rib idiot

“What do you mean you lost the money?”

“I mean,” Aleks snapped back, shoving a few extra clips into his bag, “That they fucking jumped me, beat my face in, and now the money is gone, Sly!”

“We just have to get it back before Kootra finds out,” Sly said, trying to calm him, but even he sounded doubtful. You don’t lose that much money when the money belongs to a crew like the Hub. He’d seen plenty of what happened to people who lose money in his lifetime and he needed all of his fingers, thanks. He was lucky to be alive now, he wasn’t gonna push it by hoping that the Hub was gonna be understanding here.

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111 for the drabble challenge🙈

111.“You can’t just hug me and think everything’s okay.”

Okay so it’s a harry potter au for no reason other than I wanted to :)

There was only one thing Sherlock Holmes loved more than playing Quidditch in the pouring rain. He enjoyed the challenge the poor visibility provided (it wasn’t as though he was getting it from his opposition!) That, and the general unpleasant weather meant the other team allowed their standards to slip. The only drawback was, so did his team. It was the first game of the season and Ravenclaw’s team captain, Mary Morstan, was keen for an early lead.

Sherlock came to a halt high above the game, sweeping his sodden hair away from his face to observe his teammates; they looked miserable, fighting the elements against a surprisingly in-form Hufflepuff team. He smirked, knowing full well this was down to the ingenious tactics of their only female team member, Molly Hooper. He quickly scanned the players, searching for the yellow and black clad Chaser; it didn’t take him long to spot her, speeding towards the Ravenclaw goalposts with the Quaffle tucked tightly under one arm.

She was that secretive ‘one thing’. Molly Hooper, the most beautiful, sweet, delicate thing he’d ever had the pleasure to meet with a smile he was sure would knock him off his broom were he subjected to it right now. Sure enough, after hurling the Quaffle through one of the Ravenclaw hoops and high-fiving her teammates, she turned her dazzling smile on him, waving smugly in his direction. He knew Mary was watching him, probably with an infuriating smile on her face; blinking the rain from his eyes, Sherlock sped away in search of the Snitch.

An hour later, the Snitch had found itself in the firm grasp of the Ravenclaw Seeker much to the relief of his teammates, one of them going so far as to hug him in gratitude. The two teams filed quickly into the changing rooms, chatting enigmatically about the match. One by one they left for the common rooms until it was just Sherlock left. Good. He didn’t like conversation at the best of times. He ruffled his hair into place, the drying strands beginning to form the usual curls, and hoisted his bag onto his shoulder before leaving the changing room; he found Mary Morstan waiting for him outside, grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey, lover boy.”

“Stop it,” he called over the rain, the two beginning a quick stride towards the main castle, “I told you Matthews is a rubbish Keeper.”

“Yeah, well, maybe she wouldn’t have scored if you let the beaters do their job,” Mary replied, smirking at him; he wished she couldn’t read him as well as she did. He simply shrugged.

“Plenty of other players for them to aim for.” He wasn’t sure why she found that funny.

The rain began to pick up as they continued to walk, until they were all but running towards the cloisters. The dripping wet Ravenclaws walked through the stony entranceway, chatting about Mary’s latest strategy, something she called the ‘Non-Lethal Hooper Extraction Tactic’. Sherlock was onboard until he discovered he was supposed to snog her into distraction. Another thing his Captain found hilarious despite his protests she’d misinterpreted his feelings for the Hufflepuff. They were walking for a short while when they happened upon Molly Hooper engaged in a fierce argument with her boyfriend, Tom, the most useless thing in the entire school. Before they could be spotted, Mary pulled Sherlock around the corner within earshot of the rowing couple.

“…why didn’t you come today?”

“I told you!” Tom’s stupid whiny voice echoed down the hall, a desperate edge to his tone, “I had things to do. Surely you understand.”

“Well, why did Janine-“

“For God’s sake, Molly. It was just a few drinks,” he had the audacity to laugh at her, then. Sherlock chanced a glance around the corner; Molly was still wearing her Quidditch gear, squaring up to her scruffy looking soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. She was so cute, what did she see in him? The idiot smiled, “come on. We both know you’re being irrational. C’mere.”

