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How to make a Charm Bag

  Select the material that you would like to use for your bag. Velvet, felt or leather are good choices. You can also use cotton or any other fabric. Because it’s rich texture, velvet is a good choice for charm bags designed to bring money and prosperity to you.

  Select the colour of fabric for your charm bag. The colour you choose depends on the purpose for your bag:

          - Pink is used for love

          - Red is used for passion

          - Black is used for banishing and revenge

          - Blue is used for spirituality and healing

          - Purple is used for protection and also for psychic power

          - Gold is used for wealth and prosperity

          - Green is used for financial matters

          - White is used for purity and cleansing. It can also be used for                                spirituality.

  Cut your material into two square sections. Place the two pieces together with the insides facing each other. Slowly sew three of the sides of the pouch together. While you sew your charm bag, focus your thoughts on the purpose of the charm. Visualize your goal coming true for the charm bag and being sent out into the Universe and to the Goddess.

  Next you can decorate your charm bag in any way that you wish. You may wish to draw meaningful symbols on the bag. You can write your purpose on the bag. Sewing beads, sequins, ribbons or other decorations on the bag is a good idea. The more effort and time you put into decorating and working with your charm, the more of your personal energy you infuse into it. While you are doing this, imagine that the charm bag is working it’s magic for you.

  Now add the ingredients that you want to have in your charm bag. You can use anything that you feel is symbolic of the goal you wish to reach. Dried herbs, crystals, photos, written words, flower petals, trinkets, a small magnet (for magnetism), you can even spray the inside or outside of the bag with a perfume or dab it with essential oil.

  Sew the top of your charm bag closed. If you wish, you can sew a ribbon onto the bag to hang it with. You may also carry the charm bag in your pocketbook, bag or in your pocket.


Day 166/365: June 15th 2017 | Group Afternoon Tea @ Adorabelle 

The weather was ridiculously cold and rainy today. >_< Steveston was so far from my house… I was on the bus for almost 40 minutes before I’d arrived at the tea room!! Afternoon tea with Charmy, Vicky, and Rachel went well~ the server was really (!!!!) kind to us… such nice service!! I had the London black tea (cue me not being able to fall asleep later JSHKJHFJKHSKGKGG I HATE ME) and there was so much food (sandwiches, scones, pastries, desserts etc)!! I was SOOO full by the end. I literally did not feel hungry until 10pm (the tea was at 3:30 HAHAHA). After high tea, I walked around RC with Rachel (didn’t buy anything — I was too tired lololol and we literally spent 30 minutes inside Indigo RIP I WAS SO BORED T_T).  

When I Was Your Man – Theo Raeken Imagine

Requested by Anon: I don’t know if you’re taking song requests, and it’s totally okay if you don’t. But if you do could you do an imagine based on “when i was your man” by bruno mars, where theo is the reader ex-boyfriend and now she’s in a new relationship with brett? basically the concept of the song.

Warning: Sad Theo and dealing with heartbreak

Word Count: 1,522

Author’s Note: Feed back is always appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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Theo stopped in his tracks the second an old familiar sound reached his ears with his werewolf hearing. It was a sweet and playful giggle. It was Y/N. He’d recognize that giggle anywhere as he heard it a thousand times before. He turned the corner and saw her with someone else. She had her arms around his neck as the guy’s hands rested firmly on her waist. He was playfully kissing and biting her neck, hence her giggling. She looked genuinely happy and that brought a huge wave of pain and guilt over Theo. 

“I got you something,” Theo overheard as the guy pulled away from her.

“Brett, you didn’t have to get me anything,” she smiled widely at the boy in front of her.

“But I saw it and I knew you had to have it.” He pulled out a small bag and gave it to her. Theo watched her slowly untie the ribbon and open the bag. She carefully grabbed what was inside. The second her eyes landed on the necklace with a werewolf charm, she gasped. “Do you like it?” He asked her.

“Brett…” she said completely surprised by his thoughtful gift. “I love it.”

He brushed her hair to the side and grabbed the necklace. “I know we’ve only been together for three months, and I hope this doesn’t scare you,” Theo’s heart stopped beating as he realized this guy was about to tell her he loves her. 

“But you’re my anchor,” Brett continued. Theo relaxed a bit, but it didn’t ease the heartache he had in his chest. Telling a girl you’re his anchor is just another way of saying I love you. It was just a matter of time before Brett would actually say it to Y/N.

After Brett clasped the necklace on, Y/N looked down and smiled at the silver werewolf resting on her chest. She looked up at Brett with a genuine smile. “Thank you,” she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

Theo sighed in defeat. He knew he messed up. His relationship with Y/N was long gone. There was no way to fix it, but he knew he had to apologize. He wasn’t ready to let her go and move on, but she already had. He wasn’t one to stop her from being happy when she deserved everything the world had to offer. The only problem was he had to let her go otherwise he’d be miserable for the rest of his life.

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Protection Amulet

This amulet is a bundle to be carried with you, so be sure to use a small stone. Create this amulet during a waxing or full moon phase. 


One of the following, depending on your specific need:

  • Clear Quartz: all-purpose
  • Tiger Eye: courage
  • Black Tourmaline or Obsidian: repelling unwanted energy
  • Garnet: guards against thieves (good to keep in a vehicle)
  • Turquoise: protection during a spiritual jouney
  • Moonstone: protection during travel

Other Items:

  • Incense (frankincense if possible)
  • A candle of any size, white or red
  • A piece of red or white cloth for wrapping the stone (or a draw string bag)
  • String, ribbon, or twine

Create sacred space as desired. Light the incense and the candle. Pass the stone through the incense smoke and chant:

Rising smoke, clear this sone.

Next (holding the stone safely in tongs, if you wish), charge it by passing it quickly through the candle flame and chant:

Rising flame, charge this stone. 

Hold the stone in your projective hand and wrap your fingers around it. Focus your intent on your specific need. Speak it out loud if you’d like. Chant five times:

Stone as guard, danger barred:

To protect, none detect.

