ribbon necktie

“petition for the starmyu fandom to be called stardust rebels” - totally unrelated to the post ww

already at the 8th episode

and i still can’t get over tengenji’s pose *uncontrollable laughter*

look at yuzuriha’s eyes. his hair. the color that fades to a pale green. *caresses the screen* yuzuriha is so beautiful im cryin

look how nayuki sits. poajogmaohmahonmaohmaoh

ohmyghad. ribbon instead of a necktie!? oh akira. and can we appreciate how he holds his school bag like a girl

i love starmyu okay i love it so much i dont even know how to describe what i feel go watch this musical of stardust rebels

are you a beansprouts or soba person? are you a dog or cat person? are you a sweets lover or a sweets hater? are you 9 or 65 years old? are you a tsuntsun or are you a fake gentleman? are you a necktie ribbon or a hairtie cord person? are you the person giving or receiving a gay topless stab? are you a gets lost everywhere person or a beansprout senses are tingling person?
are you giving the “you can’t save everyone” speech person or a “I want to be a destroyer who can save ” person? are you a sacrifice everything to save your comrade person or a choose hell for the one who saved you and chase them around a city to help them person?

Large Alpacasso for sale, email for more details~

Send inquires to Alpacasso@live.com
I prefer to discuss through email for faster responses and to keep track of messages easier.
(If you are not responsive, I will add you to my blacklist for wasting my time, sorry)

Macaron series (scallop tag)
45cm yellow SOLD
45cm purple SOLD
50cm pink closed eye SOLD
45cm white

Pastel series
50cm pink closed eye

Christmas series
45cm White w/ red Santa hat & bell ribbon
45cm Pink w/ santa themed outfit

Wakuwaku series
50cm White w/ blue hat & yellow ribbon

Ribbon series (BonBon v2)
50cm Pink w/ blue bow SOLD
50cm White w/ yellow bow SOLD

BonBon series (first release)
45cm Beige w/ purple bow

Alpacacafe series (kid series)
36cm Pink maid

Sweet delight series
33cm White boy SOLD
33cm Pink girl SOLD

Ballerina Princess series
55cm Pink girl
55cm Blue girl

Happy pirate series
35cm Pink Momo
35cm White Ace (black hat) SOLD
35cm White Yuki (blue hat)

Schoolmate series
33cm Beige w/ red beret

Necktie series
45cm Yellow Llama w/ pink ribbons and necktie

Valentine series
45cm White boy

Festival series
45cm Pink Bunny mask

Play!color! series
45cm Neon blue SOLD

Regional series
45cm Tokyo Tower

Natural series
55cm white