed up and taught me to get out of my shell. I was more confident and because of you I know what love is. You have the most dazzling smile, beautiful eyes and cute impressions I always fall for. Not to mention you have the kindness in you that no one else has because you’re that unique. 

You must know that no one can let you down. I know that you’re leaving. It can be great to meet new friends but please always remember that I will always be there for you even when you feel lonely. 

Go to the library where we first met.

- Newt 

That was the most beautiful letter you’ve ever received.You squealed up and ran to the library. There, you saw Minho who was giving you a pink card with number 2.

Go to the canteen where you spilled your smoothie on your shirt and I gave you my hoodie to change.  

- Newt

It was like a fun little scavenger hunt. This made you giggle as you remembered you being clumsy and spilled everything. A teacher saw that  and started yelling at you. But then Newt stopped the teacher and said it was his fault instead. You quickly ran to the canteen and saw Thomas. He walked up to you, saying nothing, and gave you another same card but with a number 3. 

Go to the garden behind the school where I tripped and fell. I was bleeding hard and you gave me your handkerchief to cover up the scratch and blood. I still keep it. 

- Newt 

You held the cards to your chest. There, you found Newt, your heart started jumping. He turned around with the most beautiful bouquet of roses and a box of chocolate. He looked at you happily.

“Happy Valentines’s D-” Newt said but you interrupted him by running straight and hugged him.

He was shocked and looked down, seeing you burried your face on his chest. Newt brought you closer.

“After all these years you never told me,” you mumbled on his chest, “and I haven’t told you that…I love you.” Happy tears rolling down your cheek.

“You do? Will you be my Valentine?” Newt asked.

“Yes.” You replied, tip-toeing you kissed on his lips. He kissed you back, passionately.

Thomas and Minho finally caught up, they started cheering and applauding.

“Oh shut up, you.” You said with a laugh.

“I’ll see you again.” (part 22)

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Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader) Christmas Special!

Note: This is the 22nd part to this imagine so make sure you check out the others! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy! 

Sorry this took so long! I hope you guys like it!!!

Date published: March 24, 2017

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle

Year: December- 1926

Part: twenty two of ?



You woke softly to the light shining into the room. You slept on a pallet on the floor by the bed where Credence slept. You looked up at him, sleeping on his stomach, his arm hanging off the bed. His hand was sweetly wrapped around your arm. You smiled to yourself at his action. Even when he was sleeping he still wanted to be close to you.

A few minutes later he started to stir. He lifted his messy-haired head and yawned. He looked so completely adorable you couldn’t stand it. He realized where his hand was, but unlike before, he didn’t move it. He smiled down at you and rubbed his thumb gently on your arm. You reached over and unhooked his hand from your arm and put it into yours. You clasped both of your hands around his and held it up to your face.
He smiled down at you as you smiled up at him. “Merry Christmas.” He said, in his froggy morning voice. Your smile grew bigger. “Merry Christmas.”

You and him made your way down the stairs in your pajamas, following the amazing scent, coming from the kitchen.
“Good morning, you two!” Your mother greeted you. “Merry Christmas.” You smiled as she hugged you both. “I’m making eggs and bacon for breakfast!” She said excitedly.
The rest of your family came pouring into the kitchen. Jack put his arm around your shoulder, and pulled you in for a side hug. You laughed, putting your arm around him also. You and Jack were really close. When you were younger, you told each other everything and were almost always together. He was the one that visited you the most in New York. He still lived at home because he was the youngest and he was only 17. “Let’s open presents before breakfast!” He excitedly suggested. “No!” Your mother exclaimed. “We do that after breakfast!”
He laughed and jokingly squeezed your shoulder. “Alright, everything is ready.” She said. “Everyone go to the table!”
Everyone made their way to the dining room and sat around the table. You sat across from Credence this time, because everyone sat down too fast for you to get your seat next to him. You looked at him worriedly from across the table, but he didn’t seem nervous. You smiled at him, glad he felt more comfortable.

Breakfast was over and you all moved into the cozy living room. The fire warmed the space and the Christmas tree was beautiful. You all sat around, in your pajamas and bed heads. You sat next to Credence with your legs pulled up to your chest. You scooted closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder, he rested his head on yours.

Everyone opened their gifts and loved them. You got a new record from your mom. “Thank you so much!” You said, standing up to hug her. Your mother made Credence a scarf. He was shocked when she said that she had something for him. “Th-Thank you.” He said graciously. “You’re very welcome.” She smiled at the way he looked at the scarf in awe. It was a grey-ish blue color with tassels on the ends. You couldn’t stop smiling. All the people that you loved more than anything were all together. And Credence was right beside you and seemed happy. It was more than anything you could ask for.

You gave everyone the gifts you had gotten them. They all loved them. You felt bad not giving Credence anything because you had given him his gift last night. “It’s fine, really.” He beamed. You had apologized a million times. You couldn’t get over how happy he looked.

Wrapping paper, ribbons, and bags were everywhere. You took a ribbon and tied it around yours and Credence’s head. You laughed at how adorable he looked. His face was red from embarrassment, but you could tell he was enjoying himself.

