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Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 7: Free Choice

(I was going to do a meta for this, but I am teh suck at meta because I can only write how I talk–informally and incoherently.  So have this to end the week on a low note.  Rated T for themes of drug use and adult feels.  Also, could be set vaguely in the universe of So What Was Your Last Girlfriend Like?)


There are seven people alive that have seen Molly Hooper cry.

Her Mother.  Her Brother.  Her flatmate from her first year at university.  One of her lecturers.  A stranger on a train that sat with her on the trip up to Northampton when she’d got the call from the hospice nurse.  One ex-boyfriend.

And Mycroft Holmes.

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I love you

I love you.

The whole day you’ve been expecting him to say it, but he never once did.

And you know you can’t expect him to do it tonight, even though he is your husband now. Even though he keeps running his disconcerting, unreadable gaze across you; even though you know you are looking your personal best in the silver dream of floating silk that is your wedding dress.

He won’t say it today, or ever.

Because this is an arranged marriage. And because he is Draco Malfoy. -

The reception is over, the last guest has left the Manor. His parents, Lucius and Narcissa as you have been asked to call them now, have retreated to their rooms. Draco has ordered the servants to start cleaning up, but he hasn’t yet gone upstairs. He hasn’t wished you a good night; he’s still with you down here in the darkened entrance hall.

Does this mean he’s going to… Will he…

“Alright, Mary Sue. Come upstairs.”

In an instant, your knees have turned to jelly.

“That isn’t my name,” you say, your voice betraying your distress and confusion.

“As I am well aware. Just come along. Your husband is asking you to join him in his bedroom.”

He is standing by the staircase, clearly having no intention of crossing the distance between the two of you. Let alone of sweeping you up and carrying you to his rooms, like you’ve been imagining it so many times.

Staying put and wringing your hands behind your back, ruining the ribbon of your diamond-studded sash, you say, “You know I wouldn’t expect you to… You don’t have to… I mean…”

“What do you mean,” he says coolly.

“We don’t have to have sex just because we are married now,” you gush out, not caring anymore that there’s still servants around. “I know you only did it because your father made you, because the Malfoys need my father’s financial support…”

“The Malfoys have never needed anyone’s support,” he says flatly. There’s something there in his grey eyes, like icy sparks of suppressed anger. I shouldn’t ask him this question, I know I shouldn’t. Not now, with people listening, and when it’s too late, anyway.

“But then why would you… why did you… You are Draco Malfoy, and I am just a Muggle girl!”

“As I am well aware. - So, why? Why did I marry you? Why am I asking you to do your duty as my wife?”

He looks at you from across the wide hall carpet with something like a budding smile tugging at his lips…

Your head has started to swim with how hot and how beautiful he is, and with a sudden burst of crazy hope.

The smile turns into his smirk, that Malfoy smirk you know you will come to fear.

And finally he’s doing it, he languidly walks up to you, past that maid who has been hovering close by all this time, like waiting -

You realize it only now, the girl has been waiting for him! - And now he smoothly slips a Galleon into her hand, and as he does, he runs his thumb over her palm.

It’s a short, practiced gesture.

His eyes have never left your face.

Then he has stepped past her, like dismissing her, and says,


Maxim’s is a restaurant in Paris known for its Art Nouveau interior decor. Jean Cocteau said of Maxim’s: “It was an accumulation of velvet, lace, ribbons, diamonds and what all else I couldn’t describe.” It was immensely popular with the international celebrities of the 1950s. In 1981 the fashion designer Pierre Cardin bought it.
Maxim’s was featured in the movies Gigi, Bonjour Tristesse and Jean Renoir’s 1937 masterpiece Grand Illusion.
It was also the background for scandal, such as the headline grabbing moment when Brigitte Bardot was photographed leaving the restaurant barefoot in 1967.


Sketches to stitches.
 Ta-Da! This is my renaisance vest/bodice (whatever you want to call it) that I just finished. I sketched this design on Sunday and spent the last two days making it. Not a bad three day turn-around if you ask me.

 Every day we get closer to quest and I’m getting more and more excited!

