ribbon=& sign

Does anyone know what that white ribbon sign on Jay’s shirt means? I first thought it was some lint or something but you can see it pretty clear in the scene in the interrogation room with Voight. Does it have something to do with the White Ribbon Campaign or do I look into it too much?

Dinner with friends ~ Part two

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Ok guys, here it is, the long awaited part two of Dinner with friends. I hope you like it, it took me a long time to do. Need I say listen to baby good night for this one, I was while I wrote it haha.

Pairing ~ GD x TOP x YOU

Rated ~ Smut town

Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

The room was pitch black except for a ray of light that seemed to be descending from the heavens. you slowly made your way to the light and stood under it, its warmth kissed your skin and its light made your skin glow like an incandescent bulb. you looked over your body in awe of how beautiful it made your skin when you realised you were completely naked.

“Jagiya….” a deep voice called from beyond the realms of the light.

A pair of large hands emerged from the dark in front of you and grabbed your arms. You were frozen still but for some reason you were not scared, these hands gave you comfort, you knew these hands. They glided down the flesh of your arms, causing goosebumps to rise in their wake. They clasped at your hips and snaked around your waist, exposing the owner that hid in the cloak of darkness. You had seen this man a thousand times but you were never prepared for the sheer beauty of his features, every time you lay your eyes on him your heart skipped a beat.

Seung hyun leaned in and placed his lips on your own with such intensity that you felt he was sucking the air right out of your lungs. His hands caressed the flesh of your lower back, following the curves of your body until they reached your arse, squeezing and kneading at its flesh. You broke the kiss and threw your head back so you could fill your lungs with air once again. Seung hyun kissed under your chin making his way to your neck, pulling you further into him in the process.

You were so mesmerised by Seung hyun adorning your flesh with his lips and the burning desire that was starting to build in your lower abdomen that you almost didn’t notice the second pair of hands that had started to rub light circles on your shoulders. You turned your head slightly to try and see who it was but they were standing just out of your line of sight. A small chuckle escaped the lips of the stranger and immediately you felt your pulse thumping though your entire body originating from your core. It was Jiyong.

Both men trailed kisses on you neck and shoulders, while their hands explored every inch of your body. Seung hyun’s hand worked its way down your abdomen, sticking a finger in your folds and rubbing your clit. You moaned loudly at the sudden contact and threw your head back on to Jiyong’s shoulder and you heard another chuckle escape his lips. You placed your hands around Seung hyun’s neck and laced your fingers together for extra support as you began to grind your hips further on to his finger.

Jiyong ran his hand from your shoulder, down your back, over your arse and between your legs, immediately placing one of his fingers inside you. Your whole body shuddered with the feeling of the both of them working to their own rhythms to pleasure you and you could feel yourself getting close already. You had gotten so excited just by the idea of the both of them touching you that they barely had to do anything to actually get you there. The build up inside you was too much and you felt as though you were about to explode, but your attention was taken away by a weird noise. At first it had started as a low ringing and you just put it down to being in your own ears but it started to get louder. You propped your head up and look out in to the darkness as the sound got closer and then your realised what it was.

You groaned as you slowly flickered your eyes open and they took a moment to adjust to the light while you looked around your room. Another dream. Ever since that night about a month ago you had dreamed about the two men ravaging you, even though you had not seen Jiyong since. You couldn’t bare to face him after what had happened and how worked up they had made you. In fact you hadn’t seen any of them besides Seung hyun out of fear that any of them had realised what had happened mere meters away from them. But you could not stop thinking about it and you knew that Seung hyun knew that. Almost every night and morning since you had practically jumped him trying to get some sort of relief from what they never finished and your art was also a reflection of what happened. A hot mess of limbs in every direction intertwining with one another, painting after painting came out looking so sexual and sensual.

The ringing started up again and you groaned as you threw the blankets off you and got out of bed. You put your dressing gown on and headed to the front door, you opened it to see a delivery guy holding a narrow rectangle box wrapped with a ribbon. You signed for the package and closed the door, making your way back to the bedroom. There was a note attached to it. ‘Jagiya, wear this tonight with my favourite shoes. Be ready by 8. Love oppa’ you smiled to yourself because you knew you were in for a big night. His favourite shoes were ones that you would wear on ‘special occasions’ just for him.