After you had all cleaned up the mess, you sat around the living room.
Every year your family would go around and tell what they were thankful for. You told Credence if he didn’t feel comfortable doing it he didn’t have to. Then it got to you. “Well obviously I’m thankful for all of you.” You smiled, and paused for a second. You felt tears start to form in your eyes. “I’m thankful for Credence.” You placed your hand on his arm, beside you. “I’m so glad that we met and that I get the privilege of your company every day.” Everyone in the room disappeared, it was just Credence. He looked at you with so much love, you could feel it. “I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I feel at home when I’m with you.” You were starting to cry harder, then you realized that everyone was staring at you. You pulled yourself together and said, “Anyway, that’s what I’m thankful for.” Wiping the tears away. You felt uncomfortable with everyone looking at you. It was quiet for a few minutes then Jack went on to say what he was thankful for. While he spoke you felt Credence’s hand worm its way into yours, that rested in your lap. You squeezed it back and he gently grazed his thumb across the top of your hand. You laid your head on his shoulder and smiled contently, closing your eyes.

After things settled down and you had all done your Christmas things, you and Credence got ready for the day. You had suggested that you and him should go out and play in the snow. It took a little convincing, but he finally agreed. You both bundled up, Credence wearing his new scarf and you went out into the snowy weather.
You walked out into the yard, the snow crunching under your feet. “Let’s make a snow man!” You suggested. Credence had never made one before and he was a little ashamed of that. “I can show you!” You said, looking up at his cold face. His nose was red and his breathe froze in the chilly air. He looked completely adorable all bundled up.
You leaned forward, sticking your arms through his that were in his coat pocket. You hugged his bundled body so tight. “Come on!” You said excitedly, letting go of him.

You built a snowman in the front yard. It was a little clumsy-looking, but you loved it. You were both bending down, getting some snow together to make the head, when you gathered a snowball and threw it. It landed on his shoulder and his head shot up. You were laughing and his face broke into the most adorable smile. He quickly gathered a snowball and threw it at you. You tried to dodge it by hiding behind the snowman, but it hit you on your back. You both were laughing and through snowballs left and right. You and him ran across the yard, trying to not get hit, when you slipped on ice and fell on your back against the snowy ground. You were laughing and Credence came running behind you and fell too.
You laid there next to each other laughing your heads off. You looked at him beside you and stared at him laughing. Both of your laughing subsided as you looked at each other with sweet smiles. You turned on your side, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. “Come on. Let’s finish our snowman!” You stood up and took his hand, helping him off the ground.

The snowman was finished and you were both freezing cold, so you decided to go inside. You shook the snow off of your boots and coats and went into the warm house. Your mother had hot cocoa ready for you when you came in. “Thanks, mom.” You said. You both sat on the couch in front of the warm fire, cuddled up under a blanket. Credence sat really close to you, trying to get warm. You didn’t mind though. It was so sweet and cozy.
Once the cocoa was done you put the empty mugs on the coffee table. You cuddled closer to him, resting your head on his chest. “Your hands are freezing!” You said, taking them both in yours. You clasped your fingers around his hands, trying to get them warm. A while after playing in the snow, you went into the kitchen to help your mother cook dinner.

“Where’s Credence?” You asked your mother after helping her for a while. You hadn’t seen him in a while. “I’m not sure.” She answered. “Last I saw him, he was in the living room.”
You dried your hands on a towel and made your way to the living room, but he wasn’t there. Your heart skipped a beat. Whenever you didn’t know where he was, you got worried. You figured you probably shouldn’t be so nervous when you didn’t know where he was, but you couldn’t help it.
You searched the first floor, the dining room and den. Nothing, so you went upstairs. You opened your door and there he was. He was sitting on the neatly made bed, his back against the wall. “Hey.” You said quietly. He looked up. “Hi.” He said, a small smile forming on his face. You noticed that he had the gift you gave him for Christmas, a notebook and pencils. “Whatcha doing?” You said, sitting on the bed. He pulled the notebook up to his chest, hiding it from you. “Nothing.” He said, his eyes shifting around the room. “Can I see what you’re drawi-” “No.” He cut in. “It’s not done.” He said, his eyes finally meeting yours. You smiled. “Okay.” You stood up from the bed. “Are you good? Do you need anything?” You asked. He shook his head, no. “Alright. I’ll just be in the kitchen.” You told him. “Okay.”
You left the room, and pulled the door closed.

“Did you find him?” Your mother asked when you entered the kitchen. “Yeah, he’s in my room.” You smiled, thinking about how cute he was drawing. “What’s he doing?” She asked. “Drawing.” You couldn’t stop smiling.
“Family should be here soon.” Your mother informed you, a few minutes later. “Alright.” You were cutting up potatoes for the Christmas meal.
After you finished, you went back upstairs to Credence. “Hey.” You whispered, peaking your head through the door. He looked up from his notebook and smiled at you. “Some more of my family should be here soon.” You said, coming into the room. “Okay.” He said, shifting his position, nervously. You sat on the bed, in front of him and he closed the notebook. His eyes nervously glanced around the room. “You’re going to be fine, Credence.” You told him sweetly. He sighed, nodding his head. “Are you done with your picture?” You asked, trying to get his mind off of things. “No, not yet.”
“Okay.” You sat there a minute, then said, “Should we go?” He nodded, putting the notebook beside him, on the bed. You and him got up and stood around for a second. You leaned forward into a hug, hugging his neck. He wrapped his hands around your waist, hugging you even tighter.
You let go, looking down and grabbed his hand in yours. You clasped your fingers around it, leading him out of the room. You wanted him to know that you weren’t ashamed or embarrassed of him. You were excited to have him meet your family and become even more a part of your life.

On your way down the steps you could hear that some of your family was already here. Credence held your hand tighter, at the sound of everyone talking. You gently grazed your thumb over his hand, giving him comfort.
Everyone was gathered in the foyer, taking off their coats. It was loud with everyone laughing and talking and catching up. You felt Credence leaning into your shoulder. You took your other hand and placed it on his arm, squeezing it gently.
Everyone made their way into the living area and you both followed.

