DIY: How to Make Your Own Collar

This is a short and simple tutorial on how to make your own kitten play collar! <^~^> It’s super easy and simple, and it lasts for a very long time, and takes 5 minutes to make!

♡ Let’s get started! ♡


❤︎ Ribbon of your choice

❤︎ Bell of your choice (experiment with different sizes, shapes, and colors!)

❤︎ Scissors

❤︎ Measuring Tape


♡ Get your measuring tape and measure the size of your neck - add about an inch or two to this length so you have room to tie the ribbon together!

         *If you do not own measuring tape, no worries! Just guesstimate, you can                                                cut the excess off later!*

♡ Cut the ribbon to your measured length + the extra inch or two that you need extra to tie it all together at the end!

♡ Get your bell and put the ribbon through the bell, centering it in the middle of your ribbon!

          *KittenTip: Make sure to coordinate your bell with your ribbon - don’t get                too thick of ribbon or your bell may not be able to fit through the bell hole!            Be sure to check the thickness of the ribbon and coordinate this with how                                             big or small the bell hole is!*

♡ Wrap the ribbon around your neck, making sure to center the bell in the middle while adjusting the tightness to your comfort! {Do not make the ribbon too tight on your neck, you could end up cutting off your circulation! Be sure it is not too tight, and understand that overtime the ribbon will loosen if you wear it all the time or if it’s exposed to water!}

♡ Tie the string in either a double knot tie or a bow tie! Make sure it’s tight and make sure to double knot if you do a bow tie for extra reassurance that it won’t undo itself!

♡ Cut off the excess string and enjoy your new, simple, and cute collar! Be careful though, the bell may find itself as a distraction to playful kittens! 

Cleaning my dropbox folder stumbled into this and realized I never uploaded it on my tumblr. Redesigned concept wip of Unegen’s final form of mutation if he ever advances this far. 

As it can not be reversed and no ‘shapeshifting’ possible this direction sort of final sentence for his character, but it is always fun to play with designs and concepts.

Also I am so so frustrated I am really really sick and can’t do anything I wanted beside organizing folders and cry over my messed up schedule I had for this month to catch up with everything. ._.