You opened the box and pulled out a beautiful tight fitting red dress with shoestring straps and you squealed to yourself as you held it up to yourself in the mirror. You had never owned such a beautiful dress in your life and couldn’t wait to wear it. 

You had just finished getting ready when you heard the front door open and your heart began to race. You tried to compose yourself from not running out to the living room and jumping into Seung hyun’s arms from such a beautiful gift and the night you knew he had planned. You took a deep breath and slowly made your way out hoping the time you had put into getting ready would give you the reaction you were hoping for. as you made your way down the hall you could hear a low murmur of voices and a chuckle that stopped you dead in your tracks, you knew that chuckle. It had stuck with you ever since that night. It was Jiyong.

“Jagi, I’m home" Seung called out as if he knew you were hesitant to step through the door way. 

You took another deep breath and put on a big smile before you finally broke through the threshold of the doorway. As you walked in you quickly scanned the room to see who else was there, no one. you bit your bottom lip as you slowly walked over to the couch where the two men were already sat uncorking a bottle of wine, you could tell this was going to be trouble.

“Welcome home oppa” you said timidly as you stepped in front of the two.

They both sat there with their mouths open staring at you, their eyes darting around your body as if they were not sure where to look first. You bit down on your lip again as you felt butterflies dance around your stomach.

“Thank you for the dress, it…it’s beautiful” you practically whispered as you leaned down and gave Seung hyun a kiss on the cheek.

“Ahhh you like?” Seung hyun said playfully and you could tell he was already a little tipsy.

Your cheeks flushed hot and you nodded shyly at him. You could feel Jiyong’s stare burning in to you but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, it was too much too soon after your dream. You sat down next to Seung hyun, as far away as possible from Jiyong and the two giggled. You looked up at them narrowing your eyes as if you had missed out on a joke, Seung hyun just patted the top of your head and passed you a glass of wine, which you downed immediately. The two chuckled again and Seung hyun filled your glass and then passed it back.

“So hyung tells me that you have been painting a lot over the past month…” Jiyong smirked as he spoke. “He said its a new…. style” he ran his tongue slowly over his top lip and his eyes seemed to glisten.  

A wave of heat crashed over your body and you felt mortified that Seung hyun had told him about your paintings, what else had he told Jiyong? The nerves started to build up as you mind ran through the possibilities of the things Seung hyun had shared with him causing your mouth to become dry. You picked up your glass and downed it once again.

“Yah! easy jagi, we don’t want you to get too drunk” Seung hyun said with a wink and both men chuckled again.

“Well apparently I have to catch up with you two” you said as you pushed your now empty glass towards him.

He picked it up and poured the last remnants in your glass and handed it back giving you his doe eyed look, this was his way of checking that you were ok with this. You just smiled and nodded at him in approval but you weren’t so convinced yourself.

“Well I better get another bottle, you two play nice” Seung hyun teased as he got up from his seat and made his way to the kitchen.

You picked up your glass taking small sips, trying to keep yourself distracted from the man staring at you from the other side of the couch, hoping that he would not make conversation with you because if he did, you would have to look at him.

“That’s a beautiful dress…” Jiyong paused as his eyes ran the length of your body and you froze, lips pursed against the rim of your glass.

“You know…. I helped Hyung pick it out for you, we both agreed it would be perfect for your…..curves” he purred the last bit and tilted his head to the side, waiting for your reaction.

His words felt like they vibrated right through you and you felt that all to familiar feeling rise up in your lower stomach. You gulped nervously feeling his eyes watching you and you downed your third glass of wine in about ten minutes. He chuckled, knowing he had an effect on you. He got up and moved towards you like a predator stalking its prey. He lent down in front of you placing one hand on the couch dangerously close to your thigh, his eyes running up and down your legs as he licked his lips once again. With his other hand he reached towards the coffee table and picked up a remote, turning on the stereo, his eyes never once leaving your legs. Jiyong gaze lifted to meet your own and you could see the hunger in his eyes. he slowly lifted himself up and sat in the seat next to you, your eyes still locked as he leant back in his seat.

“Ok I’m back and I have something a little stronger this time” Seung hyun announced happy with himself as he cradled half a dozen bottles in one arm and grasped at three tumblers in his other hand.