Outraged, Molly recoiled from his outstretched arms, “you can’t just hug me and think everything’s okay.”


“Just leave, Tom. I don’t want to see you anymore.”

Sherlock felt a sharp elbow in his ribs as the idiot sniffed and stormed off, kicking suits of armour on his way; he ducked back into cover, glaring at Mary.


“Now’s your chance,” Mary whispered, barely containing her excitement as she gestured, “tell her you love her!”

Sherlock hoped he looked at least a little convincing when he replied, “no, I don’t.”

“Oh, please,” Mary said, rolling her eyes, “I saw your…aerial foreplay,” she smirked at the blush spreading across his face, adding, “it’s okay. She likes you, too.”

He allowed himself a quick smile before he schooled his expression and shook his head. “No, she doesn’t. She deserves better.”

Mary sighed, seizing Sherlock by the lapels of his robe and shoving him out of their shared cover. Molly looked up from her perch on one of the benches, smiling at the handsome Ravenclaw student…who at this moment looked very much like a deer in headlights.

“Hi, Sherlock. What’re you doing here?”

“I…” he trailed off, fiddling with straps on his bag, “went for a walk.”

Molly blinked, “in the rain?”

He nodded, avoiding looking at her; it was pathetic, he almost always managed to make a fool of himself in her company. Molly patted the bench and, after a moment’s hesitation, Sherlock sat beside her, praying to a deity he didn’t believe in that Mary had left him to it. They sat in silence for several moments, listening to the rain beat down against the roof.

Sherlock cleared his throat, wringing his hands in his lap, “I-I have to tell you something.”

“Is this about the Beater thing? Because I promise not to tell anyone.”

“The…Beater thing?”

“Why none of them aim for me. Ever. On any team.”

His face drained of colour. His brain could come up with nothing better to respond with than, “oh…that.”

Molly giggled, slipping her small, soft hand into his much larger one, “maybe I had more than one reason to end it with Tom,” she murmured softly, her head falling comfortably onto his shoulder. A ridiculously stupid grin swept across Sherlock’s face as he pressed his lips into Molly’s damp hair.

Mary slipped silently behind the wall, making her way towards the door at the end of the corridor; she couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend, John, in the morning. They had a bet to settle.

Cafe Latte

Café Latte | Coffee Shop AU. Phil’s always been that awkward boy who never quite belonged, and when he runs off to University, that doesn’t really change; he’s still that weird boy who continuously finds himself being bullied, even as the barista behind the counter. Until Dan comes along. | Phan | Gen | Pre-slash | 3,453 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

I may have had to stalk my prompts tag to come up with inspiration, but @ineverhadmyinternetphase was having a bad day, so here’s some coffee shop fluff based off this comic to cheer them up :)) I’m sorry I have no confidence in my reality fics anymore, so I didn’t write domestic fluff, but I hope this at least makes you giggle. Sorry you already went to bed, but it’ll hopefully make your day come morning <3

(AO3 Link)

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Find The Lost Girl

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OMG I love your work! Your imagines are amazing! :D Can you pretty please write a Felix x Female reader imagine where Felix is the first one to meet reader when she arrives on Neverland, and they start to develop a crush on each other? ://D

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Could you do a oneshot where Felix gets super jealous over the reader’s friendship with Baelfire but he’s too stubborn to admit his feelings?? I absolutely adore the way you write Felix!!

I woke as I felt water tickling my feet and slowly coming up my legs. Cracking my eyes open, I saw the blaring sun and quickly closed them again. I felt the sun beginning to burn my skin and wondered how long I had been laying here. Suddenly, the water I had been feeling on my legs continued to rise up until my whole body was soaked.

“Crap!” I muttered and quickly stood up to get away from the shore.

I looked around and found tall woods surrounding the beach. Where was I?

Shivering, I pulled the jacket I had on tighter around me, which was pointless seeing as it was soaked, and began walking toward the woods.

“Seriously?” I groaned as it began raining. A huff fell from my lips and I pulled my hood up over my head.

Leaves rustled behind me and I shot my head back to see what caused it. There was no one there.

I let out a shaky breath. This was a scene straight out of a horror movie.