Joanna Newsom's Singing Range

Significant high notes:

  • D6 (“Colleen”)
  • A5 (“Look and Despair”)
  • G5 (“Have One On Me”, “Good Intentions Paving Company”, “Look and Despair”, “Only Skin”)
  • F♯5 (“Bridges and Balloons”, “Colleen”, “Have One On Me”, “In California”, “The Fray”)
  • F5 (“Cosmia”, “‘81”, “Emily”, “Esme”, “Monkey & Bear”, “Sawdust & Diamonds”)
  • E5 (“Autumn”, “Colleen”, “Emily”, “Esme”, “Have One On Me”, “In California”, “Kingfisher”, “Peach, Plum, Pear”, “Only Skin”, “Ribbon Bows”, “The Man Who Ran the Town”)
  • E♭5 (“Easy”, “Only Skin”, “Sadie”, “Sawdust & Diamonds”, “Swansea”, “The Fray”)
  • D5 (“Baby Birch”, “Cosmia”, “Does Not Suffice”, “Emily”, “En Gallop”, “Esme”, “Go Long”, “Good Intentions Paving Company”, “In California”, “Inflammatory Writ”, “Look and Despair”, “Kingfisher”, “Monkey & Bear”, “On A Good Day”, “Ribbon Bows”, “Sawdust & Diamonds”, “Soft As Chalk”, “The North Star Grassman and the Ravens”, “Three Little Babes”, “What We Are Allowed”, “You And Me, Bess”)
  • C♯5 (“Bridges and Balloons”, “Cosmia”, “Erin”, “Go Long”, “Only Skin”, “Sprout and the Bean”, “Swansea”, “What We Have Known”)

Significant low notes:

  • A3 (“Autumn”, “Baby Birch”, “Colleen”, “Cosmia”, “Esme”, “Half a Day”, “Have One On Me”, “In California”, “Inflammatory Writ”, “Kingfisher”, “Monkey & Bear”, “Occident”, “Only Skin”, “Ribbon Bows”, “Soft As Chalk”, “The Diver’s Wife”, “This Side of the Blue”, “What We Are Allowed”)
  • G♯3 (“Monkey & Bear”, “Sprout and the Bean”, “Swansea”, “The Book of Right-On”, “What We Have Known”)
  • G3 (“Cosmia”, “'81”, “Emily”, “Good Intentions Paving Company”, “In California”, “Jackrabbits”, “Kindness Be Conceived”, “Kingfisher”,“Monkey & Bear, "No Provenance”, “Only Skin”, “Soft As Chalk”, “The Diver’s Wife”, “The North Star Grassman and the Ravens”, “This Side of the Blue”, “You And Me, Bess”)
  • F♯3 (“Autumn”, “Bridges and Balloons”, “Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie”, “Does Not Suffice”, “Go Long”, “Sadie”, “Soft As Chalk”, “What We Have Known”)
  • F3 (“Autumn”, “'81”, “Esme”, “Good Intentions Paving Company”, “Half a Day”, “Ribbon Bows”, “The Diver’s Wife”)
  • E3 (“Good Intentions Paving Company”)
  • C3 (“Only Skin”)

Rowaelin- “Fancy Damn”


Heyyyyy. Here’s a fanfic I promised to an anon about a week ago-she asked for a ballroom fic where Aelin wows everyone to the floor at a ball, because her dress was so fabulous! Here it is-with every ship in the book, no pun intended. ROWAELIN, LYSAEDION, ELORCAN, CHAOESRYN, MANORIAN. Here we goooooooo

side note-no smut, but kissing scene. I promised this today, buts it’s midnight-I’m already late, no time. gotta get this baby out.

characters copyright of sarah j maas

additional characters copyright to me

word count-3,320

multi-shipping, here we are…


Dorian had requested Aelin and her court to come to Adarlan for the upcoming Yulemas ball. Of course they all said yes, and soon before long, they were on the road there, riding in a fancy white carriage through the Oakwald forest.

Elide and Lysandra had simply worn their dresses for the couple-day trek; but Aelin had said she wanted to find her dress once she was in Rifthold. She wanted to give everyone an element of surprise.

The ball would start at 10:00PM of the next day, the last hours of their trek, which they hadn’t taken any breaks with. The invitation from Dorian had arrived late, so they’d had to haul ass out of Terrasen. It would go until midnight, and Terrasen’s court was ready to have some dancing, flaming fun.

Aelin only had one problem with the ball, and that it was taking place in the glass portion of the castle, but she’d get over it. For her sake, for all their sakes.

“Aelin, you’re such a pirate,” Aedion mocked. “Look at that travel clothing. Where’s your hook?” They all laughed, but Aelin glared. “You’ll laugh when I look better than you,”

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IKON when you’re crying out of happiness

Thank you for your request anon! this will be a fun one~ i hope you will enjoy it~! :) hehe


You and Hanbin we’re currently partaking in a staring contest. You often messed around and played when your boyfriend was around. As you stared into his eyes you found yourself taking in all of his features and it suddenly hit you that the boy you were staring at had entered your life and changed it drastically. He made you so happy and you felt blessed to have him in your life, you began to start tearing up which caused Hanbin to become worried as he noticed you were holding back tears, not just from playing the game. He forgot all about the game and shuffled closer to you. 

