ribbon worm


Strange Creature in Taiwan

A green worm-like creature (believed to be a ribbon worm) with a pink tongue was captured on camera by Wei Cheng Jian while he was fishing.

Ribbon worms have a special proboscis, or feeding tube, which it ejects when hunting. The ribbon worm uses the proboscis to cover its prey in a thick, poisonous mucus which paralyses its victim.

One of the most strikingly colored ribbon worms, the Football Jersey Worm (Tubulanus annulatus) has a patterning of longitudinal white lines and regularly spaced white rings. It may be found lying in an untidy pile beneath stones on the lower shore and may also be seen scavenging when the tide is out. More usually it lives below the shore on almost any type of seabed, including mud, sand, and shell gravel. To camouflage itself, it secretes a mucous tube that becomes covered in surrounding sediment.

Photo © Erling Svensen

Last night I had a dream that my neighbor found an “extinct” species living in his yard, and it was a two foot long black ribbon worm-like creature that produces mucus that causes rashes

I was so happy that I cried and held the worm to my face and hands, then I set it free on my lawn as it burrowed into the dirt, my face was swollen but I didn’t care cause it was so wonderful

About 1,000 species of brightly colored nemertean worms—also called ribbon worms—inhabit the world’s oceans. One specimen reached an extraordinary length of about 177 feet (54 meters). But most are less than 10 inches (25 centimeters) long. Most nemertean (ribbon) worms are active predators. Some emit sticky toxic secretions to immobilize prey, which includes annelid (segmented) worms, mollusks, crustaceans—and other nemerteans. German zoologist Otto Bürger researched nemertean worms at a famous marine zoological station located on the waterfront in Naples, Italy. In the late 1800s, new marine laboratories in many countries opened opportunities for scientists to study ocean life at the shore. This illustration comes from his 1895 Die Nemertinen des Golfes von Neapel und der Angrenzenden Meeres-Abschnitte. 

And here we see a vicious gummy worm.

Just kidding, it’s a a ribbon worm. They have a proboscis which lies in the rhynchocoel when inactive but everts (turns inside-out) to emerge just above the mouth and capture the animal’s prey with venom. 



Here’s my mystic ball python, my pastel ball python, one of my corn snakes, my ribbon snake, my bearded dragon, and my worm snake. There are a lot that I dont have good pictures of yet.

ENTER THE HORDE OF DOGGINS!!! Dare You?? 9.81/10 I DO dare to amkes dozzne of kis ALL of them


About 8″ x 10″.
Basically whatever you want (bugs and anime are the most fun [I think.]) 
Black & white // minimal color.
Shipping included if in USA, if not we’ll figure it out.

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some suggestions:
centipede, millipede, one dog, three dogs, bees entombing a mouse, a plastic box with many compartments, a birthday party, a snake in water, a house on fire, a basement on fire, a glass case full of cakes, a case of cakes that has been broken into :(, a table, a timer, an egg timer, someone making oatmeal, now YOU are making the oatmeal (FPO, aka First Person Oatmeal,) a beach full of boulders, a place where the boulders are shaped like roses, worms, ribbons, roads, a scene from a ballet, characters from Madoka, your own magical girl, your own hill, some rabbits under a honeysuckle bush that your mom later tore apart, a blue jay hovering in the air like a top, candles, AND MORE…