You moved over on the couch to make room for Seung hyun but he just looked at you with a smile from the other side of the coffee table as he pulled the arm chair closer to the table and sat down. He sat the glasses in a row and went through the collection of bottles he had prepared until he found the whisky, he half filled the glasses and pushed two of them towards you and Jiyong. You reached out, grabbed the glass and skulled it, just as you had done with the wine but this time it burned your throat and you instantly felt your cheeks heat up from the alcohol.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to be nervous….. we wont do anything you don’t want to” Jiyong said placing a hand on your shoulder, giving it a light rub.

The innocent gesture caused flashes of your dream to pop in to your head and you clenched your thighs together at the thought.

“Can I have another?” you bit you lip as you pushed your glass towards Seung hyun.

His lip cocked on one side as he grabbed the glass and filled it once again before passing it back to you. You picked up the glass and turned your head to look at Jiyong, his hand still caressing your shoulder, you locked eyes once again and skulled your drink back causing him to smirk at you. You placed your glass back on the table keeping your eye contact with the man next to you.

“Hyung, I’m hungry….” Jiyong said slowly as he shifted closer to you.

“Jagi…” Seung hyun said as he lit a cigarette.

“Oh umm sure, what would you like?” you asked softly as if you knew the answer already.

“You” Jiyong purred.

“I never did get to finish my meal last time we saw each other” he said as his hand brushed your hair to the side, exposing your neck.

Before you had a chance to respond Jiyongs lips were devouring your neck with kisses and light nibbles. You sucked in your lips fighting back the moan that hung at the back of your throat and you looked over at Seung hyun to make sure it was ok, he nodded back giving you approval. You raked your hand through Jiyongs hair and his kisses became more enthusiastic, moving them to your collar bone and your breasts. A small moan escaped your lips and Jiyong took this as an invitation, grabbing your hips and pulling you down the lounge so that you were practically laying down but your head was still propped up in the corner, one of your legs hanging off the side of the couch.

Jiyongs hand wandered down to your thigh, rubbing at it’s flesh causing the hem of your dress to rise each time he got closer to your core. He buried his head between your breasts as he kissed your cleavage, he used his other hand to roll the flesh of your still clothed breast in it. You couldn’t help but let out a whimper at the feeling of him and his hand getting closer to your core, it was so close and you were becoming desperate for him to touch you but he didn’t, instead he teased you as he ran his thumb down the inside of your thigh inches away from your panty line.

Your body trembled at his touch and as if he knew you were about beg for it he ran his thumb over your clothed slit, letting out a groan when he felt how soaked they already were. He slowly moved his kisses down your body, he sat up on his knees as he pulled your dress up to your waist before hooking his fingers in your underwear and bring them down to your ankles and throwing them to the floor.

You watched him as a lop sided grin appeared and he licked his lips. He placed his hands on your knees and slid them down your thighs, gently pushing them apart as he lowered himself between your legs. He placed his thumbs on your lips and pulled them apart, wasting no time before he ran his tongue all the way up your core stopping when he got to the top, earning a moan from you. He looked up at you watching him intently, Jiyong slowly leaned in taking your clit in between his lips and sucking on it, he watched your face as your mouth dropped open. dying to earn another moan he placed his tongue on your clit and ran circles around it and you threw your head grasping your own hair in your fist.

Your whole body began to shake as Jiyong worked his tongue all around your core, he raised one hand and placed it on your lower stomach gently yet firmly holding you in place. Your moans were becoming louder and more uncontrollable as you felt the knot in your abdomen getting tighter, your juices running down you and soaking the lounge you were laying on. Jiyong moved his tongue down and stuck it inside your entrance, wiggling it before pulling it out and back in again as he began to tongue fuck you. He pulled his free hand up and started to rub circles on your now sensitive clit, you looked up at your boyfriend sitting across from you, he starred back at you with his jaw clenched watching your reactions, you moved your gaze down his body and you noticed the giant bulge in his pants. You clenched around Jiyongs tongue as soon as you noticed how tight Seung hyun’s pants had become and he knew you were close. Jiyong swapped his actions, sticking a finger inside you, hooking it up and slowly pumping it inside you. His tongue lapped at your clit, your moans now becoming strained as, you were so close. You grabbed fists full of Jiyong hair and pulled his head in closer, screaming and bucking your hips into him as you finally felt the explosion in your lower abdomen crashing through your entire body.

Jiyong slowed his movements, allowing you to serenely come down from your high, stopping only when your hips stopped jerking and your hands released his hair.

"Mmmm so sweet” Jiyong said as he wiped his mouth and licked the finger he had inside you.

