Honestly the fact that All Time Low started off as a bunch of high school friends covering Blink 182 songs and now they’re this huge pop punk sensation and they’re actually touring with Blink 182 (the very reason they started making music) makes me so happy. And then I saw Jack post this to Snapchat (that’s Blink playing btw) and I have no idea why but this makes me so happy for them and just so hopeful about life in general. Like they went all the way from the beginning as just a bunch of random dudes to living out their dreams and that’s incredible and so inspiring


D&Doodles! We met a LIBRARIAN DRAGON today. Thamior found a magic book & learned some ARCANE TRICKS! Ylyra played Dragon Chess with an Actual Dragon. Rian tried to get a ghost girlfriend. Gwen got introduced to YA fiction. Effie was mistaken for a child but was able to teach the dragon some important things about Halfling Culture (for example that they exist.)

anonymous asked:

Can you do more Jack + Snapchat edits? I honestly loved them. ❤️

I might tomorrow! I still need to finish the rian one before i start making anything else, and currently its 11:20 pm and im about to pass out but for some reason im still awake