“Grandma!” You said, hugging her with one arm, your other still holding Credence’s hand as he stood behind you. “(Y/N), we’ve missed you around here!” She said, smiling at you. “Well, I’ve missed you.” You told her. She looked over at Credence curiously, he looked down. “Oh. Grandma, this is Credence.” You said, stepping back so he wasn’t behind you anymore. He looked up for just a second and gave a shy smile, then quickly looked back at the floor. “Hello.” She said, a little confused.

You had gone through and said hello and introduced Credence to all of your family. You could tell it was a lot for him to take in. You had two aunts and uncles, your grandparents, and quite a few cousins. He had gotten so used to it just being the two of you that being around a lot of people was overwhelming.

A while after, everyone was in the living room catching up. You and Credence sat on the same couch as before, but this time someone else was with you. Your little cousin, Alice who was 3 years old, sat on your lap. “(Y/N)!” She had yelled excitedly, as she ran to you. You smiled down at her as she hugged your legs, looking up at you lovingly.
Now the three of you sat on the couch. You looked through a book with her as she sat on your lap. Credence sat beside you, watching you as a turned through the pages. The way you smiled at Alice, and the way to talked to her gave him butterflies. He had never really seen you like this before. He had never seen you care for someone. Yes, you had definitely cared for him, but this was different. He was watching you care for someone else and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
“Hi.” Alice said shyly, to Credence. He lifted his hand and quietly said, “Hello.” You smiled at the interaction. “Will you read to me?” She asked, holding out the book to him. He nervously looked at you. “I’ll read to you, Alice.” You said. “No, him.” She insisted. You smiled, looking back to Credence. He nodded to you and took the book from her. She crawled into his lap and laid against him, holding the book in her lap. You couldn’t help but smile at the adorable sight.

“Are you good?” You said, standing up from the couch. He looked up from the book and nodded at you. “Okay, I’m going to go see if my mom needs any help.” You told him. “Okay.”

You walked into the kitchen, where your mom was. Your aunts and grandma were there too.
“Hey, (Y/N)!” One of your aunts said. “Hey!” You replied. “So, who is that boy with you?” She asked. “I told you. His name is Credence.”
“Yeah, but who is he?” Everyone was looking at you with so much angst, you felt uncomfortable. “He’s- he’s-”
“He’s (Y/N)’s friend.” Your mother cut in. “We all saw you holding hands.” Your other aunt said, playfully. “I just came in here to see if you guys needed any help.” You said. “I guess you don’t, so bye.” You started to walk out. “(Y/N), wait.” Your aunt said. You turned around, with a ‘what?’ expression on your face. “It’s a little strange, don’t you think?” She said. “What is?” You asked.
“There’s just a random boy here, and no one wants to explain him.” She stated. You looked at her with confusion. “I did explain him, he’s my friend.”
“But we’re all positive that it’s more than that.” Your other aunt added.
“Okay, fine.” You were a little angry at this point. “He’s lived with me since the beginning of December. He doesn’t have anyone else but me. And we-” You paused, thinking. “We love each other.” You said quietly. “Is that good enough for you? Is that what you wanted to hear?” Everyone was quiet and awkwardly stood around the room. You looked at everyone, as they stared at the ground. “And if anyone has anything bad to say about him, they will have to face me.” You said, a little harsher than you meant to. “Take the time to get to know someone before you judge them.” You said, then left the kitchen.

You walked into the living room and flopped down on the couch, next to Credence. You sighed and crossed your arms. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Yeah.” You told him. He kept looking at you, knowing you were lying. “It’s fine.” You said, trying to appear less angry. You scooted closer and laid your head on his shoulder, hooking your arm in his.
He continued to read the book to Alice. The sound of his voice reading the words made you smile to yourself. Seeing him engaged with someone other than you made you happy. He was making so much progress and you couldn’t be prouder.

Quite a while later your mother called everyone to the table. “Dinner is ready!” Everyone got up and walked to the dining room. The table was beautifully set with your nicest plates and decorations.
Everyone sat and began to eat. Credence was on your left and Jack on your right, your two favorite boys. “Jack, you should come and visit again.” You said, as everyone else was in a different conversation. “Yeah. Maybe this summer.” He said. “What do you think, Credence?” You turned to him. He nodded, smiling with a mouth full of food. You giggled and said, “Great! We’ll have to plan it.” You wanted your two favorite boys to get to know each other. You and Jack had always been so close. For so long it was just you and him, but now it was so different. You had Credence now and you wanted them to know each other.

After dinner all the boys went outside to play football, even though it had snowed the whole day. They bundled up and went out to play.
Your aunts, mother and grandma were gathered around the living room, chatting. You and Credence kind of drifted around, trying to figure out what to do. “This is usually what happens.” You told him. All of your cousins were boys, except for Alice. Rose, your older sister was the kind of sister that you weren’t very close to. She was always bossy and never really wanted to be around you. So this was usually what happened. You were stuck between playing football in the freezing cold, talking about boring stuff with the women, or being loner, like you usually were anyway. But now you had Credence to be a loner with. “I’m usually stuck by myself, but now I have you.” You said, playfully nudging his shoulder. He smiled at you, beside him. You two were in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. “We should make hot cocoa!” You suggested.

