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July @jilychallenge prompt fill

Partner: @chierafied <3 <3 <3

Prompt: I’m working the kissing booth at the summer fair and thank god you bought up my last half an hour of tickets, the guy with the dentures is next in line I’m not sure I could face it - you’re my hero

A/N: this required a lot more internet research than you’d think so A for effort to me hehe.  Related, the internet in general is (1) skeptical of whether kiss booths actually happen and (2) fairly certain they’re a health hazard.  There are message boards about this.  The internet is magical.

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Lily drops onto the bed with a dejected sigh, waits a few moments, and then amps up the dramatics, sighing louder and flopping again, so James’ quill stutters across the page. He grumbles, but his lips tick up at the corners, “Yes dear?”

“I have a problem.”

“You have many, many problems Evans,” Sirius’ drawl comes from behind his drawn bed curtains.

James flips him off and Lily kicks her foot until her shoe becomes a projectile and manages to beam Sirius in the head.

Despite Sirius’ creative swears and threats Lily remains unperturbed, tilting her head in James’ direction.  “So my problem.  Mum has this ladies’ fair.”

“And you need my assistance with the ladies-faire,” James guesses, wriggling his brows while he tickles her nose with the feathered end of his quill.  Lily snorts and bats his hand away, letting her other loafer fall to the floor with a dull thud. “She asked me to do a booth.”

Letting his textbook drop to the bedspread, James nudges Lily’s ribs with one socked foot.  “So you need a plan?  You’re good with paints.  Muggles love painting their faces.  Wizards love painting their faces.”

“I guess.  But that involves a lot of prep time.  And it’s not a guaranteed win,” Lily answers half heartedly, grabbing his prodding toes, “’sides, that will never beat Petunia’s tea cozies.”

Sirius is already halfway across the room by the time Lily even realizes his curtains are open.  “Is this about sibling rivalry?  I am now interested in your life, Evans.”

“What a guy,” James grumbles, wrapping his arm around Sirius’ neck and kissing his forehead wet and slobbery.

A low growl, and Sirius is swiping the spittle from his face, before he turns to Lily, “As I was saying.  I empathize with your plight –”

“I appreciate the gravity with which you are treating my situation.”

“So I will give you an idea,” Sirius pauses, grey eyes darting between his two audience members, “that will no doubt win your little familial war.”


Sirius shoves James off and lounges comfortably across the bed, feet nudging Lily’s knees. “Kiss.  Booth.”

Lily lets out a groan and James wastes no time in shoving Sirius from the bed with a decisive kick. And yet he is unperturbed, calling out from the floor, “Well I only suggest it because James gives you rave reviews, Evans.”

A flush rises on James face and Lily crawls toward him.  “Rave reviews?  Am I that great of a snog?”

One of Lily’s discarded shoes flies from the floor and clatters against the headboard. “Oi!  None of that while I’m here.”

“Well then stop telling Lily to be a lady of the evening,” James shoots back, kissing Lily lightly.

She snuggles close, legs tangling with James.’  “Technically, the fair is only from noon to four.”

By the time Sirius clambers onto the bed he’s already Padfoot, having decided at some point that it was cooler to join cuddles as a dog than as a human.  His dark head is pillowed on Lily’s belly when she starts, eyes wide.  “Sirius you’re a genius.”

He tilts his shaggy head as if to say ‘What else is new?’ while James frowns, brow quirked as he awaits an explanation that hopefully doesn’t involve Lily snogging strangers for money.  Her eyes glint with mischief as she runs her fingers through Sirius’ fur.  “Dog Kiss Booth.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you reccomend any sock patterns? I've knit a couple pairs of vanilla socks and I'd love to move on to something more interesting!

Oh gosh of course!!! Socks are my favorite thing to knit ever😭

Okay well I’ll start off with my knitting sock “bible.” It’s a PDF or book called:
“Socktacular” by Knit Picks Design Team
It comes with 12 different patterns that range from beginner to intermediate. They are all so beautiful and I love this book so much and would recommend to everyone!!! Most of my socks that I have knit, come from this book.

I do however always go for FREE patterns because, free is always the way to go (especially since I am a college student on a budget). Here are some of my favorite patterns found on Ravelry:

“Seed Stitch Socks” by Bex B
This pattern is super simple, knits up really fast, however this pattern is for an afterthought heel but I go with my heel flap because it’s my favorite! Totally up to you on your preference.