Wrap the fabric around the stone and tie it in a knot with the ribbon or string. Allow the wrapped stone to rest near the candle until it burns out. Allow the incense to burn out as well.

Carry the amulet with you in your pocket, handbag, briefcase, backpack, etc., for as long as you feel the need. Recharge the amulet as you feel is necessary.

(Source: The Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant)  

Something to Talk About

One Shot

Sebastian StanxReader

You were ready to punch him. Not a playful giggling arm punch, an ‘I think you just bruised my rib’ punch. He had been in a mood all day and you were 90,000% done.

This was “date night” if you could call it a date. You and Sebastian had been seeing each other, been an item, so to speak, for three months, and no one knew. You wanted to tell everyone, but had just sensed early on, when there was a blip of press about Seb and his Mystery Woman, that he had wanted to keep your private life just that, private. So when you went out you were careful. Now the gossip mill called you besties and you let them just go right on thinking that. By extension, you had basically started always denying that you were together, even to close friends.

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The Princess & The Swan | Na Yeon + Mo Mo (TWICE)

The Princess & The Swan | Na Yeon + Mo Mo (TWICE)

Word count: 3.2k
Genre: smut + high school!au
Warnings: public sex, threesome, dom/sub themes
A/N: wtf is this ??¿?

The twittering of voices that should sound like the sweet symphony of early morning birds has turned into the white noise of swarming mosquitoes after hours on end of suffering through it. Each voice, though different in sound, has the same message to relay like a flock of mindless parrots. The names printed on the lags pinned to their lapels may suggests that the members of your classroom are individuals in their own right, but the almost puppy-like loyalty they display towards one particular student shows it’s not true. Mo Mo Hirai sits in the desk directly behind yours soaking in all the praise as though she’s a newly anointed queen, and with how much attention the entirety of the school–faculty included–is showing her, she might as well be.

It’s no secret that Mo Mo is a good dancer. Better than good, she’s the best dancer at your high school and was chosen to represent the school’s dance club in a recent competition. The school had been taken aback at the prospect of competing in any type of competition after years of being just below the cut off for qualifications. Even the prestigious math league that was the school’s pride and joy never saw the light of day when it came to selections for seminars abroad that would most likely be taught by professors even the most dignified of teachers sought after for attention. Yes, on the outside Jang Sang seemed like the perfect high school that was striving towards greatness one year at a time, but on the inside it was just as corrupt and self-absorbed as they accused lower ranking schools of being.

Mo Mo was no different. In fact, she was more akin to the lower schools than anyone else seeing as she was brought into Jang Sang on a dancer’s scholarship. This was information privy to only the smallest amount of people inside the school and it wasn’t hard to see why. While everyone that gravitated towards Mo Mo like a moth to a flame wore the same uniform as she did–the females did, at least–Mo Mo hadn’t paid a penny out of her pocket for it. It showed in the designer bags and fancy makeup that was branded in some foreign language that most girls clung to like a lifeline. You have never once seen Mo Mo with anything other than her generic brand bookbag, but you can figure where all her families funds went. Not only did she dance, but her older sister did, too. So while all the other girls seemed to find no fault in dropping their entire allowance on a new makeup palette Mo Mo put her extra cash into her dance.

The newest addition to her equipment was the simple pair of black ballet shoes that you could see just poking out from her bag. The ribbons looked to be made of something luxurious; probably silk. Whatever it was couldn’t come cheap. It makes you wonder why Mo Mo let these careless kids inflate her ego as much as they do. All their dark eyes looked like blank abysses that search for nothing other than another stack of money.

Mo Mo was a lucky one. When she graduates she’ll have her whole life ahead of her. Any performing arts college would be foolish to turn down an application from such a promising woman. With the way she’s going it could be a free ride for her on another scholarship. Yeah, she’d be doing just fine. But the rest of these brainless zombies that have become so preoccupied with anything and everything superficial, they’ll be lost once our graduation ceremony is over. A select few could get by on their parents’ plethora money, but the rest who don’t have the grades to make it will probably get stuck serving drinks at the elegant places Mo Mo will surely be performing one day.

You realizes for as much as you ridicule the rest of them anyone could say the same things about you and not be wrong. Of course, you’re a good student; good enough to make it into some pretty elite schools, but money is on your mind as much as the next person. While Mo Mo probably dreamed in elaborate dance routines, you dreamed in a more domestic setting. From a young age you realized two things; one: you wanted to be a mother, two: you didn’t want to be away from your children. That in itself meant two things; marry early and hopefully marry rich. No one could raise a child on their own if they stayed home all day. It took you a few years after to release your hold on the stay-at-home mom dream. Money doesn’t grow on trees and so neither do rich people willing to marry you. You’d decided at the ripe age of thirteen to not let money rule you, yet here you are going back on your word. And to add salt to the wound, you happen to be dating the richest girl in school: Im Na Yeon.

She didn’t take issue with working hard seeing as she’s the student body president, but she also had a strict rule about people taking handouts. “If you’re not going to work hard with help then you don’t need it to begin with,” was her saying and she took it quite literally. You’d asked her about the whole stay-at-home mom situation and she’d loving told you that raising a child was the hardest, most demanding job in the world and she’d be lucky to help you in any way possible. As for Mo Mo, she wasn’t as forgiving. Na Yeon wasn’t a particularly hateful person–quite honestly she only hated enough people to count on her hands–but Mo Mo just got under her skin. She knew about her scholarship and was fine with it. The girl would dance her heart out to stay in this school, but what she wouldn’t do was pass her classes if they weren’t PE. This Na Yeon also knew about and it made her absolutely livid. To the point where she avoided Mo Mo like the plague and insisted it was for the dancer’s safety. You’d never seen Na Yeon fight or really hit anything, but you knew a thing or two about your girlfriend’s strength from a few heated encounters.