As quietly as possible, I began walking again, but didn’t get far before something hard slammed into my side and I was pushed against a tree. I screamed as pain coursed through me.

My hood was yanked back and I found stormy grey eyes glaring into me. They widened slightly when they saw me.

“You’re a girl?” He breathed out in shock.

“Please, don’t hurt me.” I whispered when I saw the predatory look in his eyes. “Please.”

Those grey eyes softened a bit.

“Now, Felix,” a voice called from behind the giant pinning me against the tree. “Is that any way to treat your new sister?”

The blonde’s head whipped around to see the other boy behind him.

“Sister?” He questioned immediately.

“Did I stutter?” The boy said, a hint of annoyance in his voice. “Let go of her.”

He looked back down at me for a moment before slowly releasing me and I slumped to the ground in pain.

The shorter boy looked down at me with slight concern. He walked over and bent down to the ground.

“I’m just going to check the damage, okay?” He warned before carefully lifting my shirt up to see my side.

He gently felt the bruising area and I winced. Immediately my hand shot out to grip his wrist and pull it away from me.

Shaking his head, he pulled my shirt back down and stood up.

“I think you’ve broken a couple of her ribs.” He sighed, looking back up at the blonde.

The taller boy looked down at me with guilt, but he seemed to not know what to say.

“Bring her back to camp, Felix.” The boy ordered before disappearing off into the woods.

Felix swallowed harshly as he contemplated what to do.

Slowly, he bent down to pick me up carefully. I quickly clung onto his neck once I saw how far up I was.

“Where am I?” I asked after an awkward silence. He glanced down at me but quickly looked back ahead of him.


I would’ve laughed if it wouldn’t have hurt my side.

“Like the fairytale?” I asked, a wide smile on my face as I tried not to laugh. “And what, are you Peter Pan?”

He shot me an incredulous look.

“No? What fairytale?” He asked, the look of confusion on his face making me chuckle. I winced as I did.

“You know, the story of Peter Pan. Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, Wendy?” I questioned, shocked that he had never heard the story.

His nose scrunched up at the mentioned names.

“That’s not a fairytale, princess, that’s Neverland.” He informed.

I rolled my eyes.

Wonderful, he’s insane.

We soon reached what I assumed was their camp, and immediately a swarm of boys ran up to us and began asking questions.

“Back!” The blonde roared and they all jumped away from us. I flinched at his tone.

The boy from earlier came out of one of the larger tents and walked toward us.

“Finally, you two are back.” He said with a smirk. “We need to get you fixed up, Y/N.”

“How do you know who I am?” I asked uneasily.

“I’ve been expecting you, love.” He said as his eyes scanned all the boys.

“Baelfire,” he called and a young boy, looking no older than fifteen stepped up. “Y/N will be sharing your tent for the time being while she heals. We don’t need her by herself just yet.” He informed as he eyed me carefully.

The boy nodded slowly, most likely unable to protest.

“Pan, my tent is bigger; she could stay there-” Felix began but was quickly cut off.

“Yes, Felix, your tent is bigger, but Baelfire didn’t break her ribs upon arrival. So, she’ll be staying with him. No argument.” Pan said strictly.

Felix looked down to the ground immediately, his eyes filling with guilt.

“Take her to Baelfire’s tent.” He ordered.

Felix carried me into a smaller tent and laid me down on the old looking cot in the corner.

“Look,” Felix said, his voice stern, but his eyes looked soft. “I didn’t mean to- uh, break your ribs or anything. I just- you shouldn’t be walking around the woods like that, okay?” He said harshly with his gaze set on anything but me. “I-I’m sorry.” He finally got out.

I assumed he wasn’t one for apologizing.

“It’s okay.” I said.

He nodded and quickly walked out.

• • • •

She’d been bedridden for weeks per Pan’s orders. It has been the most boring couple weeks of her life, but luckily she became quick friends with Baelfire, who didn’t seem to mind keeping her company all day. Pan let it slide that he’d skipped a few training lessons to entertain her, but today Baelfire wanted to join the boys. She didn’t blame him.

She groaned as she stared up at the tent as she’d done for weeks. It was getting ridiculous; she hardly needed any more time to heal.

