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1900s Combination Corset Bloomers: It has little shell buttons all the way down the back.  soft sheer white cotton with the finest Valenciennes lace details all over front & back. There’s a small name embroidered on the front side it says “Helene”, There are little delicate ribbon “belt loops” inside the front lace near bust for a silk ribbon that will tie it in tighter for shape.This has that wonderful antique Gibson Girl style/shape commonly called a pigeon front, for the way it billows out full in front.                

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Joshua is my ultimate bias and my favorite type of drabbles are the ones that go from friend to couple. Can you do something like that? :) Joshua + finally escaping the friendzone haha

I wrote a similar story (childhood friends to couple) like this long ago so you can check it out here if you’re interested! Here’s your request :) I’ll call this Joshua + Friendzone free. Enjoy! x

Word count: 710

Joshua knew his heart was right, when he saw you walking around church with your family, new to the area. You didn’t know him at the time, but he knew you. You two went to the same church but you attended the morning services while he attended in the afternoons. He had his ways.

The first time he saw you, you were in a blue dress with a ribbon belt on one Sunday. He thought you were beautiful. Coincidentally, he too, wore a blue buttoned up shirt with a black neck tie. He smiled and felt butterflies in him, telling himself it was ‘destiny’.

Or so he thought.

“Sorry I can’t date you. I already have a boyfriend, and he’s overseas.” you told him kindly one day and not wanting to hurt his feelings as possible. “But I really appreciate your feelings, Joshua.”

Joshua forced a smile, yet hurt was seen on the surface. He just got friendzoned by the girl he admired the most.

“It’s okay. Is it alright if we stay as friends?”

“Of course! I need company around here, I’m still new.”

The following day, he walked around campus and into the library. His co-librarian, Wonwoo, noticed him not being himself.

“Hey Josh, what’s up?”

“Remember that girl I told you about? The one I like? And plays the guitar like me?”

Wonwoo flipped through the pages of the book he was reading. “Yeah? What about her?”

“I just got friendzoned.” he sighed, “I really like her though.”

Wonwoo looked up, adjusting his glasses. “Ooh, that’s tough.”

Joshua placed his head on the counter, “I know. I should’ve known that a pretty girl like her has a boyfriend.”

“There are plenty of girls out there. You know the saying, ‘There are many fishes in the sea’.”

“But my eyes hooked on her already.”

“I don’t know what to do with you.”

It has been half a year since you moved in to the neighbourhood. And also half a year since you broke up with your boyfriend overseas. You recalled on the conversation you had with him.

“You’re breaking up with me?”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. We just don’t click. We have fights here and there. And I’d rather be honest with you.” he paused. “I’m dating another girl long before you left and she’s great-”

“It’s okay. I get it. You don’t have to explain yourself.”

“I’m sorry-”


You wondered why. The moment you’ve closed doors with your ex-boyfriend, another door opened right away. The person behind that door was Joshua. When he confessed, you didn’t want to rush into a new relationship since you haven’t moved on. 

So you wanted to remain friends with him for the time being. He offered a lot of time to show you around the malls and stores, and you definitely appreciated it. 

Things got better when you two ended up at the same university. You both chose the same course and you would be lying to your heart if you said you didn’t fall for him. He was such a gentleman.

Joshua, on the other hand, never stopped loving you. When you told him you broke up with you ex long ago. You finally saw his effort in courting you.

“Joshua?” you called out.

“Hm?” he was writing his essay on his laptop. 

“Remember the time you told me you liked me?” you fiddled with your fingers.

Joshua slightly jumped at this. “Uh- Yeah. W-what about it?”

You smiled as you tugged strands of hair behind your ear. “I like you, too.”

Joshua perked up quickly, his gaped mouth finally turned into a smile. 


“Yeah?” you and Joshua held hands as you walked around the church hall.

“Someday, when the time is right, I’d love for us to say our ‘I do’s’ right here.” bringing you by the altar. 

You smiled at him. “You’re so cheesy.”

“But it’s true. This place was where I first laid my eyes on you.”

You widened your eyes, but couldn’t stop yourself from smiling and blushing. “And?”

“My heart was right after all.”

Kabul (Jackson Wang)

This is inspired by Descendants of the Sun with a slight twist. Peacekeeper/Soldier Jackson rise!

This might be a series lets see where it goes!

