rib cage tattoos

FINALLY. My first tattoo. :) This quote means a lot to me. After being diagnosed with Scoliosis, I knew that I’d be bent forever, but I would NOT let it break me.

It’s kinda placed underneath the underwire on my right rib!

I’ll post a better pic tomorrow. This is just the one that the extremely nice tattoo artist took immediately after!


Small Rib Cage Tattoos

For those of you that have been asking. Yes, I got a tattoo. I got it for my mom and grandmother, since they were the two who raised me. It’s a quote for Lilo and Stitch. It’s when Stitch is being forced to go back to his home ship and he pleads his case to stay on Earth saying, “This is my family. I found it all on my own. It’s little and broken, but good.” Then Stitch turns around to reassure that his family is still there and says “Yeah… still good.” As my first tattoo, it is pretty small but it has a lot of meaning. It also stands for myself, knowing whatever life throws at me, I’ll be okay. I’m still good.

Proud (Bad Boy!Jimin)

Plot: #012: “I can’t stop thinking about you.” with bad boy!Jimin as an idol 

Word Count: 1233

A/N: so this is idol!chim meets bad boy!chim (here) meets young!Jimin (here) this idea just popped out of nowhere, I wasn’t planning on writing this at all I was gonna write some hobi fluff but then this happened blame this video bc I was watching it and it just h i t me I’m ready, idk if this is gonna follow BTS’s exact timeline bc I’m just going off of years (using MVs) and math is not my strong suit so the ages may not be perfect (hopefully it is) but it should be close enough

He wasn’t yours, not yet. He was sixteen, his first tattoo was still bandaged and his hair was still untouched, still its natural black hue. He was training to become an idol, under a company called BigHit. His personality hadn’t changed since you’d last seen but as he led you through the building to his practice room, nodding at the other trainees as he passed, you noticed the nervousness he was terrible at hiding. The tension in his shoulders, the clench of his jaw, the way he quietly asked you if his dance he’d been working on for months was okay. It was the way he looked at you shyly, something he had never done, the way he gulped while he waited for your feedback, the way he held onto you tighter when you had to leave. 

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