ribbon bee


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Image description:

{ Image 1: There is a watercolor painting of a bee. Above the bee there is a  light blue ribbon that says “DONT BEE” and below the bee, a similar blue ribbon that says “ A JERK”. The ribbon and the corners of the paper have small purple flowers around it. The painting has a white background and the painting is sitting in a light blue tablecloth.

Image 2: There is a water color painting of mint green ribbon that zig zags across the whole piece of paper. The part of the ribbon in the middle says “PROUDLY AUTISTIC”. The ribbon is surrounded by small pink flowers. The painting has a white background and the painting is sitting in a light blue tablecloth.}

anonymous asked:

How do you hc jack and bitty as dads? Who would be more stern? Who would be more likely to embarrass their kid? Who would cry on the first day of school?

GOD ok here we go i have so many headcanons about these two as dads ok like i have in depth character analysis charts for all their future children and how they interact with them but like to answer your questions

who’s more stern:

  • bitty is more stern. he’s the first to snap “no elbows on the table” and he doesn’t let them get away with any grades lower than a C without an “im not mad im just disappointed because you’re SO SMART, baby” talk, because thats how he was raised. however, he’s also really fair with punishments? like, he never takes phones or laptops from his kids bc thats an outlet and he never wants to make his kids feel unsafe. usually punishments are groundings for the weekend (two weekends if its a Serious Offense like physical fights at school or things that put them or other people in danger), and every punishment is negotiable if its clear to him or jack that their child has already learned a lesson. 
    • One time their daughter gets caught shoplifting with a few of her friends, and she’s sobbing so hard when they come pick her up that after a half hour long discussion about how stealing is wrong and more tears and apologies, she gets sent to her room to think for the rest of the night and that’s her only real punishment.
    • on the other hand one time their son gets in school suspension for disrespecting a teacher and refuses to apologize and gets grounded for two weeks and has to write his dads a two page paper on why he needs to handle disagreements appropriately before they let him go to a concert the next weekend. (the paper is jack’s idea based off of creative punishments Alicia used to give to him. “i want you to draw a detailed picture that shows what you did wrong and how you’ll handle it next time. in color.”) 
  • basically its just really important to bitty that his kids have manners and treat people with respect, because that part of his upbringing is so ingrained in his head, but he doesn’t want to be his parents and he NEVER wants his kids to be afraid of him. usually he ends up being the one to decide “this warrants punishment” and then he and jack decide a reasonable punishment together because they’re a good team and it works. jack is also pretty stern when it comes to things that could get them hurt, he’s just a little less likely to snap at his kids for “using that tone of voice”. 
    • one of their kids: breathes
      bitty if hes in a bad mood: dont sigh at me!! show some respect child of mine, oh my god

who’s more embarrassing: 

  • both. they team up. they find it hilarious. 
  • they never do that gross thing where they reveal personal or embarrassing information/sensitve topics to their kids’ significant others or friends just to be embarrassing, but they’re both just really proud of their kids and they have a lot of love for their family and each other, so they’re never allowed to chaperone dances or feildtrips. 
  • usually the most embarrassing thing they do is kiss in public or make out in the kitchen when their kids’ friends are over, and their kids roll their eyes or hiss “DADS, gross” bc parents making out is gross, but once they’re older they find it kinda endearing. “at least they’re still in love after all this time. okay, ew, PAPA get your hand of DADS BUTT we’re in public come ON”
  • also bitty just hugs and kisses his kids foreheads all the time, even though most of his children are taller than him and he needs a stepstool to even reach their foreheads.
  • jack is a bragger. he likes to tell everyone in a twenty mile radius each and every single one of his kids’ accomplishments. he keeps art files that go as far back as daycare, and he’s never thrown away a certificate of achievement.  ever. once they get swapped out from the fridge they go on the wall of his office. it’s too much. one time their daughter brought home a new friend and he spent an entire hour showing them every single trophy and certificate and ribbon his daughter had ever one in her life.
    •  “papa, that’s just my third place ribbon for the spelling bee, its not even that impressive. please let us go watch movies.” “NOT IMPRESSIVE?? ITS AMAZING IM SO PROUD”
  • they’re both just really proud ok they love their kids

who cries on the first day of school:

  • BOTH 
  • its literally both of them.
  • bitty cries the most when they send their oldest to kindergarten, because its the first time and its An Experience and he has that “oh my god my baby is growing up what what WHAT” moment and jack has to rub his back so he can pull himself together. jack’s crying too, but he also knows that they have another one at home who is still a baby and wont be going to school for another two years
  • jack cries the most when they drop off their youngest. he sheds big sad tears and bites his lip so hard that it hurts because he’s holding back a sob and when him and bitty get home he collapses a little because the house is too quiet and his anxious brain keeps saying “this is the beginning of the end, soon they’re all gonna be in college and it’s gonna be so weird and different”. bitty runs his hands through his hair and shushes him and tells him its okay, they still have many many years of loud children causing mayhem in their home, the only differences now they get a break sometimes.