Your legs were still shaking from your orgasm but you wanted more and you wanted Seung hyun. You slid off the lounge on all fours, your dress still around your waist as you crawled around the coffee table towards Seung hyun. He cocked an eyebrow and swivelled his chair to the direction you were coming from. You placed your hands on his thighs and went straight for his belt buckle, watching his reactions as you did so. His jaw twitched as soon as he felt your hands on his rock hard cock. you undid his belt in no time but were slow on unzipping his pants knowing it drove him crazy when you teased him. He reached out and grasped your chin between his thumb and index finger, making you look into his eyes.

“Did you like that jagi?” he said, his voice deep with desire.

All you did was nod in response as you felt yourself getting wet once again, clenching on to nothing every time you saw that twitch appear in his jaw. It was his tell, so to speak, whenever he was worked up a twitched would appear in the sharpest edge of his jaw line.

“Would you like Jiyong to…..” He brought his face right up to yours. “Fuck you?” as he said those words he brushed his lips slightly against your own and the only response you could manage was a moan.

Seung hyun chuckled as he sat back in the arm chair and nodded at you. You reached up and pulled his pants and underwear halfway down his thighs, his member springing up as it was freed from its cloth prison. You took Seung hyun in your hand and rubbed the tip lightly with your thumb, he licked his lips as he watched you intensely, you knew he was going insane. You stuck out your tongue and licked at the tip as if it were an ice cream melting in the summer sun. Seung hyun closed his eyes, resting his head back in the chair, another twitch appearing in his jawline and his chest rose and fell sharply as his breaths became jagged. You loved the fact that the usual stone faced man turned to putty in your hands.

In the corner of your eye you caught sight of Jiyong watching you as he palmed himself through his jeans and you clenched once again at the sight. Jiyong having full view of your exposed womanhood saw this and the juices that were now running down your thighs. He smirked at you as he slowly lifted his shirt above his head, exposing his small muscular frame scattered with tattoos. He undid his pants and they dropped to the floor with a thump from the heavy belt that was once holding them up. He stepped out of his pants and made is way over, stopping right behind you out of your line of sight, the mere thought of him seeing you from that angle made you clench once again.

You took Seung hyun in your mouth, not stopping until he hit the back of your throat and you heard him growl. You looked up at him as you held him in place, he was staring back at you, his jaw clenched so tight that you swore his teeth would give way at any moment. You held your eye contact with him as you bobbed your head back up his cock and slowly released from your mouth, giving the tip a light squeeze between your lips as you did this. He growled once again, his eyes dark and intense, telling you to continue. You did as you were told and repeated the action and when you pulled away strands of pre cum still connected your lips to his cock.

You licked your lips and took him in once again holding him in the back of your throat, you felt a hand come down to caress your naked arse and you moaned against Seung hyun. His mouth dropped open at the feeling of your throat vibrating around his cock, making him begin to lose control, he grasped your hair and brought your head back to the tip of his cock before pulling it back down again. His cock twitched in your throat and you couldn’t help but moan and clench once again. Jiyong placed his hands on your hips and entered you slowly, your own hands tightening their grip around Seung hyun’s thighs. They both stayed still for moment allowing you to became comfortable, as soon as you did you began to take Seung hyun in once again but this time in a continuous bobbing motion. Jiyong picked up on the hint and began to pump in and out of you, hissing as he did so.

“Fuck, your so wet” he moaned as he began to pick up speed.

You moaned and sucked harder on Seung hyun, grasping the base in one of your hands. You started to match your pace on his cock with Jiyong’s thrusting, getting faster when he did. All three of you were moaning loudly, the sounds bouncing off the walls and echoing as if you they were a symphony in a grand hall. Jiyong was pounding into you so hard now that you could no longer concentrate on pleasuring Seung hyun, you released him from your mouth, laying your head on his lap. Seung hyun cupped your face with both his hands, pulling it up to face him.

“I want you to look at me while he makes you cum”

A moan strained from the back of your throat with his words and you clenched around Jiyong’s cock. Jiyong placed a hand on your stomach and moved your upper body inline with Seung hyun, your face mere inches away from his as he stared straight into your eyes. Your mouth dropped open and your eyebrows raised in the middle as Jiyong ruthlessly fucked you, Seung hyun’s eyes roamed your face studying it like you were one of his chairs or a piece of art. Your hips began to buck wildly, Seung hyun knew you were about to cum, he placed a hand at the back of your head bringing you in closer, licking his lips as his eyes darted between your own and it sent you straight over the edge. Jiyong slammed into you one last time holding you in place, grunting as you came around his cock.