“Business Casual” by Tanis Lavallee
This is a classy pattern, super pretty. I used this pattern to knit a pair of men’s socks and I absolutely loved the outcome!! I need to knit a pair for myself😊

“Basic Ribbed Socks” by Kate Atherley
This is a rib pattern that is not just the basic K2, P2. It’s super simple to follow and great for beginners!

“Hermonie’s Everyday Socks” by Erica Lueder
Harry Potter inspired socks!!! You can’t go wrong with that😊 It’s texture pattern is easy to follow and should knit up pretty fast!

I hope this helps!!!!!! Happy Knitting❤️❤️


First haul to break $1000!!! So happy rn ☺️💖✨


💖 Calvin Klein black modern t-shirt bra $60
💖 Calvin Klein black flirty push up bra $70
💖 Calvin Klein black bikini slip x2 $50
💖 Emporio Armani ladies knitted push up bra $80
💖 Levante Lev Maiella crew socks $17
💖 JT ONE Aqua lace bra $25
💖 Heidi Klum jet/cameo rose midi brief $35
💖 Heidi Klum jet/cameo contour balconnet bra $70
💖 Heidi Klum black/toasted almond hipster mesh with lace $17
💖 Heidi Klum black/toasted almond fit bra mesh with lace $45
💖 Heidi Klum pristine/toasted almond hipster mesh with lace $17
💖 Papinelle cashmere blend bed socks (charcoal) $30
💖 Agent Provocateur Stephanie brief (Ivory) $140
💖 Country Road bar fine necklace (rose gold) $50
💖 L'Occitane almond milk hand creme $14

✨ LUSH ✨

💖 The Sacred Truth mask $14
💖 Rosy Cheeks mask $14
💖 Gorgeous moisturiser $75
💖 BB Seaweed Fresh Face mask $14
💖 Magical Moringa Moisturiser $55


💖Witchery rib socks x2 $26
💖Kikki K slim ballpoint pen 5pk $10
💖Colette drop bar earrings x2 $16
💖Victoria’s Secret Secret Angel fragrance mist $49
💖Sportsgirl pout about it lipstick x2 $20

✨💎 TOTAL $1,019!!! 💎✨

emmiechris  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you had a list of the patterns you used for your collection of socks you just posted (which look brilliant, by the way! Congrats)

Thankyou very much!!!:))

 So I did use two books for, 4 out of the 8 pairs. The first book it called “Socktacular” by Knit Picks Designs and I totally recommend getting this book. I have knit so many socks with these patterns, they are beautiful and very easy to follow!  The Second Book is called  “ How to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy” by “Edie Eckman” and I personally do not own this book, I was walking in a Michael’s and actually took a picture of the pattern….haha but it still such a nice and easy pattern to follow!

For the first pair:

This pattern can be found in “Socktacular” it is called “Basket Rib Socks!


The Second Pair: 

The next pair I used the pattern “Pennants” which is also in the book “Socktacular” by “Knit Picks Designs” 


The Third Pair:

This pattern is from the book “ How to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy” by “Edie Eckman” and it is called “Grain Stitch Socks” 


The Fourth Pair: 

This is a free pattern on ravelry called “Seed Stitch Socks” by Bex B


The Fifth Pair: 

This pattern is called “Links Socks” is also in the book “Socktacular” by “Knit Picks Design” 


The Sixth Pair: 

This pattern is called “Monkey Socks” by Cookie A


The Seventh Pair:

Okay so honestly with this pair I kinda just improvised with the pattern and made it up as I went, I have the pattern on my Ravelry: 


The Eight Pair:

This pattern is free and is called “Ill walk my way” by  “Mari-Liisa Varilla “


Happy Knitting:))

Throwback Little Mix Performing At Turn Up The Radio In Liverpool | 24th August 2013


Necklace - Very Silver and Black Rosary Beads: N/A

Shoes - Dr. Martens Women’s Shoreditch High Top Sneakers: N/A


Shoes - Timberland Custom White boots: N/A

Top - Topshop Eye Badge Crop Top by Illustrated People: N/A

Hat -  Trouble Snapback by Supa Couture: Sold Out


Bracelet -  Young and Reckless YNR Wristband: N/A

Shorts - NastyGal Night Warrior Shorts: Sold Out

Top -  Topshop Sissy Baseball Button Up by The Ragged Priest: N/A

Socks - Topshop Black ribbed knee high socks


Shoes -  Nike Air Jordan 5 V Retro GS White/Navy/Red: N/A

Shorts -  TOPSHOP Quilted PU Shorts: Sold Out

Top -  TOPSHOP Petite Quilted Number Tee: Sold Out