As you shake your head to disburse any perverted thoughts that could get you in trouble due to your current setting (and length of your skirt) the final bell rings. There’s no idle pretense on a Friday afternoon. Everyone immediately bolts to be free of their scholarly duties like bats out of hell. From your seat next to the third story window you can watch everyone skip happily down the front stairs in all their separate groups and separating into cars, vans, or walking. You get up to follow them, but your foot catches on a slick part of the tiles and flies out from under you. You land on your elbows with a slight groan, glaring at whatever almost handicapped you. Instead of it being a stray paper or lost pencil two pretty black ballet shoes sit a few inches from your feet. On of the ribbons it dyed grey with a mark that matches that of your shoe.

You quickly scramble to grab it and rub the mark of off the fabric. These shoes definitely cost more than what you hand in your wallet and Na Yeon would rather go toe to toe with Mo Mo after hearing how you came into possession of the girl’s shoes. Luckily, the dust mark swipes off on the hem of your skirt without much issue and the lace looks good as new once it’s gone. Once your back on your feet you check out the window. The last stragglers that aren’t staying after for clubs are on their way out and Mo Mo isn’t amongst them. She must be in the dance studio. You cradle her shoes close to your chest like a newborn as you walk through the maze of hallways on your way to the studio. You pass the student council room on the way there but think little of it. Na Yeon is always busy doing something in there and you don’t want to disturb her just to say hello. Instead you continue on your way, humming as you go.

Soon your soft singing is overlapped by a more prominent voice that’s being churned out of loud speakers. The light slipping from under the door in the otherwise unlit dance hallway is the only reason you keep walking. Usually this wing is alive with loud music and shouted command with numbers being shouted off to the beat. Now it’s much more calm as only one studio is being occupied. You stand on your tiptoes to see into the room and can barely glimpse the top of Mo Mo’s head as she sits on the floor facing the wall of mirrors. Quietly, you open the door and step inside. The singer you’d thought you were hearing through the speakers is actually seated on the floor with her head on her knees as she stretches, leisurely singing along to the instrumental. Of course, there’s no singer. Mo Mo was known to dance almost exclusively to music without voices.

As if reading your thoughts, said girl raises her head to look at you through the mirror. You clutch her shoes tighter to your chest and wait for her to accuses you of being a sneaky pervert for watching her stretch. She doesn’t. Rather than scolding you she smirks at you in the glass. It’s a smooth, knowing smirk that makes your stomach drop.

“You left your shoes!” You say as quickly as possible. You shove said items out in front of you as you bend in a perfect 90 degree angle bow. Mo Mo chuckles darkly causing you to peek up at her through your lashes. Now she’s facing you on her knees, waving you forward with a curl of her finger. Your body jolts towards her like you’ve been electrocuted. You realize belatedly that you’ve never been alone with Mo Mo before and are completely unprepared for how intense she is on her own. Once you reach her she takes the shoes from you and tossed them over to the rest of her things. You almost want to berate her for the harsh treatment, but dancing shoes are made to be battered, you suppose. Mo Mo doesn’t seemed worried either was as she rises to her full height with enough grace to stop your breath inside your lungs.

Even though she’s only a few inches taller than you she somehow seems to stare down at you as if you’re an ant. Maybe it’s the heated look in her dark eyes or the close proximity, but whatever is it seems to be working to shut down your brain and you need to get away from her before you do something you’ll regret. As of now you can’t tell if it will be painful or pleasurable. Though you have your answer as soon as her lips descend upon yours. Your arm easily snaps up on its own, fully intending to strike Mo Mo across the face, but the loud crash of the door slamming into the wall has the two of you jumping apart in fright before you can do so.

Na Yeon stands in the doorway wearing a less than pleased look on her pretty face. She’s angry; but you can’t tell if it’s at you or Mo Mo. Hopefully the latter seeing as you didn’t actively participate in her sneak attack on your lips.

“You just couldn’t help yourself, could you?” Na Yeon’s voice is deathly calm as she speaks each word with purpose. “You won the competition and now everyone loves you, so you think you run the school now? That everyone will fall at your feet and do whatever you want?” Na Yeon steps closer with each word until she’s at your side, just a foot separating her from the girl she hates most.

“How do you know she didn’t come to me on her own? Ever think of that, Miss Know-It-All?” It’s a cheap shot, a five year old could probably concoct a better comeback, but with the way her face is turning a bright red you’re sure Mo Mo is too angry and embarrassed to care what she sounds like.

“I watched her. She did come to you. But it was you who came onto her. I can’t let that go unpunished.” You’ve heard this voice before. It’s the tone that promises a sore ass after she’s spanked some sense into you. Heat gathers between your legs at the thought of watching Mo Mo get knocked down a few pegs by your ever-dominant girlfriend. The blonde would never step out of line again. Na Yeon reaches across the space between them and hauls Mo Mo forward by her tiny waist.

“You were stretching, right?” A small nod of confirmation, “Well, don’t let [Name] stop you.” Na Yeon easily flips Mo Mo until her ass is pressed into her hips, then drags a hand up her back to lower her head to between her knees. Na Yeon carelessly kicks at Mo Mo’s ankles until they’re a desirable distance apart.

“[Name], since you seemed so eager to return Mo Mo her shoes without any supervision why don’t you show her how eager you can really be?” There’s a pushing pressure on your shoulder until you’re seated between Mo Mo’s spread legs. “Go on, princess, you know what to do.” Na Yeon encourages you without a hint of remorse. You tug at Mo Mo’s spandex shorts, causing her to break her stance to kick them off. Na Yeon gives a quick reproach of her palm to Mo Mo’s tight ass, kicking her feet back into position. You continue where you left off, eager to please Na Yeon by pleasing Mo Mo and push her pretty lace panties to the side with your thumb.

Her lips are already glistening with arousal and you lick her clean before spreading her open with your fingers. Mo Mo moans as you do, earning another smack on her ass from Na Yeon.