“W-whats the matter babe?” he asks taking your hand in his.

Y/N “im just… im so happy that like i have you and… and like im just so blessed and i love you so much and …” Hanbin would start to grin and pull you into a tight hug and kiss you a few times, finding you adorable.

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It was the day of your wedding and you were at the alter, walking down, with Bobby waiting for you at the very end. His head turned back to look at you looking amazing in your wedding dress. He then looked up at the ceiling to calm the nerves he was experiencing. As you stood beside him your eyes began to fill, the day finally come, you we’re going to be Mrs Kim. Bobby turned his head to you and held your hand, stroking his thumb on the back of your hand to try and calm your tears. The ceremony started and as you both read your vows you noticed not only you were crying but Bobby also began to fill up. 

“You may now kiss the bride” Bobby held your face between his hands, wiping your tears with his thumbs, smiling brightly before leaning in to press a sweet gentle kiss upon your lips. 

“You’re mine forever~”

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Jinhwan picked you up from work one day and took you to an apartment in an area of soul which you fell in love with. You were confused why he had took you to an apartment an empty one at that. The both of you looked around, the view on the city from the huge bedroom windows took your breath away, it was so beautiful. 

Y/N: “Babe? why are we here?” you asked curiously, looking back at your boyfriend. A proud smile began formed on his lips. 

“This is our new place of course~ it’s all ours~ we can finally move in together~ do you like it?” you went to straight to denial and interrogated him if he was telling the truth, he kept insisting it was your place and he had bought it without you knowing, he even showed you the papers and with that you broke down in happy tears, hugging him so tightly which he found super cute, ginning. 

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You have been learning to drive for ages now. You’ve recently took two driving tests and unfortunately failed on both of them. It had gotten you really down and you were even considering giving up, thinking you would never be able to get your licence but with a little persuasion from you lovely boyfriend Yunhyeon, you carried on. You had just finished your test and left the building to meet Your boyfriend and your friend Bobby and Junhoe who were waiting to hear about your results. When they saw you approaching as a sobbing mess and the piece of paper rolled up in your hands they instantly thought you had failed as you had a worried expression on your face. 

“How did it go babe?” Yunhyeong asked as you approached. 

Y/N: “BABE I PASSED!!!!!!” you screamed wiping your tears and grinning. The boys began cheering loudly screaming in excitement, tackling you in hugs.

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You were sat by the couch with your’s and Donghyuk’s little girl while he was cleaning up your little girl’s room. You were trying to get her to walk and encouraging her. She finally let go of the tv stand and stood up wobbly, you’re eyes widened at the sight. You’re little girl then began to take a few steps toward you with the biggest smile on her face before falling down in which you caught her and hugged her tightly, sobbing with proud tears. 

Y/N: “DONGHYUKKK (baby girl’s name) TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!!”

at that Donghyuk come flying out the door with a slight pout that he missed it. He quickly grabbed some of her plushies to encourage her to walk again so he would see, hugging you and wiping your tears at the same time.

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Chanwoo had made you majorly suspicious when you went on this evening’s date. You went to a a nearby river during the night. He said to take a mini picnic and that you both could just chill and admire the lights of the city reflecting against the water. it was a very calm atmosphere the both of you were picking at the snacks you had brought, now choosing from the chocolate selection box. 

“Babe can you lift up the plastic tray one moment” you shot him a ‘wtf’ face. why would you lift up the tray for? but you did anyways. You were shocked at the sight. Tied at the bottom of the box with red ribbon was a beautiful diamond ring and a little note, You took the note and opened it. 

Y/N i’m so happy that life has brought us together. You have made me so happy and i want to spend the rest of my life with you. if been wanting to do this for a while now but i was wondering if you do the honor of marrying me?’ 

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You were waiting at the airport for your boyfriend who was returning home from Japan with his group. As the time to his arrival drew closer, the more your hands shook. This wasn’t because you were nervous to see him but they were shaking more out of excitement. You were wearing one of his hoodies and help flowers for him in your hands. The doors opened and you saw Bobby exit, you were extremely focus on the doors and as soon ass you saw his tall ass come through them, looking around you instantly began to tear up. 

Y/N: “JUNHOEEE!!!!” You yelled his name and he instantly looked in your direction, his face brightening up as he saw you run in his direction. He dropped his bags and held you you close you him, slightly spinning you around, filling your face with kisses and telling you how much he missed you.

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