Carefully, she threw her legs over the side of the cot and stood up. She wobbled a bit, the feeling of being on her feet again was quite foreign already. After giving herself a minute to gain her balance, she walked out of the tent. All eyes were on her immediately. She blushed at the attention.

“Well, well, looks like our lost girl is ready to join us.” Peter said with a smile.

She found herself uncomfortable being the center of attention. So, she quickly walked over to the fire to find a seat.

Felix looked up as she walked toward him, but immediately returned his gaze to the floor when she went past him and to the empty space next to Baelfire. He huffed in annoyance. Pan watched his demeanor carefully, and his brow shot up, amusement dancing in his eyes. He studied the flexes in Felix’s attitude as he watched Y/N laugh with Baelfire. Peter smirked.

“Why don’t we play a game!” Peter announced as he quickly formed a plan.

The lost boys all looked up in excitement.

“Let’s call it…” He pondered for a moment before a dark smirk formed on his face. His eyes locked onto Y/N. “Find the lost girl.”

Fear flashed in her eyes and she slowly shook her head.

Some of the boys looked eager for it to start, others looked a bit skeptical.

“How do you play?” One asked eagerly.

“First one to find Y/N, wins.” He said simply as he slowly made his way toward her. She coward back the closer he got.

Felix watched with wide eyes as Peter began running toward her and scooped her up before vanishing into thin air.

The boys all looked at each other with wide eyes as they waited. Peter soon returned with a mischievous look on his face.

“Let the game begin.”

They all went ballistic, running frantically in different directions.

Peter’s hand clamped down on Bae’s shoulder and pulled him close to him.

“Just a hint; you’re going to need this.” Peter whispered as he pointed over to the boat leaning on the nearby tree.

Baelfire’s eyes widened as he realized where she was and he immediately began dragging the boat over to the ocean.

He chuckled darkly as he watched the boy eagerly set out to find her.

“Pan!” Felix roared. Peter turned around with a smirk, watching the giant charge toward him. This was going perfectly. “What did you do to her?”

Peter laughed, though Felix couldn’t find the joke in the situation.

“Well, I can’t say, I’d spoil the game!” He said. “But I will let you know, if you don’t get to her soon, the mermaids will.”

Felix’s heart rate shot up and he quickly turned around to begin running to the water.

“Oh, and Felix?” Peter called. “You better hurry. Bae’s already halfway there.” He winked.

So he did. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, which was fairly fast, but not fast enough for his liking.

When he arrived, he nearly growled at the sight in front of him. Baelfire had also just made it to the water, and he had a damn boat.

Looking up, he saw Y/N in the middle of the ocean in a boat, but it was sinking fast. There was a hole in it. What was wrong with Pan?

He rushed over to Baelfire to push him away from the boat.

“What are you doing?” Bae shouted as he fought against Felix.

“My arms are longer, I can row faster!” Felix growled.

“I don’t care, she’s my friend!”

“She’s our sister!”

“Yeah, well you broke your sister’s ribs, you idiot!”

“Damn it, Baelfire, we don’t have time for this!” Felix snarled, throwing his cloak off and diving straight into the water.

He coughed as salt water began to contaminate his lungs, but he couldn’t stop swimming. He had to get to her.

He was almost there, but watched in horror as the boat sank completely under. She attempted to kick her way to the surface, but with her ribs still healing, she couldn’t do much.

Finally reaching her, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest before hurriedly swimming back to shore. It seemed like hours before they reached it. He pulled the two of them onto land and rolled onto his back, Y/N still tucked into his arms. His throat burned from both the constant coughing and the salt water, but she was in the same state.

“Are you okay?” He asked hoarsely.

“I didn’t think I would be saying this so soon, but I want to be back in the cot.” She mumbled. He chuckled weakly before sitting up and throwing his discarded cloak over her and picking her up.

“I can walk.” She murmured tiredly.

“I’m sure you can.” He said, looking down at her with a smile.

It was silent for quite sometime as they walked, but he finally spoke up once they reached camp.

“So, tell me,” Felix began. “Was I in this fairy tale you told me about?”

