Da Vinci's Demons Tumblr Q&A (Please HELP by L/RB!)

(Hello, I’m Emmi, I’m from Finland, and I’m the blogger of blake-ritson-love)

Here are few questions for Blake:

1. What is your favourite part about playing Riario? What is the hardest?

2. What can you tell us about Riario’s look for season 3? + Are the sunglasses back again?

3. I have quite a lot of people here rooting for you and your career that have been checking out this blog for some years now and, we really really love you. Some of your fans have wondered why you don’t have a website. So do you feel it’s possible I could make one for youNothing too personal, but just news and pictures under a domain. It is okay if you feel like you don’t need one.

These two are for everyone:

4. Are you working on something else other than Da Vinci’s Demons right now?

5.  What would you like to say to your fans out there?

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(Better quality these)

If Da Vinci’s easing out of his comfort zone, then rival Riario is being catapulted from his.

Season 1 of Da Vinci’s Demons found the Count with all the political, financial and military might of the Vatican behind him.

Now? “He’s much more of a loner,” Ritson says. “He’s in a kind of self-imposed exile. He’s on a boat to regain some vestige of control.”

“Like da Vinci, Riario sails to Peru in his quest for an arcane compendium of knowledge, and being on a new continent will force him to re-evaluate his own worldview, beliefs and convictions.

"You definitely see a new emotional rawness to him this year, and dare I say a vulnerability,” Ritson says, “but equally we see a new ferocity, and we realize the true lengths he’ll go to achieve his aims, which are pretty staggering.”

The actor hints that fans will see Riario’s more “amorous” side — come on, what woman doesn’t adore a well-dressed Italian dude in sunglasses? Plus, something seismic happens between him and da Vinci that begins to change how they see each other.

“Their relationship has massively moved on from simply trying to blow his head off with a bazooka,” Ritson says. “There’s a little more subtlety and nuance.” (USA Today character guide for season 2)