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Cernnunos and Anu (A Binding on Ichor)

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Pairing: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2100

Warnings: Graphic bird and people death and the uwu cranked up to ten

-The Morrígna- -Odin- -Cernnunos- and -Anu-

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After taking the Drink of The Gods, what is experienced on the inside is not always a reflection of what is experienced on the outside. Ivar has since passed out and you worry about what he saw might bring for you and your people.

It was your thirteenth birthday, the celebration ending in the traditional way, with your first received prophecy.

You’d practiced night and day the motion to gutting the bird from breast to belly in the smoothest, most merciful way. Your mother told you to think long and hard on a God to mark as your own and you chose Morrigan, the Great trio of war sisters, the bloodied Morrígna

For the Saxon’s their world was peace and farming, and eradicating your people. They caught men, women, and children of the druidic following when they were alone and vulnerable, claiming them demons and witches, hunting down entire villages and denying their own ancestors once followed and praised the same gods. The druid’s blood ran in their veins and it always would no matter how much they would fight it.

So you needed strength. You needed fire and metal and blood to keep the old ways alive, no more hiding and being purged from the Earth they worshiped. Only with the combined Morrígna by your side could that happen, and they were hard women to please.  

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