She shrugged a bit.

“You might’ve been, I’m not entirely sure, but then again, I don’t think I would forget a character like you.” She smiled.

He looked away from her as he felt his cheeks heat up a bit.

She looked confused as he walked her into an unfamiliar tent.

“I think we’re in the wrong tent.” She said.

“I wouldn’t have walked in here if it wasn’t where I wanted to put you.” He remarked, a small smirk on his face and he laid her down in his cot.

He laid on the foot of the cot, his legs dangling off the side of it.

“I think it’s time you tell me that fairy tale now, Y/N.”

• • • • Cowritten by: @courage-of-the-stars (follow her she’s bae)

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Larry: *His face splits in to a huge grin.* Yeah, I heard.

Ahkmenrah: What?! *Sits up quickly, forgetting his earlier anger about Hugh Jackman.* Why didn’t you tell me?!

Larry: Oh, sorry. I figured it didn’t mean that much to you. Considering you’re not American and all. 

Ahkmenrah: *Elbows him in the ribs.* You idiot! This means we can get married now!

Larry: *Blinks a few times, slowly rubbing the bruise that is surely forming on his ribs.* I didn’t…. Do you want to get married?

Ahkmenrah: *Nods excitedly.* Yes, obviously! We should!

Larry: *Though surprised, he’s still very happy at the notion. But he tries to quell Ahk’s excitement.* Ahk, you know we can’t do that. You’re not a legal citizen. You don’t have a birth certificate or any kind of I.D.; not to mention you only come alive at night….

Ahkmenrah: *His face drops.* Of course. I wasn’t thinking straight….

Larry: *Puts an arm around his shoulders, squeezing.* Hey, it’s still okay. I love you whether you’re technically human or not. 

*Ahk smiles, but still looks a little disheartened. As Larry does his best to cheer up the pharaoh, he suddenly has an idea. After excusing himself to talk to Teddy, he returns to the office and takes Ahk by the hand, leading him out the door.*

Ahkmenrah: Where are we going?

Larry: *Takes him out the doors of the museum and onto the street.* I’m pretty sure they’re having a Pride celebration in Times Square. 

Ahkmenrah: *Looks down at his clothing.* Won’t people stare?

Larry: *Laughs* Nah, it’s Pride. Weirder shit has happened. Although it’s probably a good thing you left your crown inside. 

*Ahk’s hands fly up to his head and he makes a distressed noise, causing Larry to laugh again. Eventually they come upon the celebration, and Ahk in enthralled with all the different movement and colors. Someone comes up and paints a rainbow on his cheek, and he grins from ear to ear.* 

*As they walk through the huge, surging crowd, Larry is abruptly reminded of the popular World War II picture, where a soldier is kissing a nurse surrounded by the crowd celebrating the end of the war. The same photo had just been transferred to the museum, and said nurse had tried to get a little fresh with him. Needless to say, Ahk had been upset.*

Larry: Hey, come here for a sec. 

*Ahk turns with a smile, and the many colored lights reflecting around his face  make him look absolutely beautiful.There’s a question in his eyes, which Larry answers by taking the pharaoh into his arms, dipping him just slightly before pressing a long, chaste kiss to his lips*

*When he puts Ahk back on his feet a few seconds later, there is a round of applause from bystanders, and Ahk looks as happy as Larry has ever seen him.*

(I’m so happy about today you don’t even know. Also, for ref: http://urbanoutsinners.tumblr.com/post/122545549190/fuck-yes-this-is-the-shit-im-living-for-today)

The cow is tremendously obsessive–and I will never know why. Maybe in the American park I am just a cow chewing a bit of discarded tin foil. Maybe everything I care about has been eroded away and I am just a gaunt idiot whose ribs are cracking under a Southern sun. Maybe I am standing on a dead planet in a scientific film and because everything is strange and new I miss the beauty of it. Maybe my desires are too human, too tangible, too immediate. One must be patient, one must be able to wait not thousands of years, but millions of years. One must be able to outlive the sun and moon, outlast God or the idea of God, outstrip the cosmos, outwit the molecule, the atom, the electron. One must sit in these parks as in a public toilet, fulfilling one’s function–like the spare-ribbed cow on the red hill. Do not think of America as such, America per se, America ad astra: think of skies without atmosphere, of canals without water, of inhabitants without clothes, of words without thought, of life without death, of something going on endlessly and having no name, no rhyme or reason, yet making sense, making grand sense once you lose the obsession of time and space, of destiny, of causality, of logic, of entropy, of annihilation, of Nirvana and Maya.
—  Henry Miller, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

Chomaiyo: Soraru

Soraru: Yes?