“Shut up,” She grunts, digging her fingers into her waist to pull her back into her hips. “This is a punishment.” Mo Mo’s seals her lips and pinches her eyes shut before you return back to her awaiting pussy. More of her delicious juices have leaked out and you take your time gathering them on your tongue, flicking across her clit as you pull away. Her teeth dig into those perfectly pink lips that were against yours just minutes ago, trying to stay quiet. You continue to suck at her throbbing bud, occasionally enjoying the never-ending stream of slick she keeps giving you. It’s not until her thighs twitch around your head that you pull away to look at their faces again. You can feel Mo Mo’s juices painting across your cheeks, your nose, your chin, your lips, but you can’t find it in you to care. Not when Na Yeon has hiked up the trembling blonde’s shirt and sports bra to play with her pretty nipples. They’re hard and pretty between your girlfriend’s fingers and you crane your neck to lick at one of them. Mo Mo trembles as if the room is being wracked by an earthquake and drops to one knee. From the height her warm, wet pussy is just breaths away from your eager lips and you quickly grab her hips before she can stand again.

Na Yeon seems to get an idea from the new position and kicks out Mo Mo’s other leg so she’s fully seated on your jaw. What you hadn’t expected was the feeling of your legs being forced apart and panties being yanked off and tossed haphazardly across the studio. Immediately, Na Yeon’s fingers are lost in your heat and you moan into Mo Mo’s folds. She ruts her hips towards the vibrations and grabs hold of your hair, rocking her needy pussy against your tongue. You get lost in the sensations of eating one of the prettiest pussies you’ve ever seen and having your girlfriend’s fingers work magic between your legs. A particularly loud scream is muffled against Mo Mo as Na Yeon curls her fingers against your g-spot. Your legs shake in time with Mo Mo’s as your orgasms approach. Na Yeon suddenly pulls away her fingers causing you to pull away from Mo Mo to voice your complaints. Instead of listening Na Yeon yanks Mo Mo back into the cradle of her legs, tugs off her panties, and grabs the backs of her thighs. With no thoughts given towards Mo Mo’s flexibility, Na Yeon yanks the blonde’s legs back so Mo Mo’s feet rest on her shoulders. You swallow at the sight of Mo Mo being so spread out before you, still dripping with arousal.

“Come sit on your throne, princess.” Na Yeon says pointedly. You waste no time crawling over Mo Mo and sitting down so your lower lips kiss. You both toss your heads back, strained noises of pleasure leaving your lips. Na Yeon coos at the two of you as she watches you fuck the person she hates most. Mo Mo desperately wraps her arms around you, crushing your chest to hers. You can feel the heat of her sweat doused skin and the frantic beat of her heart as you grind your pussy against hers. A small chant of your name starts to leave her lips until her back arches awkwardly off of Na Yeon’s lap and she comes hard with a shout. Though you’re still unfulfilled you sit back, allowing Mo Mo to unfold her straining muscles. The blonde falls bonelessly off of Na Yeon’s lap. Said girl taken the opportunity to replace Mo Mo’s absence with you. She easily tugs you up so your legs are spread outside of hers before prodding her slender fingers at your opening. Two easily glide in with no resistance. You’re so wet and strung out from feeling Mo Mo’s pussy against yours that you near your high within seconds. Na Yeon adds her thumb to the equation, rubbing rough figure eights across the aching bud until you seize up in her arms, come dripping over her hand and onto her skirt.

By now Mo Mo has recovered from her own orgasm and gently maneuvers you to sit across her face. She plays with your over sensitive sex, flicking at your clit and swirling her fingers through your arousal until you come again; this time on her face. Mo Mo immediately attaches her lips to your lower lips to drink in everything you have to give her. The feeling is bordering on painful as she sucks hard at your pearl until you have to reach to Na Yeon for help. Your girlfriend is wearing a devious smirk on her face as she backs away from your reaching hands.

“Mo Mo, you did so well during your punishment,” She praises, pushing the blonde’s sweating bangs off her forehead, “How would you like [Name] as a reward? I quite enjoyed seeing the two of you together. It made me forget how much I hate you.” Mo Mo either doesn’t hear or doesn’t care about the last bit as she moans her approval into your pussy. Na Yeon smiles earnestly at the two of you.

“My princess and my black swan.”

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook peeking inside one of his gift bags and getting so excited that he drags it away from the Christmas tree and opens it under the kitchen table.
*opens his present cautiously*
*smiles widely*
*closes the bag and put it back under the tree*
“She’ll never know I opened it hehe.”

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“I’ll see you again.” (part 22)

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Summary: A Credence Barebone imagine (Credence x Reader) Christmas Special!

Note: This is the 22nd part to this imagine so make sure you check out the others! I hope you like and reblog it. There also will most likely be a grammar mistake so bare with me. Anyway… I hope you enjoy! 

Sorry this took so long! I hope you guys like it!!!

Date published: March 24, 2017

Warnings: mentions of abuse, and WAY too much cuteness to handle

Year: December- 1926

Part: twenty two of ?



You woke softly to the light shining into the room. You slept on a pallet on the floor by the bed where Credence slept. You looked up at him, sleeping on his stomach, his arm hanging off the bed. His hand was sweetly wrapped around your arm. You smiled to yourself at his action. Even when he was sleeping he still wanted to be close to you.

A few minutes later he started to stir. He lifted his messy-haired head and yawned. He looked so completely adorable you couldn’t stand it. He realized where his hand was, but unlike before, he didn’t move it. He smiled down at you and rubbed his thumb gently on your arm. You reached over and unhooked his hand from your arm and put it into yours. You clasped both of your hands around his and held it up to your face.
He smiled down at you as you smiled up at him. “Merry Christmas.” He said, in his froggy morning voice. Your smile grew bigger. “Merry Christmas.”

You and him made your way down the stairs in your pajamas, following the amazing scent, coming from the kitchen.
“Good morning, you two!” Your mother greeted you. “Merry Christmas.” You smiled as she hugged you both. “I’m making eggs and bacon for breakfast!” She said excitedly.
The rest of your family came pouring into the kitchen. Jack put his arm around your shoulder, and pulled you in for a side hug. You laughed, putting your arm around him also. You and Jack were really close. When you were younger, you told each other everything and were almost always together. He was the one that visited you the most in New York. He still lived at home because he was the youngest and he was only 17. “Let’s open presents before breakfast!” He excitedly suggested. “No!” Your mother exclaimed. “We do that after breakfast!”
He laughed and jokingly squeezed your shoulder. “Alright, everything is ready.” She said. “Everyone go to the table!”
Everyone made their way to the dining room and sat around the table. You sat across from Credence this time, because everyone sat down too fast for you to get your seat next to him. You looked at him worriedly from across the table, but he didn’t seem nervous. You smiled at him, glad he felt more comfortable.

