We’ve run out of cereal - Jack Barakat

A/N: I’m so sorry for being inactive for what seems like forever, I thought I had posted something but I hadn’t so I will post that one asap. Anyway, this is a quick little one (i do warm it’s terrible and I’m barely awake so read at your own discretion!) xxx

‘Jack, where are you?’ You call walking through the doorway to your bedroom hoping to find your tall boyfriend. You’ve been working all day, your feet are killing you and you’ve been yelled at all day by your boss because he was over stressed and understaffed. You’re on the verge of a breakdown.

‘I’m just getting dressed, I’m all showered, hurry up and get ready we have a date in five minutes!’ he shrieks dancing around with his pants hung low, squeezing into his shirt. ‘Jack, can we please just stay in, I know you’ve made huge effort and i appreciate that, i really do but..’ you trail off feeling unbelievably guilty. ‘Say no more my love.’ he says un-buttoning his shirt and replacing it with his snuggly Raven’s hoodie. ‘Quick hug and then go shower, I’ll make us something to eat and get Netflix ready to go, take your time, then we can cuddle all you want.’ he wraps you in his warm arms and he smells divine, comforting you to the core.

‘That’s all, go shower.’ he attempts to extract himself but you hang on a little longer. ‘No more, go shower!’ he says a false sternness to his tone. His eyebrows furrow and he points a long finger at your nose tweaking it on the end before bounding down the stairs. ‘I’m stocking up on snacks baby, get your cute little ass in that shower!’ he calls as he rummages in the pantry.You sigh getting ready to shower, you grab your warmest pajamas, and the fluffiest socks you can find before heading into the bathroom to shower.

You’re shampooing your hair, lathering the sweet smelling liquid on your scalp, eyes closed rejoicing in the delicious warmth of the water, steam fills the air and you sing under your breath. You’re loving the way the water seems to wash away the immense stress of the day when Jack walks in startling you. ‘Jack!’ You squeak jumping a little covering yourself on instinct. ‘holy shit you’re hot,’ he lets out a low whistle, ‘anyway, we’ve run out of cereal, do we have anymore that you’ve hidden like you sometimes do.’ he asks hopefully. Sometimes you hide boxes of Cookie Crisps so when he runs out of the disgustingly unhealthy breakfast cereal he has a back up box. Luckily for Jack you’ve done just that and there is a box under on the bottom shelf of the pantry at the back, somewhere he doesn’t tend to look. 

‘There’s a box at the bottom of the pantry, I can get it for you..’ you offer. He shakes his head, ‘Nah, I’ll get them you shower and hop into bed, I’ll get the snacks and meet you, and thank you for remembering me.’ he leans into the shower kissing your lips quickly avoiding the water as best he can. ‘Love you babe.’ he says before disappearing down the stairs again, footsteps thundering as he rushes to get everything ready.

You finish showering and get into your warm clothes. You step out of the bathroom and into you bedroom to find Jack setting up the food. ‘Aw Jack, your perfect you know that.’ you remind him slipping under the covers and propping yourself up against the pillows. ‘Anything for you my love.’ he says leaning over and sliding in next to you. ‘I have cereal, thanks to you, and as much chocolate as I could find, we’re lacking in the other areas, and I didn’t want to ruin our evening with healthy food!’ he fakes a look of horror causing you to giggle. ‘It’s perfect thank you Jack, it means so much that you’ve done all this for me, forfeited a night out to stay in with me being a hermit watching b grade movies and binge watching TV shows.’ you snuggle into his chest looking up at him, those big deep brown eyes that you could so easily get lost in. ‘I love you Y/N, I’d do anything for you, missing a date night is nothing, just as long as I get to spend the night with you.’ He drops a kiss on your forehead, an arm slung over your shoulder, nestling you deeper into his side. ‘I love you Jack.’ you murmur before turning back to the TV. ‘I love you too Y/N, more than you could ever imagine.’ 

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The fan service I said was not about Reylo. It's about not making it happen because people don't wanna see Rey with him. I'd love to see them together, but I'm not so sure about it.

Director Rian Johnson has already stated he is not here to pander to fans whether they are shippers or ant*s. In fact, I believe majority of fans won’t mind who gets with who so long as the stories are told well. It’s just that tumblr tends to be toxic when it comes to antshipping and ship wars in general but believe me, the world outside of it, you’d be surprised how many fans don’t care at all. They just want a good story.

Trust in the creators and not in the loud minority of haters.

Just got home from a concert with Rian, the boy I met through Dear My Blank. I moshed for the first time! For all the people who doubt love that started on the internet, we’ve been together for almost a year and a half and there’s no end in sight. He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.

I just spent like 30 mins setting up Rian & Nyla’s bday  party & was about to take a few quick pics then everything on the lot just disappeared ????? 

i’m irritated ..I might take the pics Sunday , if not oh well 

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Can you share some more pictures of you and Rian? You guys are such a cute couple! :)

Of course! I’ll make a post in a moment.

I know 5 Seconds of Summer. I’ve seen all their dicks, Calum swings left.
—  Alex Gaskarth at the APMAS for his political speech

give me therapy, i’m a walking travesty, but i’m smiling at everything
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York (2009) // Wembley Arena, London (2015)