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dean jerking off in the backseat of the impala with his face pressed against the leather? yes? Yes. (his eyes squeezed tightly closed as he inhales the comforting smell of leather--the seat warm against his cheek, and god, he can almost hear her rumble--he grimaces as he wipes at the drool glistening on the leather afterwards)

Oh yes. Ohh, yes. 

A warm night and he’s parked at one of those ‘campsites’ that they advertise for like two hundred miles, but no one’s really camped at them for like ten years and no one notices if he pulls in at two in the morning, summer night drenched all around

and so he rolls the windows down, drinks a few beers, trying to settle down after torching that ghost back in Sedona, but–and he’d go to a bar, maybe pick up a chick, but there’s nothing around for miles and it’s too late for that–and anyway, here he is, with his baby, hundred of miles of driving ahead and who knows how many thousands behind, and he flops over into the backseat, since Sammy’s not around anymore to take up all the space–

but hell, he don’t have to think about that right now, does he, baby–just you and me, sweetheart, he says, and finishes the last of his beer in three long gulps, tosses the can out the open window over his head. The breeze is drifting in, smellin’ like old earth and the last rumble of exhaust from her big engine, and Dean–okay, so he’s a little horny, he can admit it. Been a while, just huntin’ and waitin’ for Dad to call, and–and maybe, hey, it’s not like his baby minds, does she, and no one’s around anywhere close, so he reaches over the front seat and turns her on again, big rumble of engine shuddering through the seat, pressed up right against his dick–and Fleetwood’s in the tape deck, that’s perfect, big old bassline purring through, and he flops down into the backseat again, belt off, shoves his pants all the way down and off, so he’s just there in his old Ozzy tour shirt and nothin’ else, skin sticking a little to her leather, spreading his knees wide and rolling his balls, face pressed up against the back of the seat, one foot down on the floorboards, feelin’ her purr under him, oh man, like Magic Fingers only better, because she’s his, through and through–aren’t you, baby, he says, lips moving against the seat, and he’s hard now, for real, and he goes slow, easy, ‘cos he can, out here, slicking up and down, teasing himself a little bit, humming along to the lyrics, a new day yesterday–oh man it feels good, don’t it, he rubs a lazy thumb through his slit and pulls on his balls a little, slowin’ himself down, but–oh, oh, it feels–and he flips over, after a while, hasn’t done this since he was a kid, but shit, he remembers, and he braces one foot against the door and one on the floor and drags his dick wet all over her seat, the ribs in the leather draggin’ really nice against him, oh man, yeah, yeah, and he puts his face down against the seat and just humps, hard and fast, one hand bracing himself against the other door so he won’t slip, oh god, baby, yeah, that’s it, come on sweetheart just like that–

and then, in the morning, he wakes up bareassed to the dawn, mouth sticky-dry and his shirt stuck to the seat and to his belly with come, and he’s drooled all over the leather and, okay, this is all pretty disgusting, but–he’s smiling as he cleans up, and his baby purrs to life all the same, so. Pretty good night, all in all. 

marcjacquesburton: “Strength doesn’t reside in never having been broken, but in the courage to grow strong in the broken places.”
@zayn in the #MJB #Crixus jeans handpainted by designer @marcjacquesburtonpersonal

Exclusively hand painted for him. The only pair of jeans that can keep up with his journey to living his dream. The #Crixus jeans are the ultimate pair of jeans. Each pair undergoes a timely, hand distressing process giving them their unparalleled uniqueness. The signature weathered knee has only been hand distressed and destroyed on the surface and underneath lies an enduring ribbed leather padding. This is reflective of the man living his dream who has a thick underlying strength having withstood repeated setbacks on his journey. Hand made in Italy in extremely small quantities and handpainted by @marcjacquesburtonpersonal the designer in London. 

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Further information I recieved on Hook’s leather jacket that will appear in the new season, from one of the owner’s of Ocean Drive Leather:

“The leather jacket we designed is tight fitting asymmetric and has sleeve and pocket zips. It also has leather ribbing on the elbows and behind the shoulders. Quite sexy! I hear that he is quite popular with the fans.”

He also mentioned that they might be designing a new jacket for Emma, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Look of the Day: Theo James

For a day around town, get his casual  look!

Divergent actor Theo James heads back to his Tribeca spot in NYC wearing a bomber jacket over a graphic tee with straight leg jeans. He completes his look with classic Jack Purcells, a ribbed beanie and leather caryall. His style is simple and effortless - perfect for a day around the city - but it still looks like he knows what’s going on in fashion. To get his city look, shop our similar and affordable pieces below!

Theo on the streets of NYC on October 2, 2014.


Pizza Death Tee


Heist Beanie

‘Jack Purcell - Jack’ Sneaker (Men)

'Dad’ Utility Bag

LOTD: Kendall Jenner

Happy 19th Birthday, Kendall Jenner! In honor of her big day today, we’ve taken one of her recent looks, while out in NYC, and recreated it just for you. Kendall’s look is stylish, yet very weather appropriate - perfect for those rainy days. She wears a quilted leather mini, ribbed turtleneck sweater, a long overcoat, opaque tights, lace-up wedge booties and carries a bowler bag. To get her style today, shop our similar pieces below!

Kendall Jenner in NYC - October 23, 2014.

Wool-blend Turtleneck Sweater

Black Crepe Jacket

Quilted Skirt

Opaque Full Tights

Hidden Wedge Boot (Women)

31-Hour Fold-Over Tote Bag, Black/White