ribbon garters

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Some Lieutenant Duckling “sneaking into the Princess’s bedchamber” smut for a Friday night.

If they were ever discovered he’d probably be hanged for this.

But, gods above, he’d die a happy man.

Her nightdress is hiked to her waist, legs splayed open on either side of him. She’s wearing silk stockings tied with pink ribbon garters, and the sight sets his blood aflame and makes him yearn to slide up her pliant body and do the one thing that would send him to the gallows in a heartbeat.

But even like this, sneaking into Her Royal Highness’s chamber in the dead of night and climbing into the private sanctuary of her large feather bed, he is still a gentleman.


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afterpartyattheshire  asked:

I really want a snake but my mum is scared of them. :(

I’m sorry to hear that. It can be really frustrating when a family member just doesn’t understand how sweet and lovely pet snakes can be. You may have some luck changing your mom’s mind by educating her about snakes and/or seeing if there’s a local reptile store where she can meet some nice snakes. I’ve always found that learning about an animal makes people much less afraid of it. There are also some snake species out there that even people who don’t like snakes tend to find cute. The ones that immediately come to mind are hognose snakes, Kenyan sand boas, and teeny snakes like ribbons and garters (ball pythons are bigger but they also have very cute puppy faces).

Of course if your mom is unwilling to have an open mind or has an extreme phobia or pathological fear then it may not be possible for her to be ok with snakes. I wish you luck though!


Picture 1 girl

帽子(hat): @imadako​​
上衣(Top): @karzalee​​
下身裙子(dress): @sims4-marigold​​
腳上絲帶(ribbon garter): @sims4-marigold​​
靴(boots): @MJ95
槍(gun): @karzalee​​
動作( pose): 自作實驗品(*゚▽゚;*)

有型帽子!!! 鐵製?背心~☆
皮製短裙!! 長boots!!

臉部表情最使我頭痛 (汗l||)

如本人忘記打上 / 打錯出處,