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Alejandro’s & Ribbons’ extra Scene from Gundam 00 season 1

This is the most shocking part of first season of Gundam 00. This shows how fucking bastard Ribbons was. He was Alejandro’s boyfriend/boytoy/more-than-assistant(at least) ,Alejandro definitely liked and trusted him and at the end we knew that Ribbons only used Alejandro for his own advantage. 

Who would have thought that would be rather explicit implication of homosexual relationship in a Gundam anime? And i kinda wish that in the next Gundam series, they’ll have implicitly/explicitly gay character tbh hahahaha 

Sugi rambles about Ribbons

Confession time:

My feelings about Ribbons Almark changed a lot throughout Gundam 00. I went from being ‘meh’ about him to hating him strongly, to kinda hating him/kinda accepting him, to kinda liking him and then finally in the last three episodes or so I finally liked him as a character…yeah you know before he gets defeated so..yeah…

Do I approve of the stuff he does? No Do I approve of his ego? No Do I still like him somehow and respect him as a villain? Yes

I also just really want to know why he got this way because I kinda have a feeling he wasn’t originally meant to be so egotistical and that he lost his way at some point but maybe I’m just being naive….either way, I know I should probably hate Ribbons but I don’t.

And don’t even get me started on his Gundam ok? Just… Don’t…