Breakfast was over and you all moved into the cozy living room. The fire warmed the space and the Christmas tree was beautiful. You all sat around, in your pajamas and bed heads. You sat next to Credence with your legs pulled up to your chest. You scooted closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder, he rested his head on yours.

Everyone opened their gifts and loved them. You got a new record from your mom. “Thank you so much!” You said, standing up to hug her. Your mother made Credence a scarf. He was shocked when she said that she had something for him. “Th-Thank you.” He said graciously. “You’re very welcome.” She smiled at the way he looked at the scarf in awe. It was a grey-ish blue color with tassels on the ends. You couldn’t stop smiling. All the people that you loved more than anything were all together. And Credence was right beside you and seemed happy. It was more than anything you could ask for.

You gave everyone the gifts you had gotten them. They all loved them. You felt bad not giving Credence anything because you had given him his gift last night. “It’s fine, really.” He beamed. You had apologized a million times. You couldn’t get over how happy he looked.

Wrapping paper, ribbons, and bags were everywhere. You took a ribbon and tied it around yours and Credence’s head. You laughed at how adorable he looked. His face was red from embarrassment, but you could tell he was enjoying himself.

After you had all cleaned up the mess, you sat around the living room.
Every year your family would go around and tell what they were thankful for. You told Credence if he didn’t feel comfortable doing it he didn’t have to. Then it got to you. “Well obviously I’m thankful for all of you.” You smiled, and paused for a second. You felt tears start to form in your eyes. “I’m thankful for Credence.” You placed your hand on his arm, beside you. “I’m so glad that we met and that I get the privilege of your company every day.” Everyone in the room disappeared, it was just Credence. He looked at you with so much love, you could feel it. “I’ve never felt this way about someone before. I feel at home when I’m with you.” You were starting to cry harder, then you realized that everyone was staring at you. You pulled yourself together and said, “Anyway, that’s what I’m thankful for.” Wiping the tears away. You felt uncomfortable with everyone looking at you. It was quiet for a few minutes then Jack went on to say what he was thankful for. While he spoke you felt Credence’s hand worm its way into yours, that rested in your lap. You squeezed it back and he gently grazed his thumb across the top of your hand. You laid your head on his shoulder and smiled contently, closing your eyes.

After things settled down and you had all done your Christmas things, you and Credence got ready for the day. You had suggested that you and him should go out and play in the snow. It took a little convincing, but he finally agreed. You both bundled up, Credence wearing his new scarf and you went out into the snowy weather.
You walked out into the yard, the snow crunching under your feet. “Let’s make a snow man!” You suggested. Credence had never made one before and he was a little ashamed of that. “I can show you!” You said, looking up at his cold face. His nose was red and his breathe froze in the chilly air. He looked completely adorable all bundled up.
You leaned forward, sticking your arms through his that were in his coat pocket. You hugged his bundled body so tight. “Come on!” You said excitedly, letting go of him.

You built a snowman in the front yard. It was a little clumsy-looking, but you loved it. You were both bending down, getting some snow together to make the head, when you gathered a snowball and threw it. It landed on his shoulder and his head shot up. You were laughing and his face broke into the most adorable smile. He quickly gathered a snowball and threw it at you. You tried to dodge it by hiding behind the snowman, but it hit you on your back. You both were laughing and through snowballs left and right. You and him ran across the yard, trying to not get hit, when you slipped on ice and fell on your back against the snowy ground. You were laughing and Credence came running behind you and fell too.
You laid there next to each other laughing your heads off. You looked at him beside you and stared at him laughing. Both of your laughing subsided as you looked at each other with sweet smiles. You turned on your side, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. “Come on. Let’s finish our snowman!” You stood up and took his hand, helping him off the ground.

The snowman was finished and you were both freezing cold, so you decided to go inside. You shook the snow off of your boots and coats and went into the warm house. Your mother had hot cocoa ready for you when you came in. “Thanks, mom.” You said. You both sat on the couch in front of the warm fire, cuddled up under a blanket. Credence sat really close to you, trying to get warm. You didn’t mind though. It was so sweet and cozy.
Once the cocoa was done you put the empty mugs on the coffee table. You cuddled closer to him, resting your head on his chest. “Your hands are freezing!” You said, taking them both in yours. You clasped your fingers around his hands, trying to get them warm. A while after playing in the snow, you went into the kitchen to help your mother cook dinner.

“Where’s Credence?” You asked your mother after helping her for a while. You hadn’t seen him in a while. “I’m not sure.” She answered. “Last I saw him, he was in the living room.”
You dried your hands on a towel and made your way to the living room, but he wasn’t there. Your heart skipped a beat. Whenever you didn’t know where he was, you got worried. You figured you probably shouldn’t be so nervous when you didn’t know where he was, but you couldn’t help it.
You searched the first floor, the dining room and den. Nothing, so you went upstairs. You opened your door and there he was. He was sitting on the neatly made bed, his back against the wall. “Hey.” You said quietly. He looked up. “Hi.” He said, a small smile forming on his face. You noticed that he had the gift you gave him for Christmas, a notebook and pencils. “Whatcha doing?” You said, sitting on the bed. He pulled the notebook up to his chest, hiding it from you. “Nothing.” He said, his eyes shifting around the room. “Can I see what you’re drawi-” “No.” He cut in. “It’s not done.” He said, his eyes finally meeting yours. You smiled. “Okay.” You stood up from the bed. “Are you good? Do you need anything?” You asked. He shook his head, no. “Alright. I’ll just be in the kitchen.” You told him. “Okay.”
You left the room, and pulled the door closed.

