ribbon cupcakes


one year of miraculous!!!! i hope there are ladybug and chat noir themed baking things in canon

Just Imagine

How would some of the KnB characters propose?

You slowly wake up, feeling soft sunlight on your eyelids which was unusual. Since moving in with Murasakibara Atsushi, you’ve become accustomed to waking up only when your alarm would ring as his large frame usually blocked out the sun. The fact that the sunlight could reach you meant that he wasn’t in bed. Gradually coming into conscious, you reached over only to find his spot cold. Now frowning, you lazily rose intent on finding him to get your good morning kiss. As you rubbed your eyes, you noticed a purple note on your nightstand.

Morning __-chin. I forgot to tell you that I’m meeting with the others today. I left you breakfast downstairs. Love you.“ You were definitely awake now, but you were upset. Today marked nine years since you and Atsu had known each other since your first year at Yosen. The two of you along with Tatsuya-senpai, had all moved to Tokyo after graduating from Yosen where the boys opened a string of café’s. After graduating you also took a position in their growing empire, creating unique identities for each café. You head to the kitchen only to find a full breakfast spread with all your favorites on the table with another purple note.

It’s been nine years since the day you gave me your cookies __-chin. I never forget treats, especially ones from you. By the way can you go pick up the new samples we need to taste from each café? Start with Bliss.“

You were slightly mollified, but still peeved. Even if you appreciated his efforts, what you really wanted was to spend time with him. But it clearly it couldn’t be helped. You enjoyed your breakfast feast, and prepared to go pick up the samples. There were a total of seven cafes, so you knew this would probably take all day.

Even though you weren’t feeling great you decided to dress cutely in an attempt to pick up your mood. Driving to Bliss you reveled in the warm and mild weather, and decided that you would enjoy your day. Secretly making up your mind to enjoy all the treats you wanted without getting any for Atsu.

Upon reaching Bliss, you headed towards the kitchen and greeted the staff. They pointed out a small box with a pink ribbon and a purple note on top. It seemed smaller than the normal samples but you figured it must be a special item, and after saying your good byes you left taking the box with you. Reading the note when you got into the car you could only sigh.

Thank you __-chin, Sweet Treats is next.“ Of course it had to be the café farthest from your current location, but you complied knowing that there was probably a reason it was set up the way it was. Tatsuya-senpai was very methodical and relatively reasonable, and he was likely to be the one to set up your course for the day. 

As you continued travelling to each café, you continued to collect the small boxes with colorful ribbons, each coupled with a purple note that provided you with the next location. First it was pink, then red, then yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and finally purple. You didn’t expect a note on the purple box, it was the last stop and you figured you would only need to bring all the boxes home. By then it was late, nearing dinner time and you were hoping that Atsu would have returned to the apartment by now. Sighing, you read the note and became baffled.

__-chin, can you bring all the boxes to the park?“ Although he didn’t specify which, you knew it was the one the Kiseki no Sedai frequented whenever they met up to play basketball. At this point you just wanted to be finished and spend some time with Atsu. As you headed towards the park you planned to steal him away the moment you got there.

Arriving at the park you blinked once, then twice. You rubbed your eyes but the scene in front of you didn’t dissipate. The ground of the park’s front entrance was covered in flower petals, perfectly scattered resembling a pathway. At first you thought that someone was planning an event for someone else, and headed for the other park entrance when Satsuki popped out of nowhere.

"No __-chan! You need to go this way!" Proceeding to drag you along the petal path. As the two of you began approaching the center of the park, you noticed a gazebo in the distance. You knew that wasn’t at the park when you were here yesterday, and it only served to confuse you further. Satsuki pushed you into the gazebo where your eyes immediately locked into Atsu’s violet gaze.

__-chin, have you opened any of the boxes yet?“ Bewildered, you could only shake your head. He sighed in relief, and his eyes shifted from being tense to showing uncertainty.

You should open them now.“ You slowly unravelled the pink ribbon first. Inside was a single cupcake with the letter ’M' in pink frosting.Looking up you realized that Atsu wasn’t holding any snacks, his hands were clenched tightly and his eyes were following your every movement. Completely baffled you continued to unravel the rest of the ribbons, finding more cupcakes and more letters. A red ‘A’, and a yellow ‘R’, you paused momentarily when you reached the green 'R’. It couldn’t be. You took a breath and continued. A light blue 'Y’ confirmed your thoughts. Opening a dark blue ’M’, your eyes began to water. But when you opened the box with the purple ribbon you found it empty.

Your heart dropped, did you hope for too much? The tears that had been building in your eyes spilt over, and you began silently crying. A soft cough caught your attention, and turning your head you saw Atsu on one knee holding the final cupcake in one hand, a purple 'E’, the other holding a black box cushioning an Amethyst ring. 

Don’t cry __-chin, it was Kisechin’s idea. I’ll crush him later. Marry me, __-chin. There’s no one else for me but you. Marry me.“ It wasn’t the way you imagined the moment would be, but you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. You were barely able to choke out a yes when you were swooped into a passionate kiss. You barely registered the cold sensation of Atsu slipping the ring onto your ring finger, focusing to reciprocate his kiss with fervor.

Do you want me to crush Kisechin now __-chin?“