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E, 3 for Kageyama and Hinata plz? :3 (oh man just imagine how cute that would be)

Choose a character and pick an emoji.

AYYYY BRO it’s fucking cute is what it is

well hinata is cute kageyama is obv made for the yakuza

i had too much fun drawing hinata OUO what a fucking gangster. bless you for sending me a request you wonderful person

104th reversal au—introducing commander jean kirschtein and his personal tactician, armin arlert. they’re totally married. they’re almost always seen together, whether they’re planning a new expedition or just chatting it up. everyone has a big fat crush on jean and nobody really blames them, even if everyone that knew jean back in their trainee days laugh over it a lot. armin has an unhealthy habit of staying up late to read and has ink permanently stained on his fingers.