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-Pierce The Veil’s new album


-The fourth studio album released by Pierce The Veil

-The album from PTV released on May 13, 2016


-Tracks 1-11 of PTV’S new album Misadventures

-The way Vic says ‘motherfucker’ in Floral & Fading

-Literally only Misadventures

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Could you do a rockstar/florist doc but with the roles reversed so that Percy is the florist and Annabeth is the rockstar being chased by fans?? THANKS!!

Percy Jackson is in the middle of making a bouquet when the lead singer of Athena ducks into his mom’s flower store.

She’s trying really hard to not look like the leader singer of Athena, flipping half of her hair over her sidecut, half shrugging into a jacket that covers up most of her tattoos. It’s a cropped leather jacket that’s pretty signature Annabeth Chase, but. You know. It’s the thought that counts.

“Uh,” Percy says, because coming up with clever things to say to pretty, famous girls is not one of his skillsets. “What are you looking for today, miss?”

There’s a naked panic on her face when he head flicks to look at him. It disappears behind a pair of battered sunglasses almost immediately. He thinks about pointing out that wearing sunglasses inside is more suspicious than anything else, but she’s the expert here.

“Can I use your bathroom?” she blurts.

Technically, no. But Sally Jackson has never said no to a person in need in her life, and Percy likes to think he takes after her in that respect. Mostly. He gestures with his handful of anemones towards the back, and the woman just about jumps the counter to get there.

It’s not fast enough. The little bell over the door clangs with an obnoxious force as a veritable horde of teenagers surges inside. Annabeth Chase whispers a quiet fuck and ducks out of sight. Percy doesn’t stop to think about the absurdity of a Grammy award winning artist hiding behind his counter, and just sort of rolls with it. Why not, right? He steps away from it to draw their attention, taking a couple of sprays of baby’s breath with him.

“Hey, kids.” He works the white flowers into the bouquet with quick, deft movements. “Looking for anything in particular?”

Percy has never tried to be an especially intimidating guy. He’s a florist, for crying out loud. But, you know. He’s not a small guy, either. He works out. His own tats might be flowers, but they march up his forearm in a riot of colour that speaks of hours under the needle. And when he smiles - there’s an edge sometimes, all right? The kind of grin that says ‘I’m probably safe, but, you know. Maybe not’.

Sometimes, this works in his favour. Other times, people - especially teenaged people - take it as a challenge. He sort of hopes it’s the first one this time. He spent a lot of time on the bouquet.

“Have you - did you see a girl come in here?” one of them rushes out.

“Annabeth Chase!” another one cries. “She’s blond and she’s the lead singer of Athena and she’s amazing.”

Percy scrunches his face up. “Isn’t she that one who punched that one guy?”

A chorus of sighs. “She’s so cool,” one of them offers.

“She could punch me any time, right?”

A chorus of agreement. Percy spares a moment to worry about masochism in the youth. “Yeah, she sounds amazing. But unless she’s also a flower, she’s not in here. And as much as I’d love to teach you guys about flower symbolism, that probably means she’s getting away.”

A couple of them freak out and run out of the store, sending the bell jangling again. But one scrawny little kid and his pals aren’t so easily shaken. Dark eyes glare up at him from behind an equally dark flop of hair. This kid looks like he hasn’t slept in like, a week.

“Are you two dating?”

A choked sound comes from behind the counter and Percy launches into a coughing fit before any of the kids think to look. “Allergies,” he announces. “No, I’m not dating a rockstar I’ve never met in my life. Why would you think that?”

“You look like the kind of guy she’d date.” The kid has the temerity to sniff. “She doesn’t have the greatest taste, even if her music’s amazing.”

Percy thinks about asking what the hell he ever did to this kid, but getting into fights with a fourteen year old probably shouldn’t be on his agenda. He pinches the bridge of his nose instead. “Kid, are you going to buy some flowers?”


“Then get the hell out of my shop.”