Chomaiyo: Play with me play with me I’m lonely I’m lonely pay attention to me pay attention to me if you don’t play with me yada yada yada yada yada yada yada

Soraru: Be a good kid, it’s time to sleep

Chomaiyo: 5 more minutessssss yada yada yada yada

Soraru: If I give you 5 minutes, you should go to bed okay

Chomaiyo: Really???? Really????? Is it okay????

Soraru: Good grief, Chomaiyo, good grief–

Chomaiyo: Really??? It’s not a lie right?????

Soraru: Yes, yes

Chomaiyo: Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

Soraru: Yosh yosh, washa washa

Chomaiyo: What should we play? What should we do? What should we play? What should we do? 

Soraru: Ah, 5 minutes is up, go to bed now-

Chomaiyo: Sigh… This kind of pattern again… -sulking in bed-

Soraru: Good night Yomaicho

Chomaiyo: I hate you

Soraru: I know it’s a lie, good night

Chomaiyo: It’s the truth. I like Rib-san more now.

Soraru: Be happy with Rib okay.

Chomaiyo: IDIOT!!!!!

Soraru: Good night, Choyoima!

Hakuna Matata (Or the Art Of Time Lord Maintenance)

Summary - It’d been an anxious three weeks since their reunion—dark, uncertain days spent steeped in redefined boundaries and more cold showers than the trio would care to mention. That they’d refrained until now had been an act of necessity, but with their actions growing desperate as they sought the perfect angle, it soon became apparent that they couldn’t—wouldn’t—wait a minute longer.

Beta - The always fantastic kelkat9


“I can feel your heart beat,” the Time Lord whispered, ghosting a kiss to the side of her neck. “You can feel it too, can’t you, Rose Tyler? That slight rise in blood pressure? The way your pulse quickens at my touch? And the smell…” His entire body shuddered. “Do you know what you smell like, Rose?”

Mutely, she shook her head.

“You smell like honey,” murmured the other, his arm tight around her waist. “Honey, and time, and…” The Tardis lights flickered. “…pheromones.”

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Sweet Talker

A fluffy Strange Magic Art School AU drabble inspired by THIS post. 

Also I blame dainesanddaffodils because she tagged it #marianne and gave me this idea. 

Thank you to jaegereska who read it over for me.

if I seem

a little strange

well that’s because

I am

Bog considered the sign for a few moments. It was assembled out of foil letters of various colors suspended on strings held onto the wall with thumbtacks, the weight of the letters making the four lines of text dip in the middle. He recognized the letters as being from one of Dawn’s projects. However, it was not the younger of the Summers sisters who was responsible for this interesting statement. No, it had to be Marianne, who was currently laying on the couch with her face buried in a pillow.

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Intoxicated- A Matt Espinosa Imagine- Part 13

I know, I know. This part is long overdue. But, I do try to have a life. I hope you guys can understand that I might not be able to update every other day.. Anyways, I love you all. Enjoy! As always, previous parts are below.


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I sat in the chair next to Matt’s bed, grabbing my phone and calling his parents. On the second ring, Mrs. Espinosa picks up. “Hey Sarah! How are you love?” I look at Matt who is giving me the death glare. “I’m doing fine.. Uh- Matt is in the hospital.” The silence coming from the phone gives me chills. I start to break down looking at Matt. “I’m coming right now, where is he?” Matt looks at me and tells me to shut up, but I look away and give his mom the information.