A while later everyone came in from outside. They all gathered around the fire to warm up. You and Credence walked to the living room and stopped in the doorway. “Anyone want hot cocoa? We’re going make some.” You asked everyone. They all turned to look at you, they all had a sneaky look on their faces. You looked at them curiously and said, “What?”
“Look up.” Jack laughed, pointing up.
You looked back at Credence, confused, then looked up. There was mistletoe hooked on the doorframe. Your stomach fell and you felt your face burn. Credence’s face was red too. You nervously eyed him, not know what to do. “Come on! It’s a tradition.” Your mother exclaimed. “Mom.” You said quietly, a little annoyed. You didn’t want to embarrass Credence and you also didn’t want to kiss him in front of your entire family. You put your hand on his upper arm and looked at him, asking if it was okay. He bit his lip, not looking you in the eye. He moved his hand to your neck, gently grazing his thumb on your cheek. “Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!” Jack started to chant. You looked at him with wide eyes, mouthing the word 'Stop’. Everyone else joined in. You leaned your head forward, laying your forehead on Credence’s chest, laughing at the awkward situation. Your face felt like it was going to burn off from the embarrassment. You were laughing and looked up at Credence, when he suddenly lunged forward, kissing you. You were caught so off guard, but kissed him back, placing your hand on his hand that held your face.
After you pulled away everyone clapped and cheered. You didn’t know it was possible, but you felt your face turn even redder.
“So, does anyone want cocoa?” You asked, your voice a little shaky.
“You know what? I’ll just make a lot.” Then you left the living room, feeling so embarrassed.

A few seconds later, Credence entered the kitchen. You were trying to keep busy by making the cocoa. “Credence, I’m so sorry. My family… they’re… a little crazy.” You said, looking out the kitchen window. You turned to him and smiled. “It’s fine.” He said quietly. Then the kettle began to whistle, so you took it off the stove and poured the water into the mugs.
“Thank you.” He said after you handed a mug to him. “You’re welcome.” You smiled.
Jack came into the kitchen. “Go away, Jack.” You said, jokingly. He laughed, pouring himself some cocoa. “What is wrong with you?” You asked, playfully hitting him. He just laughed, taking a sip of hot cocoa. He walked out, still chuckling. You looked back at Credence and laughed. He smiled back at you, admiring your adorable laugh.

Everyone had gone home and your imitate family had gone to bed. It was just you and Credence in the living room. You both sat on the couch. Your back was leaning against the arm of the couch, your legs resting in Credence’s lap. You were reading the book you were reading on the train, out loud to him. You were trying hard to focus on the words, but you could see out of the corner of your eye that he was looking at you. You didn’t want to look back at him and make him uncomfortable, so you tried to focus on the book.

You finished the chapter and put the book down. You scooted over, taking his arm and putting it around you. You laid your head on his shoulder and nuzzled in, enjoying his warmth. “Did you have a good Christmas?” You asked. “Yeah.” He smiled down at you. “I’m glad. I almost messed it up.” You trailed off. He took your hand in his and said, “Let’s just not tall about it.” You nuzzled in, smiling. “I love you, Credence.” You told him. “I love you too, (Y/N).”
“I don’t want to leave tomorrow.” You stated. “But I also can’t wait to be home.”
“I miss your apartment.” He said. “It’s your apartment too.” He smiled at this and hugged you tighter. “Well we should go to bed. We have to get up early tomorrow.” You said.

You got ready for bed and went into your old room. “Hey, did you ever finish your drawing?” You asked, sitting on your pallet on the floor. He picked up his notebook on the side table. He moved down to the floor and sat in front of you. He handed you the book and said, “Merry Christmas. It’s for you.” You looked up at him and smiled, taking the book from him. You opened it to reveal a drawing of the two of you. Your smiled grew and tears filled your eyes. It was the most beautiful drawing you had ever seen. “Credence, it’s amazing! You’re so talented.” He blushed at your complement. “Really.” You said, looking back up at him. “It’s beautiful.”
“Th-thank you.”
“And it’s for me?” He nodded. “I love it. Thank you.” You leaned forward,and hugged his neck.

You went to bed that night thinking about the great day you both had.
You were so happy Credence finally had a good Christmas.

To be continued….


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BABYz have never been here for Himchan. When Yongguk went on hiatus EVERYONE supported him. There were green ribbons everywhere. Himchan? Nah. For some reason we have to plead with fans to support him. Some are even blaming him! I wish these fake fans would just come out and say they don't care about OT6 and only their bias, and stop with this "love all members" rhetoric when they get called out. "Fans" don't want us pointing fingers because they have some fault in it for defending this nonsense

im so tired. this happens like every single time. im just confused.what did himchan do that he isnt treated with respect or given love from the fans :(

To Protect and Serve (Part 6)

Prompt: Imagine Bucky Barnes being hired as your personal body guard, but things don’t go as you or your family anticipates.

Word Count: 1373

Warnings: Language (possibly, probably not, but possibly), some violence, traumatic memories/events

Notes: Collab work with my BFFFFLLL Bee @amarvelouswritings This was an idea that hit us both and we just took off with it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved drafting this.

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After talking with your father, he finally gave me his blessing and we were to be wed a year later. It wasn’t easy. He was upset at first, obviously, but as a man, he respected the fact I came to him, man to man, to get his blessing. It also helped that when he asked you, you made it clear how you felt about me and he respected his youngest daughter’s wishes above all else.

In the meantime, I could still be your bodyguard. He thought since I would be around all the time anyway as your fiance or husband, no point to change things now.