“Fuck, your so hot when you come” Jiyong said breathlessly.

“I told you my princess was amazing” Seung hyun replied still gazing into your eyes.

Jiyong helped you  to your feet and guided you by the hand to the arm of the lounge while he laid down in front of you. Seung hyun came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you, his hands roaming every inch of your body while his mouth delicately placed kisses on your neck. His hard cock rubbed into the flesh of your arse, you moved your hips rubbing back into him and he moaned into your neck. It was enough to drive you crazy, just a he turned in to putty under your control, you were  the same under his.

You turned to face him, his hands still wrapped around you. You grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a kiss, his mouth enveloped yours as he took control of the kiss, his hands moved up to your shoulders and pulled the straps of your dress down exposing your breasts. You followed suit, undoing the buttons of his shirt, you broke away from the kiss to admire his muscular chest. Seung hyun was insanely hot and you were crazy for him. You placed your lips on his chest, slowly pulling his shirt down his arms and he moaned. It only drove you more crazy, you grabbed his head and crashed your lips against his, this time you controlled the kiss but Seung hyun quickly pushed you back.

“We mustn’t be rude Jagiya, we have a guest remember?” he said almost breathlessly as he span you around to face Jiyong.

Jiyong moved to sit on the arm of the lounge, he reached out his hands and cupped your breasts, rolling his thumbs over your nipples. Goosebumps adorned your skin and you moaned leaning back into Seung hyun, he twisted your head to the side and took your mouth in his own. Jiyong took one of your breasts in his mouth gently lapping his tongue at your nipple while he continued to tease the other with his thumb. You couldn’t take it anymore, you needed control.

“Oppa…lay….down” you commanded between kisses.

Seung hyun’s eyes shot open, unsure if he had heard what he thought he had. You looked at him, then the ground, then back at him. He wiggled his eyebrows at you like and excited giant child and happily got down on the hardwood floor, knees in the air so he could you as close to Jiyong without him having to move. You began to slowly drop to your knees forcing Jiyong to stop playing with your breast and he almost protested until he realised what you were doing. You crouched above Seung hyun, right above his cock as your hands wandered up Jiyong’s thighs, grasping the base of his cock and took it in your mouth. This time you wasted no time in teasing, you wanted him to feel as good as he had made you feel. You began to pump the base with your hand and you sucked as fast and as hard as you could on the rest, matching your movements. Jiyong threw his head back and let out a groan. Seung hyun couldn’t wait any longer, he placed his hands on your hips and brought you crashing down on his hard cock and you moaned against Jiyong. The sounds obviously sending Seung hyun crazy as he wasted no time in lifting you up again, but this time he didn’t bring you back down, instead he started to pound into you as he held you in the air.

“Look at me princess” Jiyong purred from above you and you did as you were told, straight away earning a moan as you did so.

You could feel yourself unwinding yet again at the merciless pounding but you wanted to finish off Jiyong first. You tried as hard as you could to concentrate as you picked up speed on Jiyong, his mouth dropping open in a silent plea.

“Fuck, your eyes are so beautiful when you are being fucked” Jiyong practically growled.

His words sent shivers down your spine, straight to your core and you could feel you were at your edge. But you could go before Jiyong, you took your hand away from the base of his cock and began to deep throat him while you looked into his eyes. Apparently that was enough as a few moments later you felt a spurt of warm liquid hit the back of your throat as Jiyong let out a long throaty moan. He twitched as you continued to suck him dry of his warm salty seed until there was not a single drop left. Suddenly Seung hyun pulled you up and span you around, laying you the lounge beside Jiyong, he placed your ankles on his shoulders and began to pound into you. You screamed at every thrust and in no time you reached your limit, you hips tried to buck but the position that Seung hyun had you in would not allow it and just when you thought you were about to pass out from the intense over stimulation you felt his thrusts become jagged as he groaned.

Seung hyun pulled out of you and sat next to you, his chest dramatically rising and falling as he tried to catch his breath.

“I guess the dress was a good idea, huh hyung?” Jiyong teased as he gave your arm a light tap and both men chuckled.