WARNING: Mentions Bombing, War, Death, Blood, Injuries


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There was a ringing. A high pitched white noise blocking out all other sounds. Dust flying in the air and filling your lungs. Your body ached, but moved freely–thankfully. You slowly steadied yourself, as the ringing dissipated and faded into the noises of complete chaos. Your eyes darted around, registering the current situation. Civilians in the distance screaming, rubble tumbling from a mile to just a few yards away from you. Your colleagues, running out of the building about a city block behind you, all staring at the chaos ensuing not too far ahead.

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Secret of the Scarlet Hand [x]

I know many of my friends have summer internships and jobs lined up, including myself. While I’m not planning on stumbling on a mystery like Nancy does in SSH, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed! To create a look inspired by that game, pair a cream blouse with a tan blazer, a tribal print skirt, a studded skinny belt, ribbon tie oxfords, a scalloped satchel, a gold phone case, and a jeweled headband. Handprint earrings, a pendant necklace, gold and pearl bracelets, a pyramid ring, and a triangle pair ring complete the look.


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.13.15

DAY ONE: wedding gowns
featured: ‘berkeley’ chiffon wedding gown with medallion lace by truvelle

be still my heart <3 this airy wedding gown features a unique medallion lace accent at the bodice and back, creating a muted circular design that pairs superbly with the flowy almond-hued chiffon skirt … and the added grosgrain ribbon at the waist is just perfection. so pretty, in fact, i had to show off both sides :)


dressing a galaxyPadme Amidala dressing gown

Padmé’s casual dressing gown features vintage embroidered trim, decorative sequins, and handcrafted beaded tassels. Underneath the robe is an underdress of white satin with an empire waist and a purple lace overlay. Rouleaux ribbon belts the underdress and in the center of the ribbon hangs an amethyst stone drop. The headdress is pewter while the matching hair bands feature Celtic knots.

Maxie: What’s wrong with you, Ruby? Why is your lifelong dream to get rid of Team Magma?!

Ruby: It’s not. My lifelong dream is to open my own haberdashery.

Courtney: What is a haberdashery?

Ruby: Oh why does everyone ask that?!

Ruby: (starts to walk off, but then goes back)

Ruby: …A haberdashery is a men’s retail shop that sells men’s accessories such as wallets, hats, buttons, belts, ribbons, and zippers!

Ruby: (storms away)

!Easy and cheap DIY Shingeki no kyojin harness tutorial!

Welcome to my own little somewhat-tutorial on how to make a Shingeki no kyojin harness! ^-^
(these thingys:)

It’s quite easy and quickly made, as well as really really cheap! It only took me two afternoons and no sewing at all, the costs were around 8€.
So, now, first of all what you will need:

  • foam rubber, approximately 30x40cm (11,8 x 15,7 inches)
  • double-faced adhesive tape
  • brown ribbon, 2,5cm (0,9 inches) wide, approximately a bit more than six meters (19,7 feet)
  • brown cloth
  • two of these fasteners, whatevs (You can also get along with only one fastener but you’re going to need to buy a belt then)
  • safety pins
  • measuring tape
  • a pen
  • a pair of scissors

Okay, so, let’s start!

The fist step will be to cut these backpieces out of the foam.
You have to measure the width of the back a bit below your armpits. That’s the width the upper plate should have. Then you have to measure the length of the distance between your shoulders and your shoulderblades. This is the height your plate must have.
For the two small plates are no measurements to be taken.
After you’ve taken your measurements, you have to draw a round-x-like-shape on the foam. Like this:

Easy, isn’t it? :3

The next step is to make the belt. Of course you can use a normal belt and don’t have to make one like I did, but if you want to, then you have to take measurement right above your hips. The next step is to cut a piece of ribbon in the needed length. Remember to leave enough space to glue the fasteners to the ends of the ribbon.
Just put the ends of the ribbon through these thingys at the end of the fasteners and glue the leftover part of ribbon to the “belt” with the tape (I can’t hack language bc I’m not a native speaker and it’s late but I think or hope you get me OwO)
So, yeah, after that, you put on your belt and take new measurements - the distance from your belt to your shoulder. Double it - because you need the same length on your back - and add around 25cm (10 inches) because the backpiece is going to be across your back and through the foam. 
Cut two pieces of ribbon in the needed length (it had been a length of 1,25m for me).
After you did that, draw lines on the edges of the foam. This is were the ribbon will “go through”, so the lines should beas long as the ribbon you bought is wide.
Now cut slits were you’ve drawn the lines and run the ribbon into them, like this:

Now you just have to glue the “front-ends” of the ribbons to your belt with the tape (you’re going to hear that very very often during this tutorial, prepare :‘3), next to the fastener, and the “back-end” of your ribbons to the sides of your belt, near the front as well.
The next step is to connect the front part of your now somewhat baverian-like-overall-belt-trousers with the back. Cut out two pieces of ribbon with the needed length to connect the two suspenders. Leave enough space below your armpits so you’re going to be able to get out of your harness again sometime. Then glue them to the suspenders with the tape. (I’m sorry I forgot to take pictures during the steps. Don’t hate me q.q)
After that, you’re going to need the second pair of fasteners. You have to connect the suspenders infront of your chest. But again, you still need to get out of your harness (if you like it or not lol :3) so that’s why you need the fasteners. Just glue the fasteners to two small pieces of ribbon which are long enough to get glued to the straps already there but short enough they won’t dangle down. Then glue them to straps with the tape ( again >U<).
Now cut out a piece of brown cloth with the same length as the belt (maybe a bit longer) and has a height of around 20cm (Idk how many inches, it just should be long enough to cover half of your butt). You can sew the edges if you like or just glue them with tape (it is your best friend yaay :'3). Now you have to run the ribbon through the smaller pieces of foam and glue them crossed to the back of your harness. Now, you are finished! It should look somewhat like this:

Front (obviously)


Now, for the lower parts of the harness, just cut four pieces of ribbon with the same legth as your legs and put safetypins to their ends, so you are able to drap them around your legs. Just pin them to your trousers below the skirt and below your knees (this part should be hidden by your shoes)
The holders for the 3DMG can be glued to your pants.

Congrats! ^-^ You just made your own snk harness! :3 Sugoi desu ne? :D
Me wearing mine:

Yeah, this is going to be a Ymir cosplay :3
I can’t hack selfies as well, though. lol.


Costume designer Colleen Atwood went above and beyond, both literally and figuratively, for her creations of the Alice in Wonderland movie, which was directed by Tim Burton. Throughout the movie Alice is sipping from vials and eating delicious cakes that make her grow and shrink. Alice goes from a normal-sized girl, to being tiny as a teapot, to towering over red rose bushes. Since I saw the film, I have always been mesmerized by the creative ways Alice changes costume. As a lover of fashion I enjoyed the imaginative way the design team reused fabrics from her previous too big or too small dresses to match the size of Alice - each one more amazing than the last. 

Alice starts in a light blue, traditional Victorian dress. The costumes we see throughout the film were created with the idea that they were made from the several layers underneath the original dress to accommodate her growing and shrinking - eventually transforming into three different outfits. After Alice first drinks the “Drink me” potion and eats the “Eat me” cake, she sprouts and shrinks disproportional sizes to her clothing. Even when the ferocious dog, the Bandersnatch, scratches her arm, her outfit is ripped and results in a halter dress.  Another fine detail to notice is that her adorable arm-bands that seem part of her dresses are really bandages that wrap around her wound.

As Alice shrunk and grew, her dress would not. This leaves Alice puzzling over what to wear throughout the film. First, she improvises a halter and quadruple-wrapped ribbon belt to hoist up her underskirt. Then, when she shrinks again, the Mad Hatter fashions a teeny dress for her to change into inside a teapot. Next, when she suddenly grows out of this garment and ends up gigantic and naked at the royal court, the Red Queen orders, “Clothe this enormous girl!” At this point, Alice is given an asymmetrical black, white, red gown. In each iteration, Alice’s dress gains a detail—black trim, contrasting colors, a stripe—that recalls a certain auteur’s visual language. Alice gets Burtonized." 

- Colleen Atwood describes her vision for Alice’s dresses. 

While at the White Queen’s castle, Alice finally returns to her normal size by drinking a potion consisting of: a pinch of worm fat, urine of a horsefly, buttered fingers, three coins from a dead man’s pocket, two teaspoons of wishful thinking and comically, a glob of spit from the Queen herself. Alice shrinks into the red dress she acquired from the Red Queen, which was made makeshift from the curtains in the palace. As she shrinks roughly 5 feet, the final red dress fits her by becomes a tulle-layered ball gown.

The metamorphosis of Alice’s clothing was one of the quirkiest details of the film. The process of reusing and reworking Alice’s dresses as she changes sizes could only come from the visionary minds of Burton and Atwood. Next time you watch the film, be sure to take note of the costume changes! I can count eight in all, including her battle armor and her final blue-buttoned coat.