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Since everyone is making their own PTA AU parents and teachers, and I don’t want there to be only bad moms…

I have my own PTA Mom. Her name is Alice, she’s only about 30 or so and has fraternal twin ten-year-old daughters, Rachel and Molly. She’s also a single mom and an actually autistic mom. A lot of the other PTA moms look down on her for that, and for being so young and not being married, but Alice isn’t there to please them, or even to make friends with them. She just wants to make sure her kids and everyone else’s kids don’t get screwed over and get the chance they deserve.

Alice is pretty shy and doesn’t speak up much unless she has to, or she has something to say that nobody else will. She gets really nervous when put on the spot and tends to tap her fingers on things as a stim. Linda’s constant throat-clearing drives her crazy, which causes her to do it even more, which causes Linda to clear her throat even more. It’s a vicious cycle. She also carried around bundles of ribbon with her everywhere and ties ribbons around her fingers to remind her of things. She’s also always willing to share her stash, should anybody need ribbon for any reason. During the holiday season she’s their go-to woman for present wrapping.

Her daughter Rachel is a Type 1 Diabetic and Molly is autistic like her mother, though she has yet to get a formal diagnosis. Alice has an open-door policy with her daughters, that any time of day or night they can come in and talk to her about anything. This is also issued to their friends, should they need it. She likes the Skelebros and enjoys Sans’ input during the meetings, especially his little battles with Linda, if only because she wishes she could be so brave.

okay so i wanna talk about 4x10 “Herald of a New Age” and why it was one of the single greatest episodes for Arthur Pendragon’s character development–only to make the rest of the episodes for him a complete disappointment . 

does everyone remember it? it was heavily elyan-based/knights-based, and he got possessed by the spirit of a murdered druid child, and it was terrifying. merlin and the knights stumbled on an old druid camp, where there were ribbons hung everywhere. nobody knew why. merlin and gaius find out they were in remembrance and to warn other people not to disturb the ground. 

merlin proceeded to get visions of children drowning in the well, and it came to light that a raid (aka. senseless murdering of innocent ppl) occurred there by knights of camelot, but way back in the day. they assumed it was uther.

except it wasn’t uther.

so why was the child murdered? who lead this whole thing?


let’s go over this a little bit: throughout this episode, arthur is closed-off. he’s snappy and he lashes out, and he doesn’t want anyone to confide in.

this is his guilt.

but here’s the BEST part and here’s where arthur’s character development is golden and real: he owns up to what happened in his past. i fucking applauded him. he knows the decision made was the shittest one. he was young and inexperienced and trying to prove himself to uther by leading uther’s knights to…chase out the druids? im not sure what ARTHUR thought they were going to do but the knights stopped listening to him. arthur couldn’t lead and got too scared so the men went wild and murdered women and children because uther’s knights are bloodthirsty and hardly decent people

and then, AND THEN, arthur faces the spirit of one of the murdered children 

he says, and i quote: “I can still hear the screams. I cannot right this wrong. Nothing I can ever do will change the horrors that happened that day. But I can promise that, now that I am king, I will do everything that I can to prevent anything like this ever happening again. From this day forth, the Druid people will be treated with the respect they deserve. I give you my word.”

let me translate: “this is all my fault because I WAS IN A POSITION OF POWER AND AUTHORITY AND I DID NOTHING TO AID THE PEOPLE WHO NEEDED ME. there are consequences for my actions and i will take them. if you will spare my life, i will use my privilege for where it’s needed.”

and then I cry so much because its a CHILD. it was an innocent child so ofc the child goes “I forgive you” and that was ARTHURS SECOND CHANCE




i wanted so much more for arthur’s potential because of this epi omg

Trip Down Memory Lane

Title: Trip Down Memory Lane

 Summary: Gabriel decides to take a trip down memory lane of his and your recent road trip.  So many good times, and the start of something new.  What memories are the most special to him?

 Warnings: Minor hint at adult themes.

 Tags: @agthoven


Gabriel couldn’t believe how much of a mess he made.  There were strips of paper, ribbon, photos everywhere, glue and sticky squares all over…seriously?  How did he get one in his hair?  Pens, markers, ink, stamps, and stickers were scattered all over the floor.  The ruble made an almost perfect circle around him, but you know what?  It was worth it.

 It had been a week since he brought you back to the bunker.  The two weeks before that he dragged you all over the country on your ‘vacation road trip’.  Gabe had insisted on taking you, claiming you desperately needed a break from hunting. He even had the Winchesters on board to get you to go, but to his surprise, you didn’t put up too much of a fight.

 But now that the trip was over, Gabriel had something else ready to surprise you.  A scrapbook of your adventures, handmade, no grace involved…except to take the pictures.  

 He flipped through his masterpiece, checking all the details, making sure everything was perfect.  Every few photos, he would stop to recall the memories.  The first one that caught his eye was him and you standing by the world’s biggest ball of yarn.  He had a mischievous smile while yours looked worried.  He added a title over it that read’ The Forbidden Prank’.  He chuckled as he remembered you stopping him from doing anything.  

 “You know what this big ball calls for?  A big cat!”  He raised his hand to snap, but you wrapped your hand around his, stopping him.


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Random Strain turns Scepter 4 into magical girls ?