“Thank you, honey. We will be right there.” “Alright, I’ll be here. Room 4.” I hung up and looked at Matt, his jaw tense. I was lying to myself if I said that it didn’t turn me on. He looks at me, then starts to ramble. “How could you just tell me parents like that? We had a deal, Sarah. I mean, I know I’m hurt and all, but seriously? Look, I’m fine…” He tries to get up, but i push him back down gently. “You are far from fine. You have a broken rib, you idiot.” He looks at me and groans, knowing that he was being stupid.

“Just sit here, okay?” I grab his hand, squeezing it lightly. “And you know I had to call them, Matt. You’re in the damn hospital, for god’s sake.” He looks down at our hands, intertwining our fingers together. “I know.. I just, I wish this didn’t happen… It’s all my fault.” This time I got up and looked him straight in the eyes. “It’s not your damn fault, Matthew. It’s mine. I was the one who fell in love with you.” I look at him, tears already forming in my eyes. “I’m so sorry.” I whisper, leaning my head on his legs. 

He strokes my hair, whispering into my ear. “I did have a part in making you fall in love… because I did too.” We sit there in silence for a while until Matt’s parents rush in. “Matt, honey!” Mrs. Espinosa says, running over and caressing Matt’s cheek. He shies away from her as she tries to kiss his cheek. “Mom, I’m-I’m okay..” He says in ragged breaths, obviously not okay. “Is he alright? What’s happening?” The doctor comes in and lets Matt’s parents know everything that’s going on. 

When the doctor left, Matt’s parents bring me over to the side and whisper, “How did they let you in? It was immediate family only.” I laugh at them, and they awkwardly laugh with me. “I’m his sister.” I put air quotes around sister, making them laugh. “Smart. I like her even more.” Mr. Espinosa says, smiling at me. We walk back towards Matt who give us a confused look on his face. “What’s going on?” “They need to take you for an x-ray.. you have a broken rib dear.”

He looks at me and laughs, but winces at the pain. “I already knew that.” “How?” “My sister told me.” We all smile at each other. Mrs. Espinosa takes a seat and starts talking with all of us. We have a long conversation until the nurses tell us to leave. I stay behind, texting my mom that Matt was in the hospital and that I need to stay there. She replied with an okay. I sat on the couch next to Matt, holding his hand until we both fall asleep.


I wake up to the sound of a heart monitor, Matt’s hand still intertwined with mine. I look up to see Matt, his eyes staring right at me. I jumped, squeezing his hand tighter. “Matt, how long have you been up?” I say as he laughs at me. “I’ve been up for a little bit… you’re adorable when you sleep, by the way.” “Thanks.” I blush, making him smile. We talk for a while until the nurse comes in with Matt’s breakfast. “Thank you.” “No problem!” She gives me a paper bag with a granola bar and an apple. “I managed to get you something too, honey. Trust me, you’ll need it.”

“Thank you.” I give her a hug before she leaves. Matt and I eat our breakfast in silence. When we finish, a couple of Matt’s friends come to visit him. “Sarah?” Johnson says, walking in and smiling. “Yeah, hi guys.” They all walk over to Matt, giving him fist bumps. Matt chats with them for a while, and I join in the conversation too. “Wait, so you didn’t fight back?” Cameron says, confused. “I didn’t have the stamina to, guys. I was outnumbered.” “Oh.” They all say in agreement. “Thanks for visiting though, guys! I appreciate it.” “No problem, we wouldn’t miss our best friend in the hospital." I sit back in my chair, smiling at all the boys. They truly loved Matt, and accepted him. I was glad that he kept these boys as friends, because they are pretty awesome. 


A couple weeks went by and Matt was finally out of the hospital. It was nice that he was home, but it was different. Matt was still recovering from his beating, so he was asleep most of the time. I couldn’t spend as much time with him because I had school. It was not as fun without him there. Sure, his friends had definitely brought me into their circle, but him not being there killed me. 

It was Friday, so I was excited to have the weekend with Matt. He was doing much better. The doctor said that he could even go to school next week if he wanted. When I walked into school, I decided that today was the day I was going to kick Jacob’s ass. The anger and rage has built inside of me for too long. I walked over to my locker, grabbing my books for English, then walking straight to class. I saw Nash, so I sat next to him and we talked for most of the time. The rest of the periods went by quick, and soon it was lunch.

