Hey, it’s Autumn just dropping in to let you guys know that I really hope you are having a great day. I had the strangest dream last night, let me tell you. I’m not even exaggerating this time, istg I dreamed about this beautiful meadow before me, and then all of a sudden.. it turned into thESE LARGE FREAKING SPIKES, AND EVERYTHING WENT HORRIBLY, TERRIBLY WRONG. 

I also came here to say something else though, if you want to add my psn, please don’t hesitate to ask ! I am going to be devoting my time to more games and stuff because ?? it’s been ages since I have played anything. Uncharted has just been amaaaaazing. I need friends, so akdjskf <33 please do me a solid. Anyway, I know this was really random, haha. I kind of just danced around two completely different wavelengths and idk, but yeah ! :) Just a few things. 

In 2013, I drew this as a sort of homage to my favorite boss fight of all time. Kirby was my first ever video game, and I’ve always loved the Kirby series and how bright and cheery it is. So when I played The Crystal Shards for the first time and I got to this boss, I was totally taken aback by this fallen angel and its heavy theme song, you could feel just how much it was truly suffering. Everything was so seemingly happy at first glance, I had no idea about the unrelenting pain and sadness that had been deep within until it was too late, and by then, all I had wanted to do was help purge its sorrow.

Shortly after drawing on this very same day back in 2013, I learned that one of my dear friends had committed suicide… It’s odd how truly similar everything is. I’ve held onto this drawing and the pain for years but I think maybe it’s time to finally let them out, and so now, I dedicate this painting to you, my friend. If I had known, I would’ve tried to purge your sorrow too. I just hope you’re resting peacefully now. Please, no more tears.

Before he brought you here, I was important to him.

Before he brought you here, he whispered he loved me.

Before he brought you here, he kissed me like he kissed you.

Did he find you waiting for a bus? Or standing under a tree in the rain? Did he find you sitting on a park bench? Did he find you on the bus to work?

It doesn’t matter. He found you. And he took you to our spot. Alone in the woods. And he pressed his lips against yours.

Before he brought you here, were you happy?

Before he brought you here, did you sleep in a bed every night?

Before he brought you here, did you get dressed up for him?

The rocks are sharp here, when he lays you down.

The river sounds louder, when he’s on top of you.

The birds grow silent, when he moves his hands over you.

Did he smile that handsome smile at you? Did he make you laugh? Did he tell you how pretty you were? Did he see the ribbon in your hair?

He saw the ribbon in my hair. He smiled and we laughed and he stroked the curls that spilled from the tight pink ribbon I had used. He said he wanted to get to know me. He asked so many questions. Do you think he listened to me? Did he ask you questions?

Before he brought you here, did he say it was a romantic spot?

Before he brought you here, did he hold your hand?

Before he brought you here, did you think it was safe?

Did he touch your face? Did he stare into your eyes? Did he take your ribbon out? Did he play with it like a coiling snake, letting it spiral around his fingers and wrists? 

Did you feel afraid right before?

Before he brought you here, did you take breathing for granted?

Before he brought you here, did you have plans for the future?

Before he brought you here, did you fall in love with him?

Before he brought you here, your neck was unmarked.

Before he brought you here, you weren’t afraid.

Before he brought you here, you didn’t have to fight.

Before he brought you here, you were alive.

Now you’re with us.

All of us.

Do you see the ribbons hanging from the tree?

A rainbow of colors.

Before he brought you here, you were like me.

Before he brought you here, you tied a ribbon in your hair.

Before you, there was me.

me watching black sails season three: [chanting] TREASURE ISLAND!!! TREASURE ISLAND!!! [pointing] look at that reference and that reference!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT-

me awaiting black sails season four: [reading off smudged piece of paper] pleasure cry sand???? never heard of it