Oh oh just imagine Munakata’s transformation sequence, the sparkles. Fushimi would be totally embarrassed about the magical girl thing but maybe this Strain is sneaky and figured that it would defeat Scepter 4 by sealing their powers so he has no choice. Like Fushimi, Munakata, Awashima and the alphabet squad all get hit and suddenly none of them can use their powers at all and their swords have all turned into magic rods. Munakata innocently makes a comment about how his rod appears to be the largest, Fushimi has no comment. No one quite knows what to do except Enomoto, whose intimate knowledge of magical girl anime has finally come in handy. The only problem is he’s not really sure what the proper transformation phrase is so they’re all stuck for the time being. Meanwhile the Strain’s causing all kinds of havoc in the city and finally Doumyoji’s like, ‘well, these are our swords so maybe the transformation phrase is just like drawing them? Like I throw this in the air and shout, Doumyoji, battou–!’ And that’s when suddenly the air around him shimmers and he gets his own transformation sequence (naked, of course, certain parts hidden by strategic floating bubbles). Next thing you know there’s Doumyoji standing there in what’s basically a pastel Scepter 4 uniform covered in lace and ribbons. His magic rod has turned into a cool-looking sword with a unicorn on the hilt and he thinks it’s awesome. Munakata’s glasses shine as he’s like very well then, everyone, battou! Cue each member of the alphabet squad getting their own transformation sequence in order, all with varying different colors and sparkly backgrounds. Awashima goes next and she gets an extra fancy one with hearts everywhere. Her outfit involves a miniskirt covered in blue ribbons that is nonetheless less revealing than her normal clothes. She feels a bit self conscious about it but Munakata praises her elegance and style. Then of course Munakata must do his transformation and there are so many sparkles everywhere. He probably gets a little crown with his too and maybe a cape. Sparkles pour off the cape with his every move, Munakata is so pleased at the way it swishes.

So the only one left standing there in normal clothes in Fushimi who is like no fucking way. Munakata just looks at him expectantly and finally Fushimi’s just like ‘fuck my life. Fushimi battou.’ Fushimi’s transformation sequence is of course the most magical girl of them all with the longest naked sequences and lingering closeups. Also unlike the rest of the alphabet squad, Fushimi ends up in a pink floofy skirt like something out of Cardcaptor Sakura. Munakata is charmed by Fushimi’s adorableness, Fushimi is the angriest magical girl ever. He does feel slightly better later on when they go chasing after the strain and it turns out that Fushimi’s ribbons can turn into knives (think Mami in Madoka Magica but with knives instead of guns). Once the Strain is dealt with Fushimi is ready to undo his transformation but Munakata notes that the power has not worn off yet and they should remain in costume just in case anything else comes up. Two hours later a random member of the filing department comes into the office to get some paperwork from Special Forces to find everyone sitting at their desks working while dressed in elaborate fancy outfits. Fushimi’s sitting in the corner grumbling to himself while absently turning a ribbon into a knife and back again.  

Princess Couture: Jupiter

Princess Jupiter’s dress is even more ornate than Venus’, and that’s saying something!

The most striking aspect of Jupiter’s gown is how incredibly feminine it is. Gauze, ribbons, and roses are everywhere, and the dress itself is rather revealing; none of the other princess gowns have a slit like that. Of course, all of this ties back into Mako’s personality. Of all of the Senshi, she struggled with her femininity the most; more than anything, she yearned to be as pretty and girly as the rest of her friends and classmates, but felt that she was too masculine and awkward to pull it off. Over the course of the series, she gradually grows into herself and becomes much more comfortable with exploring her femininity, and the end result is this gown. In addition, the ruffles of Jupiter’s dress somewhat resemble leaves, furthering her association with nature.

As for the color, green is the essence of nature. Green represents growth, abundance, and vitality. It’s a color that is associated with natural life and represents renewal, growth, health, spring, generosity, fertility, and vigor. It also has connotations with balance, endurance, hope, stability, and safety. All of these concepts tie back into Mako herself, both personality-wise (her generosity towards her friends and how she represents stability and safety to them, for example) and to her life (like the renewal of life she experienced after she became a Senshi).

As always, Naoko designed the perfect dress!

Critical Role Bang: I’ll Be Home for Winter’s Crest

Art by @mothband ~ Story by @rannadylin

SFW and very fluffy ~ 5,631 words ~ Pairing: Percy/Vex

Summary: Vox Machina reunites in Whitestone for their first Winter’s Crest after the fall of the Chroma Conclave. Snow shenanigans ensue, while Percival decides to do something about how badly he missed Vex while she was away.

Read it here or on AO3!

I’ll Be Home for Winter’s Crest

I. Vex’ahlia

Vex was first through the portal. Keyleth finished the incantation, opening the familiar window through the massive trunk of the oak tree they had selected, and then stepped back. Vex barely even registered the meaningful look her brother and the druid exchanged before they each glanced her way, waiting for her to go first. She was already halfway through the tree before she even paused to consider what it meant, that they would expect her to go first. To want to make this journey first.

But after all, she had the most invested in their destination, hadn’t she? It was home on the other side. For years – after Byroden was burned and Syngorn scorned – her only definition of home had been Vax himself, her mirror and safe harbor. But she had a house of her own now, newly rebuilt to her exacting specifications. And even if her manor’s cozy elegance were not enough to keep her from haring off on a whim to travel alongside her brother again, for old times’ sake…

She was first through the portal, and as she stepped out into the Sun Tree’s courtyard, already blanketed with a fine layer of snow this early in the season, her keen eyes were instantly scanning the scene around her for hair to match the snow and the glint of the northern sun on gold-rimmed glasses. He was there, of course: standing up already from his seat on a low wall at the edge of the courtyard, striding forward to meet the travelers with a grin slowly spreading at the sight of her and arms spreading to receive her.

And that was why, however widely Vex’ahlia might wander in this season of peace and respite, Whitestone had redefined itself as home. Fresh from the portal, tingling still with the slightest trace of its magic or of anticipation, she threw herself into Percy’s waiting arms before her traveling companions had even finished porting in behind her.

