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Embroidery Ribbon Art | Angela Yuklyanchuk

Embroidery ribbon art is a very fascinating process… You never know what will happen in the end… Just take the cloth, brush, and paint — and under the gentle sounds of your favourite music, it begins to happen… And then you peer into the colour stains and compose their own flowers and herbs from silk ribbons and thread… Every time, there are new ideas and varying approaches, and they inspire, give development. My paintings are not simply embroidery, but mixed media, which I have gradually evolved through trial and error.
Angela Yuklyanchuk.

The Beauty and the Beast - Prince Adam

Finally, this horrible costume is finished and just needs to be ironed.
Now I can fully concentrate on a small commission of a workmate, Gothel and Maleficent.
The commission and Maleficent need be finished soon. Gothel still need far too long >____>“


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