Shigezane Date Headcanons

A handful of heacanons for everyone’s favorite NPC from Yonezawa!


  • Has shared Kojuro’s kiseru with him on the occasion where he’s extremely stressed
  • Cannot cook, will set water on fire
  • Has tattoo of a dragon head on his left shoulder blade from when he was young and juvenile
  • If Kojuro doesn’t beat him to it, he’ll comfort Masamune when he’s having a nightmare
  • Favorite season is summer
  • Has a fondness for taiyaki
  • Sleeps naked
  • Is a loud and giggly drunk
  • Has worn Masamune’s eyepatch once, just to see what is was like
  • Really enjoys the rain, but isn’t too fond of snow, large portions of it anyways
  • Has stumbled into Kojuro’s room drunk and fallen asleep there on more than one occasion
  • Knows how to braid, and has attempted to braid Masamune’s hair
       “White or pink ribbon, Masamune?”
  • A telltale sign of a nervous Shigezane is him tracing his collarbones and running his fingers up and down the front of his neck
  • Probably snores, but it’s a cute snore
  • Has been caught flexing in front of a mirror in his bedroom more than once
  • Sometimes falls asleep in the bath
  • Has accidentally called both Kojuro and Masamune ‘doll’

X Reader:

  • Lives to be the big spoon, but is pretty content with being the little spoon too
  • Likes it when you feed him, is liable to lick your fingers on ‘accident’
  • Very fond of surprise hugs; in the hallway, when he’s at his desk, anywhere
  • Forehead touches ftw
  • Likes your hands in his hair and vice versa
  • Likes it if you rub his shoulders and back after a long day
  • If you don’t jump into his arms when he comes back from the front, he probably will
  • While Masamune and Kojuro are the type to buy you hairpins and obi pins, Shigezane will buy you expensive kimonos and yukatas
  • In exchange, you’ll baby him and hide him from work for a week, which he adores
  • Sometimes he insists that he needs a lullaby to sleep
  • Loves it if you kiss him out of the blue
  • If he walks in on you changing he’ll cover his eyes, but most often he’ll peek through them
  • If it’s not ‘doll’, it’s ‘love’ or ‘sweetheart’; ‘darling’ is specifically reserved for Kojuro
  • Tickling you is a yes
Essays in Existentialism: Christmas

If you’re not to busy, Id love to see thanksgiving turn into a series. Jake definitely confronting Clarke before she leaves after thanksgiving because he knows she wasnt entirely truthful about hers & lexas relationship but he definitely approves of Lexa & he & Abby invite her back for Christmas & kinda force her into agreeing in that way parents do, without even consulting Clarke. & then getting to see their relationship grow through the different holidays. Christmas, New Years, Mardi Gras, etc

Previously on Thanksgiving

The salt kicked up in the traffic, through the slush of the dingy snow that remained on the highway while the fields and town itself was covered in the purest kind of precipitation that added to the picturesque feeling of the season. Yards were adorned with reindeer and santa’s and wishings for good tidings, while the town was wrapped up like a present, ribbons on street signs and wreaths on every door available. 

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Ribbon headcannon
Fem!mikayuu headcannon that I had durning school today I even drew a pictures but I’ll share that some other time…
It’s about mika and yuu meeting at the orphanage, yuu first notices how long and pretty Mika’s hair is but she keeps it to herself cause she’s kinda jealous that her hair is short and fuzzy looking.
Fast forward to where mika and yuu just watched their family die and mika is about to go for the sacrifice she takes the ribbon out of her hair and ties it around yuu and tells her that the ribbon is a sign that they’ll always be a family.
Fast forward again to when there’s older yuu and she’s let her hair grow out long enough to put in a a ponytail and she keeps the ribbon in her hair and whenever people ask what’s so special about it she always says, “it belonged to someone very precious to me.”
Adding some angst to it: when yuu was fighting a vampire the vampire took the ribbon out of her hair and ripped it. Of course this sparks anger and yuu kills the vampire, but cries over the fact that Mika’s ribbon was destroyed.
Adding some fluff: the vampire situation doesn’t happen, instead when mika and yuu meet again mika notices the ribbon and is shocked to see it. Yuu laughs and takes it out of her hair and puts in Mika’s hair saying that now she can wear it again because they were finally back together.

(Side note: I thought of this because me and my biffle are gonna cosplay fem!mikayuu for our next con and I’m excited for it :3)