“Welcome home, dearest,” Percy breathed in her ear.

“I missed you,” she answered, squeezing him as if he were the one who had been away and she were loath to let him out of her orbit again.

“Serves you right,” he said, drawing back just enough to grin at her, forehead to forehead, “for staying away so long.”

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The Best Day Ever Part Two: Midday  (Pietro x Reader)

Part 1

Summary: Continuing the plot of the first part, you and Pietro and your siblings are on your way to somewhere and that somewhere ends up being the small town near Clint’s home because that’s the area you live in and there’s a fair going on and omg this is so fluffy just read it you’ll understand! 

Warnings: None. Just fluff :) 


You were driving down the road with Pietro in the passenger seat next to you. You both agreed that it was better for you to drive, considering Pietro didn’t have much experience and what experience he did have was on a different side of the road and that would make driving in America even more difficult for him. 

You heard a soft yawn behind you as you looked in the mirror and saw your siblings Y/S/N and Y/B/N cuddled in the backseat. Pietro looked at them and smiled. “You know, Y/S/N looks a lot like you Y/N.” Pietro compliments and you let out a small chuckle. 

“Yeah, I get that a lot.” You kept your eyes on the road and for the first time since you left that morning you asked Pietro “Where are we going?”

He shrugged and looked out the window. “I don’t know. Wherever you want I suppose Y/N.” He says as you two reach town. Your eyes widened in surprise at the difference in the town, There were ribbons everywhere, streamers and flags hanging from buildings and people hanging lights on trees. Small cafes setting up tables for free samples. You looked around in amazement by the decorations, almost forgetting the awful thing that happened that morning. 

“Why is this place so dressed up?” Pietro asked and you shrugged. Then you remembered the notice that you found on the pile of mail on your porch yesterday. 

“The town fair.” You said and Pietro turned to face you, looking confused about what you were talking about. “You don’t know what that is?” You asked and he shook his head.

“I don’t think we have those in Sokovia.” He says and you felt sorry for him. Your father had always been pretty tough on you. Especially after your mom died, but what he went through was catastrophic, and you felt so bad for him. “What are they?” He asks with a growing curiosity. 

“They are a special celebration that small towns have. Small stores give away discounts on things and set up fun booths and games for kids to play, and in a certain part of town there is a mini carnival set up with rides, and the occasional contests like best pie, and largest watermelon. It’s a really fun time.” You explain and Pietro looks excited. 

“Well it’s settled then.” Pietro says. 

“What’s settled?” You ask. 

“Y/N we are going to spend the day at the town fair.” He says and you laugh.

“That’s a nice thought Pietro but I don’t think we can.” You sigh.

“Why not?” He asks.

“Because I don’t have enough money with me.” You say, remembering the haste you were in to get out of your house and away from your father. You only had time to grab clothes for yourself and your siblings, and about twenty dollars in cash and you didn’t have a credit card yet because you had lost your old one and the new one still hadn’t come in the mail yet. But Pietro just smiled and pulled out a card. 

“I think this will cover it, no?” He asks cheekily.

You let out a short laugh of surprise. “Where did you get that?” You ask and then realize that’s Tony Stark’s card. “Did you steal his card from him?” You ask, suddenly realizing that they could be in danger of being arrested at any moment, so you look around for a place to park before you lose control of your truck and hit something. 

“No. It’s a gift from Mr. Stark.” He says and puts it back in his black and white arrow-striped sleeve jacket pocket. “He felt sorry for blowing up me and my sister’s apartment and killing our parents when we were younger, so he gave us both these cards that have about five hundred thousand dollars each on them.” He says nonchalantly and you brake harshly in the parking lot behind a clothing boutique that you hastily picked out. 

“Are you serious!” You exclaimed and your siblings started to wake up. “Why did he give you and Wanda so much money!” 

“He took a lot from us. He felt like it was the least he could do to help us get our lives back on track. Besides, you know how rich he is. He can afford to donate one million dollars, especially for something he feels very sorry about.” He says thoughtfully and you hug him. 

“Thanks Pietro, but we’re definitely not going to be spending all of that money on today, even if we tried it would be impossible.” You laugh and then look back at your siblings who were now wide awake as you pulled out of your embrace with Pietro. 

“Where are we Y/N?” Your little sister asks as she rubs her eyes. 

“Well Y/S/N, we’re going to spend the day at the town fair.” You say and she and her brother cheer and Pietro smiles at them.

You opened up your bag and got the kids changed out of their pajamas and into some regular clothes and then climbed into the truck and leaned  back as far as you could so Pietro couldn’t see you changing through the window. Even though he was very respectful and he looked away and watched the kids while you changed. You all walked down the street and walked by a cafe that served breakfast, and the seducing aroma of food soon found it’s way to you and your siblings nostrils.  

“I smell pancakes.” Your brother said. 

“I smell bacon.” Your sister said even more excitedly. Your stomach growled and Pietro chuckled and led you guys inside and got you breakfast. He watched outside the window as the shopkeepers set up booths and tables outside. But he seemed to be looking for something else too, or someone else. 

“Looking for someone?” You ask as you take a bite of your pancake and wipe syrup from your brother’s face.

“Yeah, Clint lives in this town right?” He asks and keeps looking behind you.

“Yeah, we knew each other as kids.” You say and remember the fun childhood memories you had with the young archer. He was five years older than you, and like an older brother to you. He always had been and always would be.

“Do you think he’ll come here today?” Pietro asks and chases a blueberry around his plate with a fork. 