“Did you find him?” Your mother asked when you entered the kitchen. “Yeah, he’s in my room.” You smiled, thinking about how cute he was drawing. “What’s he doing?” She asked. “Drawing.” You couldn’t stop smiling.
“Family should be here soon.” Your mother informed you, a few minutes later. “Alright.” You were cutting up potatoes for the Christmas meal.
After you finished, you went back upstairs to Credence. “Hey.” You whispered, peaking your head through the door. He looked up from his notebook and smiled at you. “Some more of my family should be here soon.” You said, coming into the room. “Okay.” He said, shifting his position, nervously. You sat on the bed, in front of him and he closed the notebook. His eyes nervously glanced around the room. “You’re going to be fine, Credence.” You told him sweetly. He sighed, nodding his head. “Are you done with your picture?” You asked, trying to get his mind off of things. “No, not yet.”
“Okay.” You sat there a minute, then said, “Should we go?” He nodded, putting the notebook beside him, on the bed. You and him got up and stood around for a second. You leaned forward into a hug, hugging his neck. He wrapped his hands around your waist, hugging you even tighter.
You let go, looking down and grabbed his hand in yours. You clasped your fingers around it, leading him out of the room. You wanted him to know that you weren’t ashamed or embarrassed of him. You were excited to have him meet your family and become even more a part of your life.

On your way down the steps you could hear that some of your family was already here. Credence held your hand tighter, at the sound of everyone talking. You gently grazed your thumb over his hand, giving him comfort.
Everyone was gathered in the foyer, taking off their coats. It was loud with everyone laughing and talking and catching up. You felt Credence leaning into your shoulder. You took your other hand and placed it on his arm, squeezing it gently.
Everyone made their way into the living area and you both followed.

“Grandma!” You said, hugging her with one arm, your other still holding Credence’s hand as he stood behind you. “(Y/N), we’ve missed you around here!” She said, smiling at you. “Well, I’ve missed you.” You told her. She looked over at Credence curiously, he looked down. “Oh. Grandma, this is Credence.” You said, stepping back so he wasn’t behind you anymore. He looked up for just a second and gave a shy smile, then quickly looked back at the floor. “Hello.” She said, a little confused.

You had gone through and said hello and introduced Credence to all of your family. You could tell it was a lot for him to take in. You had two aunts and uncles, your grandparents, and quite a few cousins. He had gotten so used to it just being the two of you that being around a lot of people was overwhelming.

A while after, everyone was in the living room catching up. You and Credence sat on the same couch as before, but this time someone else was with you. Your little cousin, Alice who was 3 years old, sat on your lap. “(Y/N)!” She had yelled excitedly, as she ran to you. You smiled down at her as she hugged your legs, looking up at you lovingly.
Now the three of you sat on the couch. You looked through a book with her as she sat on your lap. Credence sat beside you, watching you as a turned through the pages. The way you smiled at Alice, and the way to talked to her gave him butterflies. He had never really seen you like this before. He had never seen you care for someone. Yes, you had definitely cared for him, but this was different. He was watching you care for someone else and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
“Hi.” Alice said shyly, to Credence. He lifted his hand and quietly said, “Hello.” You smiled at the interaction. “Will you read to me?” She asked, holding out the book to him. He nervously looked at you. “I’ll read to you, Alice.” You said. “No, him.” She insisted. You smiled, looking back to Credence. He nodded to you and took the book from her. She crawled into his lap and laid against him, holding the book in her lap. You couldn’t help but smile at the adorable sight.

“Are you good?” You said, standing up from the couch. He looked up from the book and nodded at you. “Okay, I’m going to go see if my mom needs any help.” You told him. “Okay.”

You walked into the kitchen, where your mom was. Your aunts and grandma were there too.
“Hey, (Y/N)!” One of your aunts said. “Hey!” You replied. “So, who is that boy with you?” She asked. “I told you. His name is Credence.”
“Yeah, but who is he?” Everyone was looking at you with so much angst, you felt uncomfortable. “He’s- he’s-”
“He’s (Y/N)’s friend.” Your mother cut in. “We all saw you holding hands.” Your other aunt said, playfully. “I just came in here to see if you guys needed any help.” You said. “I guess you don’t, so bye.” You started to walk out. “(Y/N), wait.” Your aunt said. You turned around, with a ‘what?’ expression on your face. “It’s a little strange, don’t you think?” She said. “What is?” You asked.
“There’s just a random boy here, and no one wants to explain him.” She stated. You looked at her with confusion. “I did explain him, he’s my friend.”
“But we’re all positive that it’s more than that.” Your other aunt added.
“Okay, fine.” You were a little angry at this point. “He’s lived with me since the beginning of December. He doesn’t have anyone else but me. And we-” You paused, thinking. “We love each other.” You said quietly. “Is that good enough for you? Is that what you wanted to hear?” Everyone was quiet and awkwardly stood around the room. You looked at everyone, as they stared at the ground. “And if anyone has anything bad to say about him, they will have to face me.” You said, a little harsher than you meant to. “Take the time to get to know someone before you judge them.” You said, then left the kitchen.

You walked into the living room and flopped down on the couch, next to Credence. You sighed and crossed your arms. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Yeah.” You told him. He kept looking at you, knowing you were lying. “It’s fine.” You said, trying to appear less angry. You scooted closer and laid your head on his shoulder, hooking your arm in his.
He continued to read the book to Alice. The sound of his voice reading the words made you smile to yourself. Seeing him engaged with someone other than you made you happy. He was making so much progress and you couldn’t be prouder.

Quite a while later your mother called everyone to the table. “Dinner is ready!” Everyone got up and walked to the dining room. The table was beautifully set with your nicest plates and decorations.
Everyone sat and began to eat. Credence was on your left and Jack on your right, your two favorite boys. “Jack, you should come and visit again.” You said, as everyone else was in a different conversation. “Yeah. Maybe this summer.” He said. “What do you think, Credence?” You turned to him. He nodded, smiling with a mouth full of food. You giggled and said, “Great! We’ll have to plan it.” You wanted your two favorite boys to get to know each other. You and Jack had always been so close. For so long it was just you and him, but now it was so different. You had Credence now and you wanted them to know each other.

