rib cage tattoos

It’ll almost be a full year(in March) since I got this tattooed onto my rib cage. taylorswift it’s in your handwriting from a letter I found online. I often for get I have it but I love it dearly and it reminds me to stay fearless and optimistic and hopefully even when the world seems black and cold. Do you like it? It’s my one and only tattoo and it hurt a lot as its all on the bone lol. I sent it to you in a DM on Instagram when I first got it done and I knew you’d never see it so I thought since it’ll almost be a year and you mean so much to me and since I’m having a bad night and I have to remember why I got it done and why I’m fearless I figured maybe tumblr could get it circulated and you could see it? I love you(ps please notice the gift nick made me)


Small Rib Cage Tattoos

“Not Broke Just Bent”

Taken from “Swords and Pens” by The Story So Far.

These lyrics have deep significance for me. The idea of being twisted up, and bent, but refusing to be broken. It shows resilience, and strength. That’s how I want to look at myself as a person. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and self harm. These words mean so much to me.

Done by Jesse Luna, August 15, 2014.

Freedom Ink. Pasadena, Texas.