“Probably, his kids love to spend time with him at the fair. Why do you ask?” You ask and give your little brother a stern look as he tries to steal a strip of bacon off his sister’s plate.

“I was thinking that when he comes, he could bring Wanda too? She might enjoy something like this.” He says and looks out the window and sees a baker set up some cupcakes on his table outside the window. Smiling at the thought of his sister having fun for once in her life. 

“That sounds fun! Why don’t you call him and ask?” You ask and he picks up his phone and calls Clint, telling him to bring Wanda over when he comes down here, and you are unaware of the extra surprise for you he and Clint planned for the end of the day.

After breakfast you walked down the sidewalk holding your little brother’s hand as Pietro put your sister up on his shoulders so she could see above the crowds of people that had started to form and you looked back at them, and smiled. He would be such a good father one day. And secretly you hoped that you would get to be the mother, but for right now that was only a dream, that you both shared, but kept it a secret from one another. “Isn’t that Clint?” Your little sister asks from Pietro’s shoulders, pointing in Clint’s direction and pressing down on Pietro’s head with her other small but strong hand.

“Ouch, my malo opico (little monkey).” He replies. “Yes I do believe that is our archer.”

You look in the direction your sister was pointing and waved to Clint and he saw you guys and waved, then you got happier when you saw he brought Wanda. But then your stomach dropped when you saw he not only brought Wanda, but the whole team. Including Nick Fury, Maria Hill and even Pepper Potts. 

“Hey Pietro!” Clint greets as he comes to greet Pietro after getting through the crowd. “I almost didn’t recognize you with Y/S/N on your head there. You looked like a young new dad. Is there something you and Y/N aren’t telling us?” He jokes but it caused a blush to creep onto his cheeks. And onto yours as well. You both laugh it off like it was a joke. to avoid any further awkwardness.

He came over to greet you and the entire team, in proper cognito attire, thankfully, also came over to see you two as well. Wanda looked very excited. 

“I’ve never been to one of these… how do you say, town fairs?” She asks. “Are they fun?” She asks and Pietro explains everything to her after setting your sister down to see Natasha. Your little brother looked at Wanda in wonder. 

“Wow. She’s really pretty.” He says and she finishes talking to Pietro and smiles at your brother, and your sister, who had also come over to see the wonder that was Scarlet Witch.

“And what are your names?” She asks them.

“Y/B/N.” Your brother answers.

“And I’m Y/S/N.” Your sister says too. 

The two of them gravitated towards Wanda as the rest of the team, and Clint’s family joined you for a fun day at the fair. 

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What would wrapping presents with hobie and jungkook be like? I LOOVE your blog btw❤️❤️

Gift wrapping with Hobi would be full of grins, giggles and a whole lot of tape all over the place! And that includes tape on your cheeks, your mouth and on your hair.

It started out as a simple accident, with you suddenly throwing a piece of crumpled tape to your left, which ended up flying to his hair. Hoseok would look at you in shock, take the tape from his hair, then grin at you mischievously. “So this is how you want to play.”

Soon enough, the two of you are running around the house with tape and Christmas stickers sticking out from various parts of your bodies; ribbons tangled everywhere.

“Hoseok-ah!” you shriek as he covers your mouth with tape. You roll your eyes at him and he kisses your lips, tape and all. “We should get back to wrapping.” he chuckles as he pulls you down to the floor to continue the gift wrapping you were doing.

You remove the tape from your mouth and give him an amused grin. “Pabo.” you mutter and he sticks a heart shaped sticker on your cheek. “Love you too, Pabo.” he says as he kisses your cheek and the two of you continue wrapping with wide smiles on your faces. 


Jungkook is a perfectionist and would want the gifts to be wrapped perfectly. He’d be so focused and would probably wrap the gifts in such a pretty manner: tying the ribbons beautifully, making sure the wrapping paper had no creases; that you wouldn’t even have a chance to play around with him cause he’d just be so into it. XD

“Jungook-ah—” you whine and he looks up and gives you a small smile. “Yeah?”

“I’m tired.” you huff. “Can we stop for a while?”

“You go on. I’ll do the rest.” he says, pointing his lips towards the sofa and urging you to take a break.

You frown at your boyfriend, not liking that he has all his attention on the gift wrapping job. You watch as he carefully folds everything and all of a sudden an idea forms in your head. You move in front of him, grabbing a box to wrap and started doing your thing. 

“Yah yah yah…” Jungkook says when he sees that you’re doing the wrapping wrongly. 

“What?” you feigned innocence and Jungkook sighs as he moves to sit next to you. “That’s not how you do it, jagi. You have to measure, then cut out the excess—” you watch as he continues to blabber about the art of gift wrapping beside you. When he finsihes, he looks at you and catches your stare. “What?”

“You look cute when you’re teaching gift wrapping.” you say and he blushes a little but eventually smirks. “Stop flirting with me jagiya.” he mutters as he kisses the side of your head and moves to sit across from you once again. “Cause I just might give in.”

“I’ll give you ten bucks if you stop wrapping.” you offer with a grin and he stops and gives you a seductive stare… 

“15 and I’l throw in a kiss.” he winks and you throw the ribbons at him as he chuckles, smiling that adorable bunny smile of his.

“And you say I’m the flirt.” XD

Thank you for loving my blog, dear~ <3


Rough rough rough rough sketch but oh well. You probably can’t even tell who this is (Soul and Maka) but I totally enjoyed to draw my latest crush of SoMa in 80s/90s clothes. More will definitely come since I fangirled all over the place together with Maddy, nobody can stop me with drawing ugly clothes lkfgjh. ;u;