After dinner all the boys went outside to play football, even though it had snowed the whole day. They bundled up and went out to play.
Your aunts, mother and grandma were gathered around the living room, chatting. You and Credence kind of drifted around, trying to figure out what to do. “This is usually what happens.” You told him. All of your cousins were boys, except for Alice. Rose, your older sister was the kind of sister that you weren’t very close to. She was always bossy and never really wanted to be around you. So this was usually what happened. You were stuck between playing football in the freezing cold, talking about boring stuff with the women, or being loner, like you usually were anyway. But now you had Credence to be a loner with. “I’m usually stuck by myself, but now I have you.” You said, playfully nudging his shoulder. He smiled at you, beside him. You two were in the kitchen, leaning against the counter. “We should make hot cocoa!” You suggested.

A while later everyone came in from outside. They all gathered around the fire to warm up. You and Credence walked to the living room and stopped in the doorway. “Anyone want hot cocoa? We’re going make some.” You asked everyone. They all turned to look at you, they all had a sneaky look on their faces. You looked at them curiously and said, “What?”
“Look up.” Jack laughed, pointing up.
You looked back at Credence, confused, then looked up. There was mistletoe hooked on the doorframe. Your stomach fell and you felt your face burn. Credence’s face was red too. You nervously eyed him, not know what to do. “Come on! It’s a tradition.” Your mother exclaimed. “Mom.” You said quietly, a little annoyed. You didn’t want to embarrass Credence and you also didn’t want to kiss him in front of your entire family. You put your hand on his upper arm and looked at him, asking if it was okay. He bit his lip, not looking you in the eye. He moved his hand to your neck, gently grazing his thumb on your cheek. “Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!” Jack started to chant. You looked at him with wide eyes, mouthing the word 'Stop’. Everyone else joined in. You leaned your head forward, laying your forehead on Credence’s chest, laughing at the awkward situation. Your face felt like it was going to burn off from the embarrassment. You were laughing and looked up at Credence, when he suddenly lunged forward, kissing you. You were caught so off guard, but kissed him back, placing your hand on his hand that held your face.
After you pulled away everyone clapped and cheered. You didn’t know it was possible, but you felt your face turn even redder.
“So, does anyone want cocoa?” You asked, your voice a little shaky.
“You know what? I’ll just make a lot.” Then you left the living room, feeling so embarrassed.

A few seconds later, Credence entered the kitchen. You were trying to keep busy by making the cocoa. “Credence, I’m so sorry. My family… they’re… a little crazy.” You said, looking out the kitchen window. You turned to him and smiled. “It’s fine.” He said quietly. Then the kettle began to whistle, so you took it off the stove and poured the water into the mugs.
“Thank you.” He said after you handed a mug to him. “You’re welcome.” You smiled.
Jack came into the kitchen. “Go away, Jack.” You said, jokingly. He laughed, pouring himself some cocoa. “What is wrong with you?” You asked, playfully hitting him. He just laughed, taking a sip of hot cocoa. He walked out, still chuckling. You looked back at Credence and laughed. He smiled back at you, admiring your adorable laugh.

Everyone had gone home and your imitate family had gone to bed. It was just you and Credence in the living room. You both sat on the couch. Your back was leaning against the arm of the couch, your legs resting in Credence’s lap. You were reading the book you were reading on the train, out loud to him. You were trying hard to focus on the words, but you could see out of the corner of your eye that he was looking at you. You didn’t want to look back at him and make him uncomfortable, so you tried to focus on the book.

You finished the chapter and put the book down. You scooted over, taking his arm and putting it around you. You laid your head on his shoulder and nuzzled in, enjoying his warmth. “Did you have a good Christmas?” You asked. “Yeah.” He smiled down at you. “I’m glad. I almost messed it up.” You trailed off. He took your hand in his and said, “Let’s just not tall about it.” You nuzzled in, smiling. “I love you, Credence.” You told him. “I love you too, (Y/N).”
“I don’t want to leave tomorrow.” You stated. “But I also can’t wait to be home.”
“I miss your apartment.” He said. “It’s your apartment too.” He smiled at this and hugged you tighter. “Well we should go to bed. We have to get up early tomorrow.” You said.

You got ready for bed and went into your old room. “Hey, did you ever finish your drawing?” You asked, sitting on your pallet on the floor. He picked up his notebook on the side table. He moved down to the floor and sat in front of you. He handed you the book and said, “Merry Christmas. It’s for you.” You looked up at him and smiled, taking the book from him. You opened it to reveal a drawing of the two of you. Your smiled grew and tears filled your eyes. It was the most beautiful drawing you had ever seen. “Credence, it’s amazing! You’re so talented.” He blushed at your complement. “Really.” You said, looking back up at him. “It’s beautiful.”
“Th-thank you.”
“And it’s for me?” He nodded. “I love it. Thank you.” You leaned forward,and hugged his neck.

You went to bed that night thinking about the great day you both had.
You were so happy Credence finally had a good Christmas.

To be continued….


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Maybe Next Time (Jin x reader)

You looked down at your phone, it just turned 10. You were tired of waiting, you gulped down your glass of wine and Jin’s then scraped his food on your empty plate. You groaned in frustration, he promised he would be back no later than 8, you understood, he was an idol, and he had very strict schedules. The least he could do was text you that he was going to come late though! As you cleaned the dishes, you set them to dry, you then tossed your shoes onto the floor and sat on your bed. Tears were beginning to well in your eyes, maybe you shouldn’t have went on that first date with him. Maybe you shouldn’t even have gotten introduced to him. You wiped your eyes furiously and grabbed a bag, you stuffed clothes into it and jotted down a note.

You will not stay here any longer, you were lovely, he left you for God knows how long! Then again.. He did say he would have a strict schedule. You tucked your hair behind your ear, what do you do? You looked around the apartment, you remember when he moved out of the dorm into your apartment, you two were much closer and more intimate, now he was barely home. You sat back onto the bed, should you leave? Your phone buzzed just then.