If looks could kill then Percy would have at least a bad stomach ache, but the rest of the teenagers leave. Percy gives the bell a moment to stop jangling, squinting out of the window before he calls back to the counter.

“Coast is clear. Not in an autograph signing mood?”

Her head pops back into sight, sans sunglasses, followed by the rest of her. She’s…taller than he’d expected. Not that she’d ever seemed short in music videos or candids or whatever, but he typically assumes that most celebrities have some kind of camera angle working in their favour. This woman, though - she’s kind of exactly as larger than life as she seems when she’s singing.

He might be a fan. Just a little bit.

“They’re very - excitable.” She winces. “That probably doesn’t make me seem like less of a jerk.”

Percy shrugs, heading back to the counter. The bouquet needs some more baby’s breath. He feeds the fillers into his hand, rotating the stems for even coverage. “Hey, it’s your free time, you should be able to what you want with it. I expect some serious merchandise for not dobbing you in, though.”

Grey eyes flash, and he’s pretty sure he’s about to catch some of that infamous Chase temper when she catches sight of his grin. “Ha, ha,” she says dryly. “Thanks for the save, though. Really.”

“Don’t mention it. I will get you to pass me that ribbon there, though.” He gestures at a streak of purple resting by her hand. She blinks at him for a second, before handing it over. He snaps a rubber band off his wrist, ties it around the stems, and covers it with the ribbon in record time. “Huh. Not bad.”

Annabeth Chase, lead singer of Athena, Grammy winner, scrapes her eyes over him and the bouquet. Her eyes linger on his forearm, the vines and flowers twisting their way up it in ink. “Has anyone ever told you that you’re a very…unlikely sort of florist?”

“It comes up,” he admits. “I never really thought about doing anything else, though. My mum worked hard for this place.”

“You aren’t freaking out like most people do when they meet me, lately.”

He ducks his head a little, rubbing the back of his neck. “Honestly? Kind of hard keeping it all inside right now. I was hoping you’d go soon so I could do that little scream and jumping up and down thing?”

She laughs, and it might just be the best thing he’s heard - ever? Ever. “I guess I can take a hint.” Which might be the worst thing he’s heard, did he seriously just shoot himself in the foot that badly. Her eyes linger on his name tag. “Seriously, though. I appreciate this, Percy.”

“Don’t–” His voice cracks for a second, and he’s pretty sure he goes bright red. So much for holding it together until she left. “Uh. Don’t mention it.”

It occurs to him that he already said that. He thinks about offering her the bouquet, but - he really doesn’t have that level of game. Still, he can’t just let her leave. The bell jangles again, and she’s just about gone when he finds his voice again.

“Hey, Annabeth?”

She glances over her shoulder, eyebrow raised.

“I guess - if you ever need a place to hide again, you know where to come.”

Her smile lights up her whole face. He’s pretty sure his heart just stopped. “I’ll keep it in mind.”


Laura Marling - Master Hunter

Artist: Laura Marling
Album: Once I Was An Eagle
Released: May 2013
Label: Ribbon Records

Louis taking Liam’s hand when he fell off the swings at the park

Louis taking Liams hand on the first day of secondary school

Louis taking Liam’s hand when they go to prom together

Louis taking Liam’s hand when they graduate uni

Louis taking Liam’s hand when they cut the ribbon on their own recording studio

Louis taking Liam’s hand when they win their first Grammy

Louis taking Liam’s hand when he breaks up with his girlfriend

Louis taking Liam’s hand when Liam kisses him for the first time.

Louis taking Liam’s hand when he asks Liam to marry him

Liam taking Louis hand as they say their vows

Louis taking Liam’s hand when they move into their new house together

Louis taking Liam’s hand as they hold their new daughter

Liam taking Louis’ wrinkled hand as he kisses him goodbye one last time

Liam’s empty hand ghosting over the cold stone that says the name of the person who changed his life