"So, you’re really gonna fight Jacob?” Aaron said, his mouth full of food. “Yeah, I am. If you want to watch, you can.” “I’d rather not..” Cameron says as all the boys laugh. “Alright, suit yourself. But either way, Jacob’s ass is going down.” “True that.” They all say in agreement as we finish our lunches. The five minute bell rings, and the boys all wrap me into a huge group hug. “Good luck, Sarah.” Gilinsky says while we all break apart. “Thanks.” I walk to my fifth hour, my nerves already kicking in.

Fifth hour goes pretty quickly, and before I know it, I’m out by Jacob’s locker, waiting for him. “Sarah.. What a nice surprise. How’s your coward doing?” I look at him, disgust overwhelming me. “You know, you shouldn’t be calling anyone a coward, since you didn’t throw one punch.” He scoffs, looking at me. “What makes you think I wouldn’t punch anyone?” He towers over me, 6'4 compared to 5'6. “You don’t think I know you? You’re the type to watch as someone is pummeled into the ground. You wouldn’t dare get your hands dirty.” I laugh, “And you call yourself bad ass…My dog is more bad ass than you will ever be." 

Jacob’s jaw tenses, his anger rising. "You wouldn’t know bad ass if it punched you straight in the face.” “Try me, asshole.” He pushes me against the lockers, his breath hot on my face. He leans in but I spit on him, unable to contain my hatred for him. “Did you just spit on me?” Jacob said, his voice placing emphasis on every word. “Yes, I did. You wanna call your mom and tell her about it?” He clenches his fists, throwing a punch straight for my face. I dodge it with ease, giggling at his silly attempt. I go on my tiptoes, whispering in his ear, “You know, that’s one of the things I learned about you; you’re way too predictable." 

I kick him in the shin as he cries in pain. "And, you also fight like a bitch.” He tries to kick me, but I move out of the way quickly. “Seriously? You got anything better than that?” His anger turns into rage, his nostrils flaring. “You bitch!” He screams as I kick him in his privates. “Man, I really wish your buddies were here to see you so vulnerable.” He sputters before I push him as hard as I could. “Sucks to get a taste of your own medicine, doesn’t it?” He falls on the floor, looking at me. “Go to hell.” He says, getting up. 

“See you there, pal.” I walk away, putting one finger in the air.

the lightbearers :::: chapter 14

summary: Steampunk AU. When bounty hunter Emma Swan is commissioned by Robert Gold, powerful and mysterious president of the Royal Society of English Magicians, to take down notorious airship pirate Captain Killian Jones, it lands them in a web of political and magical intrigue, dark secrets, and the dangerous London underworld - as well as their unwanted attraction to each other. Multi-chapter, slow burn.
rating: T (will go up)
status: WIP
available: FF.net and AO3
previous: chapter 13

“Ah,” Emma said, and smiled. “I see.”

“You do?” Walsh beamed ingratiatingly back at her, steering the balloon higher into the twilit sky, as the shadows of the Yorkshire moors plotted themselves like black chessmen on a great game board far below. “Well, of course you do! It’s the only sensible course of action! With the money we’re gonna make from turning him in, we might never have to do another dishonest day of work in our lives! Tell me, sweetheart. New York, how does New York sound? I’ll build that mansion bigger than the Vanderbilts, by George. Buy up all of Manhattan!”

“It sounds amazing.” Emma snuggled up next to him. “I’m so glad you came along, Patrick. I’ve been trying my very best, but I just couldn’t manage the pirate on my own, you know? I want this job over with, and him turned into the Royal Society where he belongs. If you fly us to London straightaway, you’ll have my everlasting gratitude.” She leaned in, breathing warmly on his neck, so as to allow the wizard’s imagination to run rampant with what exactly that might entail. “However do you manage? It looks so complicated.”

“Not at all, not in the least,” Walsh assured her. “So simple, a monkey could manage it. This throttle here controls the pitch and yaw, and this panel the gas in the balloon – fills, drains.” He flipped the bronze switches in illustration. “This one is for the takeoff and landing. I’m still working on a few modifications of my own invention, but that’s the gist of it. Once I have a proper laboratory, I’ll be able to sink my teeth into it, but – ”

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