Jinnie: i should be home soon

You can technically leave, you weren’t really famous anymore, you can just leave the apartment key with him, pack all your stuff then go instead of just packing one flimsy backpack with an outfit. If you were having these thoughts of leaving him, would they maybe go away? You looked at the wall, showing 2 years worth of photos, you swallowed the lump in your throat.

“What do I do..” You whispered, you then heard the lock on your door turn, you quickly ran into the bathroom, shoving your backpack into the dirty laundry basket and turned on the faucet.

“__? Are you in the bathroom?” Jin asked, you stayed quiet, your eyes were a bit pink, although not red from full on crying. Maybe you can fool him? No, he’s not an idiot. You decided to take action, you dipped your head into the sink and splashed water on your face.

“__, did you already eat?” Jin asked as he attempted to open the door, “__, the door is locked, I’ll be in the kitchen ok?” As you heard his whistling go quiet, you turned off the water. He has no idea. He has no idea that this was 3 years. Did he forget? Does he not have an alarm or a date on the calendar? You looked back in the laundry basket, your bag hidden in the clothes. What do you do? You walked out of the bathroom, you found Jin sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal, watching TV.

“How was filming?” You asked as you sat on the other side of the couch, he nodded with a mouthful of cereal. Oh no.. You felt it, the feeling you felt when you first moved in. You couldn’t go through with leaving him.

“It was good, I missed you though!” He stated as he smiled at you, he then held up his finger, “I have something for you!” He said, you began to feel hopeful. Maybe he did remember the anniversary.

“Can I take a guess?” You asked, once he came from the small office, he held a bag.

“You can open it whenever, I hope you like it!” Jin smiled, you then looked at the bag. It was small and black bag, with a ribbon tying the bag from opening. You pulled one end and pulled out a box. Maybe he did remember! Maybe this is a ring? Could it be a promise ring? Jin was looking at you with excitement. As you opened the box, you felt your heart drop. It was a keychain with a monkey.

“I remembered how much you liked these when we went to Jeju Island!” Jin smiled, he didn’t remember. You then smiled at him with a chuckle.

“I can’t believe you’d remember that!” You laughed, you placed the monkey back into the box and walked to your room, you placed the bag in your nightstand and sat on your bed. Did he not see the dishes in the sink? Or smell the food in the trashcan? You then reopened your nightstand and grabbed the purple box and looked inside, which had a bracelet. Should you give this to him? Would it make him remember? It was worth a try.

“I got you something, Jin.” You smiled, he then placed his bowl on the counter and smiled as you handed him the gift.

“I wonder what it is.” He sang, once he opened the box he smiled at you, “__, you really didn’t have to.” He stated, you shook your head and smiled.

“I wanted to, don’t worry about it.” You smiled, did he remember?

“What’s the occasion for this? It’s such a nice bracelet.” He smiled as he tried it on, you swallowed.

“I just felt like spoiling you.” You lied, he didn’t remember. He then gave you that familiar smile that made your knees weak, he then kissed your forehead.

“You’re the sweetest, I’m going to bed, will you join me?” He asked, you then nodded, he placed his bowl into the sink. Maybe he’ll see the dishes! But no avail, he walked off, tugging off his shoes and placing them near the door. He didn’t remember anything. And it will probably stay like that. You couldn’t do it, you couldn’t bring yourself to leave him. You sat on the couch, your hands on your knees and your gaze straight forward. No, you’re no coward, you can bring yourself to leave him!

“Jin?” You called, you walked into your shared room, but he was in the bathroom. You looked at the note on the door, did he really not see that? Or maybe he did and he ignored it? You were hoping he was quiet from sadness, as you were listening in, you heard him whistle. When did your relationship become like this? Was it when he went famous? You always thought he didn’t have a chance, as bad as it was. Companies are so picky, you thought he had a slim chance. But here he is, going on tour, meeting many people, and going on talk shows. When people would ask about you, it was no doubt that he was very in love with you. But why don’t you feel the connection any more? What changed?

“Jin, I need to talk to you when you’re finished.” You called, you then heard an ok, things were that simple now. He didn’t question anything anymore. You decided you needed another glass of wine, how would you even bring yourself to talk to him about this? You were there for everything, can you easily just walk away? Stop! Stop with these thoughts! Yes! Yes you can! You’re unhappy aren’t you? Right?

“Am I unhappy?” You whispered to yourself as you poured yourself a hearty glass of wine, once you heard the water stop running, you chugged the glass down. Hell, you even began to drink from the bottle.

“__, where are you?” Jin asked, you then waved him over once you made eye contact from across the room, once he walked over he smiled at you, waiting for you. You looked at his face, he’s grown so much. He’s gotten taller, stronger, more handsome. You handed him your glass, and poured him some wine, you then stared at his hands, the hands you held, the ones that wiped your tears and ones that held you close. He couldn’t have been more perfect to you. You then swallowed.

You couldn’t do it.

“__?” Jin asked with concern as he held your hand, the time was now 11. You nodded, staring at him.


“You said you had something to talk to me about?” Jin chuckled, you nodded, swallowing the lump in your throat.

No, you can do it! You can do it! Just four simple words. We should break up. Not that hard, you can do it!

“We should get a dog. It gets lonely here.” You smiled, Jin then nodded and chuckled.

“I think so too! We should go looking for dogs soon then.” He smiled, he then held your hand and jerked his head towards the bedroom. “Come to bed with me?” He asked, you then nodded your head in agreement.


You couldn’t do it.


Adelaide’s last day of school is tomorrow, so these are the end-of-the-year teacher gifts:

New crayons, markers, and sharpies (for brightening/adding color to Adelaide’s world, yadda yadda) and a Groupon gift card. I’d planned to go bigger since this was the last of three years together, but another parent found a loophole in the school policy about no group gift cards and took up a collection. I gave there too.

1) Adelaide picked the bags and ribbons, so I take no responsibility for the Valentine’s-esque vibe

2) It’s kind of weird that she drew them the same picture – that’s a rainbow in the center – but I guess that means she loved them equally? (Or she’s hip to the assembly line.)

3) My favorites are “she teaches me very goodly” because obviously and that her fondest memory of Camilla will be her smile.